Joshua Palmatier

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Throne of Amenkor
The Vacant Throne  
The Skewed Throne(2 reviews)  
The Cracked Throne(2 reviews)  
Official reviews

The Vacant Throne

Joshua Palmatier's Throne of Amenkor trilogy concludes; is it a success or less than that?

The Cracked Throne

Palmatier's Throne of Amenkor trilogy continues in strong fashion.

The Skewed Throne

Rob sits on his own throne and passes judgement on Joshua Palmatier's debut novel, the first book in his Throne of Amenkor trilogy.

Interview with Joshua Palmatier

Rob conducted this e-mail interview with Joshua Palmatier, whose debut trilogy The Throne of Amenkor, concluded in 2008 with The Vacant Throne. Here, they cover the trilogy, writing, influences, and what’s next.