R. A. Salvatore

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Robert A. Salvatore was born in 1959 in Massachusetts. He educated from Fitchburg State College, Massachusetts, in 1981 with a Bachelor of science degree in Communications/Media and a Bachelor of Arts in English. He is also currently living in Massachusetts with his wife Diane, and their three children Ryan, Geno and Caitlin.

the ork king  
The pirate king  
The Ghost King  
Saga of the First King
Ancient, The  
The Sell Swords
Servant of the Shard(2 reviews)  
The Sell Swords
Promise of the Witch King(2 reviews)  
Road of the Patriarch  
The Chronicles of Ynis Aielle
The Witch's Daughter  
paths of darkness
the silent blade  
paths of darkness
servant of the shard  
the spine of the world  
sea swords  
DemonWars(1 reviews)
Trial By Fire  
The Highwayman(2 reviews)  
Legacy of the Drow(1 reviews)
Starless Night  
Spearwielder's Tale, The
Woods Out Back, The  
Dragon's Dagger, The  
Dragonslayer's Return  
Icewind Dale Trilogy(8 reviews)
Passage At Dawn  
Crystal Shard, The  
Streams of Silver  
Halfling's Gem, The  
Hunter's Blade Trilogy, The
Thousand Orcs(1 reviews)  
Lone Drow, The(1 reviews)  
The Two Swords(1 reviews)  
TheTwo Blades  
Dark Elf Trilogy, The(22 reviews)
Homeland(6 reviews)  
Sojourn(3 reviews)  
Cleric Quintet, The
Canticle(1 reviews)  
In Sylvan Shadows  
Night Masks  
Fallen Fortress, The  
Chaos Curse, The  
Legacy(1 reviews)  
Homeland(3 reviews)  
Mortalis(2 reviews)  
2004-10-08  R.A. Salvatore Signing Tour
Official reviews

Ancient, The

Rob takes a look at the R.A. Salvatore's latest entry in his ever-expanding Corona setting.

R. A. Salvatore Interview

R.A. Salvatore has written many excellent and entertaining novels and created numerous memorable characters, including probably his most famous character, Drizzt Do'Urden. He is also an avid Everquest player.