Margaret Wander Bonanno

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MARGARET WANDER BONANNO has written, though not necessarily sold, more than twenty novels in both mainstream and science fiction. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she has at various times been an English teacher, an executive secretary, a ghostwriter and a medical transcriptionist. She dreams of an ideal world in which writers get paid as much for writing as do, say, doctors, lawyers and insurance salesmen. Ms. Bonanno has recently relocated to the West coast where she is working on the third novel in her Preternatural series. She has two adult children, ten bonsai, and an indeterminate number of back issues of National Geographic.

Preternatural Too: Gyre  
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Karen Guerreri is a "midlist' writer working on a first contact sci-fi novel, Preternatural.  She has borrowed her lifelong muse to play the part of the extraterrestrials that in her story are telepathic jellyfish. 

Preternatural Too: Gyre

An atypical time travel sci-fi, book two in Margaret Wander-Bonanno's preternatural series stands on its own with new characters and a mystery to solve.

Margaret Wander Bonanno Interview