Sean Russel

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Moontide and Magic Rise
Sea Without a Shore  
Swans' War, The
One Kingdom, The  
The Shadow Roads  
River Into Darkness
Beneath the Vaulted Hills(1 reviews)  
Compass of the Soul  
Initiate Brother
Initiate Brother, The  
Isle of Battle, The  
World without End  
Official reviews

The Shadow Roads

Sean Russell’s prose is a wonderful combination of words in which to immerse yourself and the story and history of The Swan’s War is deep and rich enough to plunge into headfirst and simply let go and allow the story take you down its rich paths.

Isle of Battle, The

The Isle of Battle is an excellent continuation of Sean Russell’s saga, The Swans’ War, begun in The One Kingdom. Sean Russell has avoided what many writers who undertake series writing have not: middle-book syndrome.

One Kingdom, The

The One Kingdom is the first of a sprawling new trilogy entitled The Swans' War by Sean Russell. Sean Russell has proven his ability as a writer with previous works such as The River Into Darkness, but The One Kingdom is his first take at true High Fantasy.