E.E. Knight

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The Vampire Earth
Valentine's Rising  
Valentine's Exile  
Valentine's Resolve  
Fall with Honor  
Winter Duty(1 reviews)  
March in Country  
The Age of Fire(1 reviews)
Dragon Avenger  
Dragon Outcast  
Dragon Champion  
Tale of the Thunderbolt  
The Way of the Wolf(1 reviews)  
Choice of the Cat  
Official reviews

Winter Duty

Eight novels in and Rob is still thoroughly enjoying E.E. Knight's Vampire Earth saga.

Valentine's Rising

David Valentine's and humanity's struggle to overcome their Vampire overlords continues in the fourth book of E.E. Knight's entertaining Vampire Earth saga. Rob checks in to see if the fight is still going strong.

Dragon Champion

E.E. Knight has been building a solid reputation with his Vampire Earth saga, an entertaining, pulpy, character-driven sf storyline. In those books Knight took the Vampire legend in a new direction. With Dragon Champion, the first installment of his new Age of Fire saga, Knight turns his pen to High Fantasy.

Tale of the Thunderbolt

With Tale of the Thunderbolt, E.E. Knight spins another entertaining story in his Vampire Earth universe, chronicling the life and time of David Valentine.

Choice of the Cat

One of the more enjoyable aspects of reading a new writer’s first couple of novels is experiencing the writer’s growing skills, as you read each novel they publsh.

The Way of the Wolf

EE Knight postulates a grim future in his debut novel, The Way of the Wolf. The reader is introduced to a world over-run by creatures out of our most ancient nightmares and darkest legends, with humanity fighting for survival, not only against these monsters, but some of his or her fellow men and women.

Interview with E.E. Knight

E.E. Knight's first novel, Way of the Wolf was published in 2003 by Roc books. This is the first in his Vampire Earth saga, an apocalyptic, science fictional, pulp-infused vampire saga of a world ruled by Alien Vampires. A pretty high concept, but luckily, as readers of his books already know, Knight has the writing chops to execute and entertain.