Gary Wassner

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Gemquest: The Revenge of the Elves(1 reviews)  
Gemquest: the Twins(3 reviews)  
Gemquest: The Awakening  
Gemquest: The Shards(2 reviews)  
2007-10-22  Gary Wassner book launch
2007-10-18  The Launch of Revenge of the Elves by Gary Wassner
2004-10-13  Gary Wassner at World Fantasy Convention
Official reviews

Gemquest: The Revenge of the Elves

Gary Wassner continues to provoke deep thoughts in his GemQuest saga. With Revenge of the Elves, the saga continues its strong pace and entertaining ride.

Gemquest: The Shards

The prophecies laid out in the first two volumes begin to take shape in The Shards, the third volume of Gary Wassner's increasingly enjoyable GemQuest saga.

Gemquest: The Awakening

"GemQuest - The Awakening" is Gary Wassner's second book in his epic fantasy series where we follow the people that struggle to keep the Dark Lord, Colton Dar Agonthea away from the worlds only hope, the Gwendollen heir.

Gemquest: the Twins

The great trees, the Lala's, who have been protecting the world from evil are mysteriously dying and along with them their Chosen, their bon-mates.

Interview with Gary Wassner

This is the penultimate of Optimutt's series of interviews, done with SFFworld regular, Gary Wassner.

Gary Wassner Interview

We have talked to Gary Wassner about his new GemQuest series.