Michael Moorcock

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The Dancer's at the End of Time  
Von Bek  
Von Bek
City In the Autumn Stars(6 reviews)  
John Daker(1 reviews)
Eternal Champion, The  
Silver Warriors (Phoenix In Obsidian), The  
Dragon In the Sword, The  
Jewel In the Skull, The  
Mad God's Amulet, The  
Sword of the Dawn, The  
Runestaff, The  
Hawkmoon/Castle Brass(1 reviews)
Count Brass  
Champion of Garathorm, The  
Quest for Tanelorn, The  
Elric of Melnibone  
Sailer On the Seas of Fate, The  
Weird of the White Wolf, The  
Vanishing Tower (The Sleeping Sorceress)  
Bane of the Black Sword, The  
Dancers at the End of Time
Legends From the End of Time  
A Messiah at the End of Time (The Transformation of Miss Mav  
An Alien Heat  
Hollow Lands, The  
End of All Songs, The(1 reviews)  
Knight of the Swords, The  
Queen of the Swords, The  
King of the Swords, The  
Bull and the Spear, The  
Oak and the Ram, The  
Sword and the Stallion, The  
Cornelius Chronicles
Final Programme, The  
A Cure for Cancer  
English Assassin, The  
Condition of Muzak, The  
Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelious, The  
Entropy Tango, The  
Behold the Man  
The Skrayling Tree(1 reviews)  
Dreamthiefs Daughter(2 reviews)  
White Wolf's Son, The  
The Metatemporal Detective  

General comments about the authors work

Official reviews

Runestaff, The

Art wraps up his review of Michael Moorcock's classic Hawkmoon series.

Sword of the Dawn, The

Art returns to the Multiverse in his review of the third book of Michael Moorcock's classic Hawkmoon series.

Mad God's Amulet, The

Art reviews the second book in Michael Moorcock's classic sword and sorcery series.

Jewel In the Skull, The

Art takes a new look at an old classic as Tor rolls out the first volume of an illustrated trade paperback edition of Michael Moorcock's Hawkmoon series.

The Metatemporal Detective

Michael Moorcock's latest book, not surprisingly, is a tasty stew of varying genres. In this entry, he throws the pulp detective, Seaton Begg, into his Multiverse. Rob sleuthes his way to a review

The Skrayling Tree

The Melnibonéan, the Multiverse and Native American myth are three themes Michael Moorcock explores to great effect and delight in his latest novel, The Skrayling Tree.

Interview with Michael Moorcock

The legendary writer looks back at Hawkmoon and his earlier work and discusses his upcoming projects, including a Doctor Who novel and The Sanctuary of the White Friars.