J.V. Jones

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J.V. Jones is definitely one of the up and coming authors within thefantasy genre. Already after 4 years of writing she is well establishedas one of the genres top writers. She is originally from England, bornin Liverpool in 1963, but is currently living in San Diego, California.Her first books, The Book of Words Trilogy have been national bestsellers.

Sword of Shadows(1 reviews)
A Cavern of Black Ice(12 reviews)  
A Fortress of Grey Ice(3 reviews)  
A Sword from Red Ice(6 reviews)  
Book of Words, The(2 reviews)
Bakers Boy, The(3 reviews)  
A Man Betrayed(1 reviews)  
Master and Fool(4 reviews)  
Barbed Coil, The  

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A Cavern of Black Ice

Mark reviews a book that's been staring him down for a decade: did he like it?

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