Sarah Ash

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SARAH ASH trained as a musician and is the author of six much-praised fantasy novels: MOTHS TO A FLAME, SONGSPINNERS, THE LOST CHILD, LORD OF SNOW AND SHADOWS, PRISONER OF IRONSEA TOWER and now, CHILDREN OF THE SERPENT GATE. To find out more about the author’s work visit her website at

The Tears of Artamon(3 reviews)
Lord of Snow and Shadows(4 reviews)  
Prisoner of the Iron Tower  
Children of the Serpent Gate  
2005-11-11  Children of the Serpent Gate by Sarah Ash
Official reviews

Children of the Serpent Gate

The concluding part of Sarah Ash's The Tears of Artamon trilogy sees events spiral toward a terrifying conclusion. Can Gavril and his Drakhaoul prevent the coming of the Lord of Shadows?

Lord of Snow and Shadows

All too often Epic/High fantasy, for all the supposed imagination, is a genre rife with cliché, dark lords, magic, young innocents-who-inherit-power.

Interview with Sarah Ash

Sarah Ash, author of the Tears of Artamon trilogy, which recently concluded with Children of the Serpent Gate and new sffworld reviewer, took time out of her busy schedule to talk about her work, life and all things manga