China Mieville

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King Rat  
Perdido Street Station(4 reviews)  
Iron Council, The  
Looking for Jake  
Un Lun Dun  
The City and the City(1 reviews)  
The City and the City  
Kraken(2 reviews)  
Scar, The(1 reviews)  
2004-11-22  China Mieville gets festive
Official reviews


Mark reviews China Mieville's latest, a tale of gods, ghosts and squid.

The City and the City

Mark reviews China Mieville's latest, of a world both similar and different to our own.

Un Lun Dun

China Miéville has done many great things in his relatively young writing career - he has won awards, acclaim, and fans. With Un Lun Dun he forges new ground in the Young Adult market. Rob gives his thoughts on what could be Miéville's biggest novel yet.

Looking for Jake

Iron Council, The

His work is considered some of the best, most imaginative and most important work on the shelves in bookstores today.

Interview with China Mieville

Patrick has talked to China Mieville