John Marco

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John Marco is the author of six novels of epic fantasy, many of which have been translated into various languages throughout the world. His first book, The Jackal of Nar, was published in 1999 and won the Barnes and Noble Maiden Voyage Award for best first fantasy novel. John writes full time from his home in Kings Park, NY, a north shore Long Island suburb, where he lives with his wife Deborah and his young son Jack. Though most of his days are consumed with writing, John enjoys spending free time biking, visiting the beach, flying, and of course, reading good books.

The Bronze Knight Chronicles
Eyes of God, The(3 reviews)  
The Devil's Armor(1 reviews)  
The Sword of Angels(2 reviews)  
The Forever Knight  
Tyrants and Kings(4 reviews)
Jackal of Nar, The(8 reviews)  
Grand Design, The(2 reviews)  
Master of the Valley  
Saints of the Sword, The  
Official reviews

The Forever Knight

Lukien the Bronze Knight returns in this tightly packed fantasy novel.


Men who pilot ornithoptors struggling against God-like beings. Plus dragons and centaurs. That's what you'll find in John Marco's latest.

The Sword of Angels

With The Sword of Angels, John Marco brings the tale of Lukien, the Bronze Knight, to a close. The flawed, yet noble, knight has seen much in the two previous novels (The Eyes of God, The Devilís Armor) and his trials are far from over when we meet up with him again in this massive tome.

Grand Design, The

Jackal of Nar, The

The Devil's Armor

John Marco's latest novel, The Devil's Armor, is a direct follow-up to his first hardcover release, The Eyes of God.

Eyes of God, The

Buy this book and read it. There, thatís why youíre really reading this review right? Well you probably want to know why you should read this book. There are characters that are as believable as the people you know. The world and nations are mirrors of those in our own world.

Saints of the Sword, The

John Marco should be very proud of himself. The concluding volume of his Tyrants and Kings trilogy was a wonderful read and satisfying conclusion to one of the finest sequences in recent fantasy literature.

Interview with John Marco

John Marco talks to James about his new fantasy series The Skylords, his epic fantasy manuscript The Black Mirror and the writing life in general.

Interview with John Marco (2005)

John Marco recently saw the publication of The Sword of Angels, the final volume in a trilogy of books, which began with The Eyes of God and continued with The Devilís Armor.

John Marco Interview

Since John Marco's first interview with, he recently saw publication of The Saints of the Sword, the concluding volume of his critically acclaimed fantasy trilogy Tyrants and Kings which has also been translated in several languages. He also recently switched publishing houses, moving from BantamSpectra to DAW books. In this interview, we discuss The Saints of the Sword, the world of Nar (home to Tyrants and Kings), his next project The Eyes of God and publishing in general.

John Marco Interview