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The Crimson Dragon Series(2 reviews)
Dragon's Winter(4 reviews)  
Dragon's Treasure(1 reviews)  
Chronicles of Tornor
The Dancer's of Arun  
The Northern Girl  
Babe Didrikson Zaharias  
A Different Light  
The Silver Horse  
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Dragon's Treasure

Set in a world where half-breed humans live freely amongst the rest of the population, this story depicts the tale of Karadur Atani - the half-man, half-dragon Lord of Ippa. Known by all as the Golden Dragon, Karadur rules Dragon Keep with a harsh yet just hand. He inspires a loyal following of subjects, including a number of half-breeds known as changelings. Everyone fears his potential wrath until he meets a young girl called Maia. Karadur's father the Black Dragon took Maia's mother as a lover, but she died tragically while giving birth as she was not strong enough to cope with the changeling twin sons inside her. Karadur lives in fear of becoming mad like his father and chooses to remain unwed and childless until he can resist the love he feels for Maia no more. Fortunately she proves to be stronger than her mother and survives not only the misfortune heaped upon her family but also the birth of her own half-dragon daughter.