Geoffrey Huntington

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Geoffrey Huntington's new series, SORCERERS OF THE NIGHTWING, has received considerable advance attention from publishers and booksellers, already tapped to be published in the US, UK, the Netherlands, Finland, and more countries coming soon. Huntington is a longtime fantasy and sci-fi fan, with interests ranging from Tolkein to Lovecraft to Dark Shadows to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He lives in a house by the sea on cliffs haunted by a drowned pirate, still in search of his lost shipwrecked gold. Under another name, Huntington is the author of several acclaimed works of fiction and nonfiction.

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Sorccerers of the Nightwing(1 reviews)  
Sorcerers og the Nightwing(1 reviews)  
Demon Witch(1 reviews)  
all allone with her