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John Christopher Cook

Short Stories
- The Journal

The Journal (40 ratings)
         by John Christopher Cook
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He saw the bones of crows hanging around the room and a decayed carcass of a human leaning over a cobweb covered table. He crept over to it and noticed a feather pen lying on the table. He looked around for the book, but didn't see it. He heard the wickedly evil laughter again and began to tremble in fear. It grew louder and louder and within a moment there was a knocking at the door. With a loud and evil tone the words " Open up this door in the name of Satan" rang out.


  The boy turned back to the table quickly and fell to the floor. As he looked up he noticed a book on the floor drenched in blood. He crawled over to it quickly, grabbed it and backed into one of the corners of the rooms behind a rocking chair. The voice outside was growing louder and louder and more ferocious with every breath. He opened the book and began to read the words scribed in blood.

I am writing this journal to tell a story. This is a tale of madness and deceit that has rendered me helpless in my evil confinement. This is a story of my son. As I raised my son deep in these woods I recognized an evil personality. There is an evil wickedness that thrives in him and has broken away out of my control. As a child he had a secret invisible friend. Throughout the day, he spent countless hours listening to his friend and doing what it told him to do. It started out as simple pranks and the humor of a child. It began innocent and now has turned to pure evil and his dark friend has taken him over. My son has Satan in him! He has confined me to my own home and performed evil experiments with me. It was only one night ago that he severed my foot so that I wouldn't run away. He then ate it in front of me and offered me a taste. I am writing to whoever finds this book and pray for forgiveness from the Lord above. I am sorry for bringing this creature into this world and I feel sorry for his new wife. His madness is split in two. I grow weaker each day and do not have the strength to warn her. His shadows haunt him, and he haunts me. I pray that he never come home again.

The rest was covered in blood and could not be read. The boy dropped the book on the floor as the door to the hut was smashed through with an axe. The boy grabbed his axe and rose to his feet. He stood face to face with the dark figure. It walked slowly around the room and stopped and starred right through the boy. A voice of evil rang out the words " Boy, give me the book!" The boy wielded his axe and shouted out in pure fear " You killed my family over this book!" The figure took a couple of steps closer to the boy and stopped again. The boy was petrified with fear; the figure was huge and shrouded in black. The hooded figure turned to the body of the woman at the table and started to laugh. That laugh which haunted the boy all night. Then the demon turned to him again and slowly removed a mask. It was then that the boy's heart nearly dropped out of his soul. The figure starring back at him was sinister yes, but it was his own father. The evil man spoke once again " I'm proud of you son, you have discovered my lord and master Satan!" and then whispered " You deserve to walk with him in the kingdom of hell!" The boy fell to his knees and cried out " Why Father, Why?" His father walked around him and laughed and poked at him with his axe. " Boy, I was once proud of you, but like my mother you failed me. Your mother and sister were but mere sacrifices for your new birth into darkness. For years I was haunted by a hooded figure with a face of human skeleton. I soon realized that my Lord was showing me the way to darkness and it felt divine. I wanted so much to raise my son to stand by my side. We no longer need the others, only Satan and his wisdom." The boys' blood began to boil with anger and he rose to his feet. His father dropped to his knees and said " That's it boy, let him in and send me on my way to hell!" The boy didn't hesitate; and with one swift blow he severed his father's head and dropped the axe. He turned and walked away from the little hut out into the misty darkness of the cold forest. He looked up to the blood red moon and the evil horsemen reared their horses and raised their axes to him. " Hail to our new lord, Hail to the Prince of Darkness!" The boy began to laugh as the chants continued. He laughed louder and louder!


  These woods are filled with nightmarish stories of evil my friends, but it's just too bad that this story is not over. It is only the beginning.

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