Robert Jordan

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Robert Jordan, or rather James Oliver Rigney Jr, which is his real name, is one of the most acknowledged fantasy authors today. By many he is said to be an equal to Tolkien, and who can argue? He has also written the Fallon series under the pseudonym Reagan O'Neal, other pseudonyms he has been using are Jackson O'Reilly and Chang Lung. However it is the ongoing Wheel of Time series that has made Robert Jordan famous.

Conan(2 reviews)
Conan the Destroyer  
Conan the Defender  
Wheel of Time, The(311 reviews)
Knife of Dreams(4 reviews)  
Gathering Storm  
New Spring (Short Story)(2 reviews)  
Eye of the World(45 reviews)  
Great Hunt, The(8 reviews)  
Glimmers (Short Story)  
Dragon Reborn, The(8 reviews)  
Shadow Rising, The(8 reviews)  
Fires of Heaven, The(9 reviews)  
Lord of Chaos(5 reviews)  
Crown of Swords, The(8 reviews)  
Path of Daggers, The(77 reviews)  
Winter's Heart(78 reviews)  
Crossroads of Twilight(55 reviews)  
A Memory of Light  

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Robert Jordan Discussion Forum (new topics)

Robert Jordan Discussion Forum
2007-12-11  Brandon Sanderson Hired for WOT
2007-09-17  Robert Jordan Dead at Age 58
Official reviews

A Memory of Light

Rob finds the finale to the great fantasy epic of the late 20/ early 21st Century bittersweet, flawed, and enjoyable.

Robert Jordan Interview

Robert Jordan Interview