Margaret Weis

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Margaret Weis was born March 16, 1948 in Independence, Missouri. She graduated at the University of Missouri, where she took a Bachelor of Arts and majored in Creative Writing and Literature.

The Dragonvarld
Mistress of Dragons  
The Dragon's Sone  
Master of Dragons(1 reviews)  
Dragonlance Legends(2 reviews)
Time of the Twins(3 reviews)  
War of the Twins(2 reviews)  
Test of the Twins(2 reviews)  
Dragonlance Chronicles(28 reviews)
Dragons of Autumn Twilight(10 reviews)  
Dragons of Winter Night(1 reviews)  
Dragons of Spring Dawning(1 reviews)  
Dragons of Summer Flame(1 reviews)  
Star of the Guardians(4 reviews)
Lost King(3 reviews)  
King's Test  
King's Sacrifice  
Ghost Legion  
Death Gate(39 reviews)
Dragon Wing(1 reviews)  
Elven Star  
Fire Sea  
Serpent Mage  
Hand of Chaos  
Into the Labyrinth  
Seventh Gate  
Rose of the Prophet
Will of the Wanderer  
Paladin of the Night  
Prophet of Akhran  
Forging the Darksword  
Doom of the Darksword  
Triumph of the Darksword  
Legacy of the Darksword  
Sentinels(2 reviews)