Sean Williams

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Books of the Cataclysm
The Crooked Letter  
The Hanging Mountains  
The Blood Debt  
2007-07-04  Book Giveaway
Official reviews

The Hanging Mountains

The saga of the twins and the transformed earth in Sean Williams' Books fo the Cataclysm. Is the series still rolling or has it come to a complete halt? Rob investigates.

The Blood Debt

Sean Williams world-shattering saga continues with The Blood Debt. While it is a second book, it is also a good "jumping-on" point for curious readers. Rob gives his more detailed verdict in the review.

The Crooked Letter

In The Crooked Letter, the opening volume of Sean Williams's Books of the Cataclysm reality is torn asunder, the barriers of life and death changed. Rob takes a look at this bold, dark fantasy.

Interview with Sean Williams

Sean Williams is one of the brightest Fantasy and Science Fiction writers to emerge from Australia in the last decade or so. His SF with Shane Dix has been on the shelves for a while, now his fantasy saga, The Books of the Cataclysm are reaching US Shores. Rob conducted this interview with Sean, discussing collaboration, writing and genre in general.