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- Today I Buried My Friend

Today I Buried My Friend (5 ratings)
         by Freeflyinkaren

Today I buried my friend
only to hear them say it was not his end
he was at one time everyone's best friend
he shed light
for all those to see
in our hearts you will agree
he seemed happy as can be

But he made a mistake
he forgot how to use his brakes
never no more to have a dream sought after
for what was he chasing after
a few moments of fun?
hell, his life had only just begun

He was to young
for his songs will go unsung
never to hear us cheer
but he just had to have that beer

he became blinded by his high
never to be able to look him in the eye
or see his smile
can you tell me it was it really worthwhile
he wasn't such a bad guy
he was to young to die
and how we had to say good-bye

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