Terry Pratchett

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Within the fantasy genre Terry Pratchett is the "funny" writer. Withhis somewhat strange and spectacular Discworld series he has grown to becomeone of the most acknowledged writers in the world. So if you haven't readany of his books yet, go ahead, try one, and you will definitely be infor a surprise. Terry Pratchett was born in 1948 and lives with his wifeLyn and daughter Rhianna in Somerset. In 1987, after both having workedas a journalist and later as a press officer, he started as a full timeauthor. Although the Discworld series has been his main work, he has alsowritten some science fiction and children's books.

Discworld Science
Science Of The Discworld, The(1 reviews)  
Science Of Discworld 2: The Globe, The  
Science of Discworld 3: Darwin's Watch, The(1 reviews)  
Discworld for Young Adults
Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents  
Wee Free Men, The  
A Hat Full Of Sky  
Only you can save mankind  
Johnny and the dead(2 reviews)  
Johnny and the bomb  
Bromeliad Trilogy(2 reviews)
Discworld(8 reviews)
Colour of Magic, The(4 reviews)  
Light Fantastic, The  
Equal Rites  
Sourcery(2 reviews)  
Wyrd Sisters  
Guards! Guards!(1 reviews)  
Eric (With Josh Kirby)  
Moving Pictures(1 reviews)  
Reaper Man(2 reviews)  
Witches Abroad  
Small Gods(2 reviews)  
Lords and Ladies  
Men at Arms(2 reviews)  
Soul Music(1 reviews)  
Interesting Times(1 reviews)  
Maskerade(1 reviews)  
Feet of Clay  
Hogfather(4 reviews)  
Last Continent, The  
Carpe Jugulum  
Fifth Elephant, The(1 reviews)  
Truth, The(2 reviews)  
Thief of Time(2 reviews)  
Night Watch(2 reviews)  
Monstrous Regiment  
Going Postal(2 reviews)  
Making Money  
Unseen Academicals  
Unadulterated Cat, The  
Good Omens(3 reviews)  
Dark Side of the Sun  
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"Where's my daddy? Is that my daddy? He goes, 'Bugrit! Millenium hand and shrimp!' He is Foul Ole Ron! That's not my Daddy!"

Thief of Time

Thief of Time is the 26th book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, and if you ever wondered about where the time goes, this is the book to read.

Terry Pratchett Interview

An Interview with Terry Pratchett, author of NIGHT WATCH.