Justin Thorne

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Justin Thorne was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and was raised
on the island, in Australia and in the UK. He has an MSc in Marketing from
the University of Glamorgan and is considered one of the UK's leading
authorities on online communities and post-modern marketing. He is a
Chartered Marketer and has managed global and national brands including
Coca-Cola, Hovis, Schweppes, Budweiser, Lloyds TSB and Pepsi. He currently
lives in Jersey with his girlfriend Ellie, his two children and a cat,
where he continues to write fiction, music, academic journals and provide
strategic marketing support for the world's leading organizations and

In the Shadows  
2007-05-24  Watch Justin Thorne's BBC Interview
2007-05-16  Global launch of Justin Thorne's In the Shadows...
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In the Shadows

In the Shadows is a collection of previously published short stories and brand new tales from an emerging voice in genre fiction. The anthology includes fantasy, horror, science fiction, crime, mystery and an exclusive preview of the forthcoming fantasy novel, Footsteps.