David Weber

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Off Armageddon Reef(1 reviews)  
By Schism Rent Asunder  
How Firm a Foundation  
Stephanie Harrington
A Beautiful Friendship  
Lay of Bahzell Bloody Hand, The
Oath of Swords  
War God's Own, The  
Windriders Oath  
Honor Harrington(3 reviews)
Honor of the Queen  
At All Costs  
On Basilisk Station(2 reviews)  
The Short Victorious War  
Field of Dishonor  
Flag in Exile  
Honor Among Enemies  
In Enemy Hands  
Echoes of Honor  
Ashes of Victory  
War of Honor  
More than Honor(1 reviews)  
Out of the Dark  
Worlds of Honor(1 reviews)  
Worlds of Weber  
In Enemy Hands(1 reviews)  
On Death Ground  
Official reviews

Off Armageddon Reef

Rob takes a look back at the novel that kicked off one of his favorite current ongoing epic sagas.

How Firm a Foundation

Rob checks in with the fifth installment of David Weber's epic Safehold saga.

A Beautiful Friendship

Kathryn reviews David Weber's first Honorverse YA novel.

On Basilisk Station

Rob is a fan of Weber's Safehold saga, so tries his more famous series, Honor Harrington with its first book.

Out of the Dark

Military SF author David Weber gives the standard alien invasion "blockbuster" an interesting twist.

By Schism Rent Asunder

The epic saga of humanity's struggle for survival in a far future more reminiscent of the Age of Sail continues.

Worlds of Weber

Rob visits the many worlds in this top-notch retrospective collection by David Weber from the folks at Subterranean Press.