Frank Herbert

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Frank Patrick Herbert (1920-1986) was born in Tacoma, Washington, where he lived with his wifeand children. As many authors he has held more jobs than most including newspaperman, TV cameraman, radio news commentator, oyster-diver, judo instructor, jungle survival instructor, lay analyst andphotographer with the U.S. Navy (during the Second World War). The major career break for Frank Herbert came as Dune was serialized for the new Analog in 63/64, and he has been the winner of the highest literary awards of Science Fiction, the Nebula and Hugo Awards.
Herbert lived most of his life in the Pacific Ocean states area of California, Washington, and Hawaii.

The Dragon in the Sea
The Ascension Factor  
The Lazarus Effect  
Prelude To Dune
House Atreides  
Whipping Star(5 reviews)  
Dosadi Experiment, The(1 reviews)  
Dune(59 reviews)
Dune(5 reviews)  
Dune Messiah(6 reviews)  
Children of Dune(3 reviews)  
God Emperor of Dune(2 reviews)  
Heretics of Dune(2 reviews)  
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The Dragon in the Sea  
seed stock  
Jesus Incident(3 reviews)  
White Plague, The(1 reviews)  
Heaven Makers, The(1 reviews)  
Green Brain, The  
Destination: Void(3 reviews)  
The Santoroga Barrier  
Official reviews

The Dragon in the Sea

Mark reviews an old classic by Frank Herbert: pre Dune is it worth reading?