Dave Duncan

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The Brothers Magnus
Speak to the Devil  
The Dodec Books
Children of Chaos  
Mother of Lies  
The Reaver Road  
The Hunter's Haunt  
Seventh Sword
The Reluctant Swordsman  
The Coming Of Wisdom  
The Destiny Of The Sword  
The Death of Nnanji  
Tales Of The King's Daggers
Sir Stalwart  
The Crooked House  
The Great Game(1 reviews)
Past Imperative(1 reviews)  
Present Tense  
Future Indefinite  
A Handful Of Men
The Cutting Edge  
Upland Outlaws  
The Stricken Field  
The Living God  
A Man Of His Word
Magic Casement  
Faery Lands Forlorn  
Perilous Seas  
Emperor And Clown  
Tale of a King's Blade
The Gilded Chain(1 reviews)  
Lord of the Fire Lands(1 reviews)  
Sky of Swords  
Paragon Lost(1 reviews)  
Impossible Odds(1 reviews)  
The Jaguar Knights(1 reviews)  
A Rose-Red City  
Official reviews

Speak to the Devil

Art checks out the first book of Dave Duncan's new series following the adventures of the Brothers Magnus.

Mother of Lies

The war between the facets culminates and the Celebre children arrive in their native city as Dave Duncan's "Dodec Duology" reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Children of Chaos

Dave Duncan's newest series features political intrigue, religious conflict, armies at war, and teenage angst, all on a world shaped like a twelve-sided die.

Paragon Lost

Returning to the halls of Ironhall has proven to be deft move on the part of Dave Duncan. This follow-up to the earlier trilogy Tales of the King’s Blades is a welcome addition to the lore of the King’s Blades.