Karen Traviss

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Wess'har Wars
The World Before(1 reviews)  
Matriarch(1 reviews)  
City of Pearl  
Crossing the Line  
2005-05-25  Karen Traviss signs new 3-book Deal
2005-01-20  PKD Award nominees announced
Official reviews

Crossing the Line

Traviss picks up the story of Shan Frankland soon after the ending of the previous novel, as Shan slowly realizes the full consequences of what happened to her in the closing scenes of City of Pearl. While the previous novel may have, for the mast part, been Shanís story, Crossing the Line opens the gates and Traviss admirably fleshes out the supporting characters, lending a more epic weight to the story...Everything Traviss brought to the table in her debut novel is on vivid display here

City of Pearl

Reading an authorís first novel is always an interesting experience, "listening" to a fresh voice with perhaps something new to say.