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Short Story Contest Winners
The second Short Story Contest has been completed. Check out the winners and the rest of the entries here.

Top rated Short Stories (w/10 votes)

Enemy´s Eyes by Ben Jonjak
Pave the Universe by Peter Thorpe
Chameleon by Richard Brunke
Overlords by Ravi Ranganath
The Last Day of the War - Part 2 by Talaith Cardea
The Battle for Humanity (Part One) by C.K. Banner
Johnny Reb by Michael Goulish
The Phone Call by Cara M. Rickard
The Last Day of the War - Part 3 by Talaith Cardea
The Life and Times of Johnny Plotpoint by R. Scott Barnes
The Last Day of the War - Part 1 by Talaith Cardea
The Key by Todd A. Burnett
The Grigori by Dennis Hatchett
Back Across the Rubicon: Eight From the Land of No Return by A. F. Spackman
Even If You Dream by Lewis Smith
The Lander by Terence Fisher
Tilbury's Ghost by Vijendra Jafa
Save The Darkness by Lewis Smith
Back Across the Rubicon: Eight From the Land of No Return II by A. F. Spackman
It's A Deadly Job, But Somebody's Gotta Do It by Bret M. Funk
The Forest Path by Donnamarie Thiel-Kline
Siege by W.A. Straub, Jr.
The Demon Hunter by Peter Trueman
Imaginary Friend by Shane P. Carr
Cathy and Mike by Roger Born and Michael Schrock
Loops by Jim Bolder
The Journal of a Traveller by Nicolai Buch-Andersen
Kinesthinus and the Dragon by T. L. Kae

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Last 20 short stories

Byberry (Part 2) by Erzsebet Bathory (18. Jul 2004)
A girl starts cutting herself and gets sent to a mental institute. She meets a boy and the devise a plan to escape; death.

Removing the Wool by Marc Burrage (18. Jul 2004)
A rebel Russian Agent finds out the truth about the death of 2 fellow agents and his wife. Follow on from 2 short films, which will be released in story form soon.

Either This Or Upon This by Norman Caruso (18. Jul 2004)
A confused soldier in World War I must survive the offense at St. Mihiel, all while remembering his past, and an important person he left behind.

Cell Block Four by Erikah Gilpin (18. Jul 2004)
a story of a man who has been sent to prison in the 1600's. the issolation drives him to insanity and he contemplates eating his now dead cell mate.

The Problem With Teachers by J. L. Jr. (18. Jul 2004)
Young man thinks his teachers are out to make them miserable. One day, he sneaks into the teacher' lounge and discovers something that may change his mind.

What If by Leona Michelle Mattox (18. Jul 2004)
A girl saved from a life of abuse.

Our Friend Steven by John J. Yezman (18. Jul 2004)
My story speaks of the special relationship of three Catholic elementary school friends set in the late 1950's. The three main characters Jeff, David and Steven formed a special friendship bond that was precious to them. The story focuses around Steven who was a bi racial child and as he faced the prejudices of that time his friends Jeff and David defended and honored and cherished his friendship above all else.

Halo's by L. A. Evets (20. Jun 2004)
Medical wonders may not be medical at all. Maybe..., they're itty bitty creatures at work.

Heart's Desire by Intrigue (20. Jun 2004)
A cocky emporer challanges the gods, leading one to him, to teach him a lesson. A wild goos chase for a seemingly imaginary girl, leads him on the search for his heart's greatest desire.

First Hand Observers by Philip Abbondanza (18. Apr 2004)
Several Classical Arts college professors travel back in time to inhabit the bodies of people living during the Trojan War. All goes well until one them takes over the body of his host, the hero Hector.

The Endless Desert by Azrael (18. Apr 2004)
The world has been turned into desert at the igniting of Jupiter. This depicts a day from a journey of survivors.

But Sir Galahad's Dead by Michael Bishop (18. Apr 2004)
A knight of the Round Table reaches the end of a quest only to be denied his prize. So, in order to gain it, he embarks on another quest and learns more than he bargained.

Curiosity of a Cat by Erica B.P. (18. Apr 2004)
This is a story of a young bellhop who suspects that some guests at his hotel aren't what they appear to be. His curiousity compells him to investigate, and he suffers the consequences of spying on the visitors.

La Diablesse by Astrid Bullen (18. Apr 2004)
Story of a murdered slave plotting revenge. She is left with a valuable lesson.

Emerald's Rogue (Part 1) by April Lynn Cain (18. Apr 2004)
A young couple who at first can't stand each other, find love, despite the outside threats.

Emerald's Rogue (Part 2) by April Lynn Cain (18. Apr 2004)
A young couple's adventures and trials.

Emerald's Rogue (Part 3) by April Lynn Cain (18. Apr 2004)
A young couple's trails and adventures.

Emerald's Rogue (Part 4) by April Lynn Cain (18. Apr 2004)
Trials and adventures of a young couple.

Emerald's Rogue (Part 5) by April Lynn Cain (18. Apr 2004)
A fantasy romance

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