Bruce Durie

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Bruce Durie has been a science journalist, a senior academic at various universities, Director of the Edinburgh Science Festival, a regular contributor to New Scientist and other periodicals, broadcaster, radio panel games host and maker of medical videos. His book "Medicine" was short-listed for the COPUS Prize and his parody of Sherlock Holmes, "The Mystery of the Pneumonic Numismatist" was performed nationwide and in Chicago by Simon Williams and William Simons. He performed his one-man play "MacPherson's Rant" at the 1992 Edinburgh Fringe. He also writes Internet and local history books and lives in Fife, Scotland with his wife (an ex-KGB Major) and their young family. The High History of the Holy Quail is the first of a trilogy - The End of All Magick

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The High History of the Holy Quail

This is the story about Slough and his involvement in the quest for the Holy Quail. Other ingredients are heros, demons, wizards and a talking door.