Raymond E. Feist

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Raymond E. Feist was born in Los Angeles in 1945. He took his B.A. in Communication Arts at the University of California in1977, where he graduated with honors. With his wife, Kathlyn Starbuck and their daughter Jessica Michele, he currently livesin San Diego, California.

Legacy of the Riftwar
Krondor, The Betrayal(7 reviews)  
Krondor, The Assassins(1 reviews)  
Krondor, Tear of the Gods(2 reviews)  
Darkwar series
Flight of the Nighthawks  
Flight of the Nighthawks  
Into a Dark Realm(1 reviews)  
wrath of a mad god  
Riftwar - Kelewan (with Janny Wurtz)(7 reviews)
Daughter of the Empire(4 reviews)  
Servant of the Empire  
Mistress of the Empire(3 reviews)  
Conclave of Shadows(1 reviews)
Talon of the Silverhawk(1 reviews)  
King of Foxes  
Exile's Return(2 reviews)  
Flight of the Nighthawks: Darkwar(2 reviews)  
Serpentwar Saga, The(8 reviews)
Shadow of a Dark Queen(4 reviews)  
Rise of a Merchant Prince(1 reviews)  
Rage of a Demon King(2 reviews)  
Shards' of a Broken Crown  
Riftwar Saga(21 reviews)
Magician(20 reviews)  
Silverthorn(2 reviews)  
A Darkness at Sethanon(4 reviews)  
Prince of the Blood(2 reviews)  
The Kings Buccaneer(2 reviews)  
Legends/Tales of the Riftwar(1 reviews)
Honoured Enemy(1 reviews)  
Murder In Lamut(1 reviews)  
Jimmy the Hand(1 reviews)  
Faerie Tale(7 reviews)  

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Flight of the Nighthawks: Darkwar