Jay Dubya

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18 Plays
Shakespeare Salaciously Satirized  
Parody, Jack London
London: :Lashed, Lacerated, Lampooned and Lambasted  
part 1 of 2
snake eyes and boxcars  
Non-Fiction, Oct. 1, 2008
RAM: Random Articles and Manuscripts  
Time Travel Tales  
One Baker's Dozen  
Snake Eyes and Boxcars  
Time Travel Tales  
Sister Book: Shakespeare: S, S, S and S
Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared, Savaged and Slaughtered, Part  
Second Book: Part II
Shakespeare: Slammed, Smeared Savaged and Slaughtered  
Pieces of Eight, Part IV  
Third Book
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics, Part III  
Suite 16  
UFO: Utterly Fantastic Occurrences  
Pieces of Eight, Part III  
Ninety-Nine Novellas  
Part II
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics  
Nine New Novellas, IV  
First Book of 4
O. Henry: Obscenely and Outrageously Obliterated  
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics  
Second Book, Hardcover
Poe: Pelted, Pounded, Pummeled and Pulverized  
snake eyes and boxcars, Part II  
Pieces of Eight, Part II  
First Book (Hardcover)
Pieces of Eight  
Third Book
Nine New Novellas, Part III  
Twain: Tattered, Trounced, Tortured and Traumatized  
Modern Mythology  
Pieces of Eight  
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Pieces of Eight

The collection is a bizarre mix of genres, including the paranormal, science fiction and mythology.