Jim Butcher

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Blood Rites  
The Dresden Files(1 reviews)
Backup(1 reviews)  
Dead Beat(1 reviews)  
Small Favour  
Turn Coat  
White Night  
Side Jobs  
Storm Front(3 reviews)  
Fool Moon(1 reviews)  
Grave Peril(1 reviews)  
Summer Knight  
Death Mask's  
Proven Guilty(1 reviews)  
Cold Days  
The Codex Alera(1 reviews)
Furies of Calderon(1 reviews)  
Academ's Fury  
Cursor's Fury  
Captain's Fury  
Official reviews


Mark reviews the twelfth Dresden and is pleasantly surprised.

Turn Coat

In his ongoing review of the series, Mark reviews Jim Butcher's eleventh book in the Dresden Files series.

Small Favour

Mark continues his read of The Dresden Files, with Book 10.

White Night

Mark continues his reading of the Dresden Files. How does Book Nine of the series hold up?

Proven Guilty

Mark / Hobbit continues his read of the Dresden series. This is Book Eight.


Rob sits shotgun on this brief and entertaining entry in Jim Butcher's popular Dresden Files saga.

Dead Beat

In his latest review of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Hobbit reaches Book Seven. Does the book merit staying with the series?

Blood Rites

Hobbit reviews Book Six of the popular Dresden Files: but has Dresden still got it?

Death Mask's

Hobbit reviews Book 6 of Jim Butcher's Dresden series, in an ongoing process. Was this one up to the standard of the books so far?

Summer Knight

Book Four of the Dresden Files and things are getting very interesting for Chicago's only professional wizard. Hobbit continues his review of the series.

Grave Peril

Book Three of The Dresden Files adds a touch of humour to its vampiric proceedings as Harry Dresden, professional Wizard and Psychic Investigator, is once again up to his neck in trouble.

Fool Moon

Book Two of the Dresden Files. Fool Moon takes place six months after the events of Storm Front.

Storm Front