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Nigel Andrew Anderton

Short Stories
- They Came

They Came (8 ratings)
         by Nigel Andrew Anderton
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The callar was cold and dank. The smell of rotting vegitation irritade his nostrils as he looked around.

Water seeped down to walls as mould clung to the bricks. Rodents scurried within the shadow as they hunted for scraps of food. He looked at his wife and saw fear in her eyes, his son was even more frightend. A noise, he stopped breathing, his wife did too, was it Them or just another rodent? He pulled his wife closer and put one of his arms around his son, fear pulled at his mind and he hoped that whatever had made the noise would just go and leave them alone.

How had all this began? His life hadn't always been one of fear. It was hard to remember, but it was just a few short months ago.

The light airy kitchen was filled with music from the radio that sat upon one of the work benches. The children argued over the kitchen table as their mother worked at one of the units.

 "Mum he's taken all the Crispy-Pops." Mum turned and, pointing a knife at the other cerial packets said,

 "There's more on the table, have one of those." Her daughter frowned,

 "but mum, he knows I like Crispy-Pops."

 "Just get another one will you." Her brother looked at her and, poking his tounge out, revealed mouth full of half chewed Crispy-Pops.

 "Nah Nah Nah." he sneered.

 "Mum, he's doing it on purpose," she said poking her brother.

 "LOOK! Just get another." She stopped as her husband entered the kitchen and smiled. "Morning dear, breakfast is nearly ready."

 "Just juice this morning love," he said picking up the paper scrutinising the front page and took his seat at the table.


 "Yes, don't fancy much this morning."

The children started to argue again and their father folded down the paper and looked sternly at them. He didn't have to say a word for the children to stop bickering, they knew their father's look.

The music on the radio stopped as an excited voice took its place.

 "This is incredeble news, I just cannot believe it but apparently a huge flying saucer has just entered our atmoshere..."

 "Dad, she just kicked me."

 "Shh. I'm trying to listen."

 "But Dad"

 "I said shh."

 " I speak. I will now hand you over to our reporter who has just arrived at the scene and has first sight of the craft." The radio crackled as the connection was made to the reporter.

 "This is amazing," said the female reporter, " the craft is so big that it seems impossible for it to hang there in the sky. It seems to be  making a slow   progress to the Capital and our ground team estimates that at its present speed it will reach there in four hours." His wife crossed the room to stand by him.
"What is it dear?"
"I don't know, perhaps a joke or something."
"Very stupid joke."
"Are aliens coming daddy?" asked his daughter looking excited.
"Yea, bug-eyed monsters, yaah." said her brother making monster faces. Their mother looked at both of them.

"No monsters or aliens are coming, now go and get ready for school."
"But they just said so."
"Get ready for school!" The children frowned.
"Oh mum..."
"Do as your mother says kids." The two children left the table chattering between themselves about aliens and monsters.
"They're not really aliens. Are they?"
"No I'm sure they're not. It may be just an advertising campaign or something." He told her reassringly as he hugged and kissed her.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes I am." He looked out of the window with a frown of worry on his face.


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