C.S. Friedman

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The Magister Trilolgy(1 reviews)
Feast of Souls  
Wings of Wrath  
Legacy of Kings  
Coldfire Trilogy(13 reviews)
Black Sun Rising(3 reviews)  
When True Night Falls  
Crown of Shadows  
In Conquest Born(2 reviews)  
The Madness Season  
The Wilding  
This Alien Shore  
The Wilding  
Official reviews

Legacy of Kings

The dazzling Magister Trilogy comes to a close.

Wings of Wrath

Rob weighs in with his review the second book of C.S. Friedman's impressive Magister Trilogy.

Feast of Souls

C.S. Friedman's latest novel is a return to fantasy with some similarities to her Coldfire Trilogy. How does her latest rank compared to that much-loved saga and her critically acclaimed Space Opera? Click on through for Rob's thoughts.

Interview with C.S. Friedman

Patrick has talked to C.S. Friedman