Peter F. Hamilton

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Void Trilogy
The Dreaming Void  
Temporal Void, The(1 reviews)  
The Evolutionary Void  
Commonwealth(3 reviews)
Pandora's Star  
Judas Unchained  
Greg Mandel
Mindstar Rising(1 reviews)  
A Quantum Murder  
The Nano Flower  
Nights Dawn(3 reviews)
Nights Dawn Trilogy (Omnibus)(1 reviews)  
Reality Dysfunction(1 reviews)  
The Neutronium Alchemist  
Misspent Youth  
Naked God(2 reviews)  
Fallen Dragon(1 reviews)  
Manhattan in Reverse  
Great North Road  
2008-09-05  Temporal Void competition
2007-06-09  Peter F. Hamilton signing at Forbidden Planet, Lon
Official reviews

Great North Road

Great North Road

Mark reviews Peter Hamilton's Great North Road, a new standalone novel.

Manhattan in Reverse

Mark reviews Peter Hamilton's first short story collection in over a decade.

The Evolutionary Void

Hamilton concludes his Void trilogy with great panache.

Temporal Void, The

Rob checks in on the second book of Peter F. Hamilton's massively enjoyable Void Trilogy.

The Dreaming Void

Rob dove into Peter F. Hamilton's latest blockbuster Space Opera and wants more. Click on through for more details.

The Dreaming Void

Hobbit reviews Peter Hamilton's newest, The Dreaming Void, which extends the Commonwealth's timeline.

Judas Unchained

In Judas Unchained, Peter F. Hamilton follows immediately upon the story begun in Pandora's Star bringing the epic, sprawling Commonwealth Saga to its much-anticipated conclusion.

Pandora's Star

Peter F. Hamilton launches an audacious, breathtaking Space Opera duology with Pandora's Star

Fallen Dragon

Epic is such a clichéd word when describing a novel like Peter F. Hamilton’s magnificent and bold Fallen Dragon, however spot-on the word may be.

Interview with Peter F. Hamilton

Patrick has talked to Peter F. Hamilton