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  Fantasy Short Stories
The Losing of Mr Brooks by Aislin (25 ratings)
Mr Brooks is missing. I doubt you'll believe me when I tell you where he went.

(22. Aug 2002)
 Robert Anderson
Once, King. by Robert Anderson (34 ratings)
An Elven noble, and death bed companion of the ancient King, hears the confession of his sovereign. What he hears changes his view of his race and King.

(1. Nov 2002)
Eight by Robert P Anderson (9 ratings)
A short mystery seen from the words in a small child's diary.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Christian Ashgan
The Consequences by Christian Ashgan (5 ratings)
This is the 3rd part of my not-so-short story. It's a very classical fantasy tale about magic and heroes, monsters and vile individuals... All of you who read (all 3 of you) the previous chapters, which were published under the name Ashgan, the Weary, know what I'm talking about.

(13. Jul 2002)
 Dale Aycock
The Crystal Horse by Dale Aycock (16 ratings)
Carlus is an old man who has had a vision of the perfect carousel horse since he was a child. Aided by a magical god-daughter of Princess Sun, he finally gets to ride.

(26. Jun 2002)
The Endless Desert by Azrael
The world has been turned into desert at the igniting of Jupiter. This depicts a day from a journey of survivors.

(18. Apr 2004)
 J.D. Barnes
Chapter 1 - The Execution by J.D. Barnes
This is the first chapter of a Sci-fi/Fantasy hybrid I am working on. It is a work in progress, but I'd like some feedback by anyone interested.

(1. Aug 2003)
 James Benjamin
Three Weeks by James Benjamin (13 ratings)
A young man is forced from his home after one long night of disaster. His greatest challenge comes when he searched the corpses of his friends for some small closure.

(10. Jun 2002)
The Tale of Rex by Briareus (115 ratings)
A tale of King Elric's encounter with the sorcerer Rex.

(22. Oct 2000)
The Tale of Rostefoe by Briareus (43 ratings)
Sitting quietly by the roadside, Rostefoe becomes witness to many strange happenings...

(27. Oct 2000)
Aeron by Briareus (7 ratings)
Short story about the value of individual rights.

(30. Jun 2002)
 Sarah Berling
Echoworld by Sarah Berling
You exist in this universe. And another one. And another one. So what happens if you die in one universe? Give you a hint: you die in all of them.

(19. Oct 2003)
 Pero Bes
Winds of Change Chapter 1 by Pero Bes (11 ratings)
After being saved by a man in the woods, Ned brings him to Windelton and introduces him to his father. The man offers some bad news to Gordd (Ned's father) about Ned, and Gordd faces what must be done.

(17. Dec 2001)
Rebirth by bir (3 ratings)
A grandfather and his grandson witness an extraordinary event at the dawn of a new millennium

(1. Nov 2002)
 Elen T. Birch
The Return of Avalon by Elen T. Birch
The near-destruction of Earth has made it necessary for the mystical isle of Avalon to return and heal the land.

(19. Oct 2003)
 Michael Bishop
Together by Michael Bishop (9 ratings)
A story about a pair of lovers in a world in which Celts really can work magic. However, the magic is dying so the lovers leave home after vowing that they will stay together what either happens. However, the fates are against them, but they still keep their vow.

(9. Feb 2002)
But Sir Galahad's Dead by Michael Bishop
A knight of the Round Table reaches the end of a quest only to be denied his prize. So, in order to gain it, he embarks on another quest and learns more than he bargained.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Wren Black
2023 by Wren Black
The year is 2023, and WWIII has been over for 13 years. Ashtan Terek is now a benevolent Dictator of the world. However, he's dying, and his illegitimate son could ruin his family name if he's discovered. He must be killed and quickly. Unfortunately, there's been a mix-up...

(1. Aug 2003)
Echoworld by Wren Black
There's the universe you've always known...but there are universes parallel to it, too. You exist in every one of them. What would happen if you met yourself?...

(30. Nov 2003)
Crystal Azure by Wren Black
What do you do when the most powerful crystal ever created has gone missing? What do you do when you've found out where it's gone? What do you do about the destruction that accompanies it?

(30. Nov 2003)
 Dire Blade
A Suicidal Chimp and the Banana Caves - Prologue by Dire Blade (4 ratings)
He seeks death, but death has forsaken him. And this cruel fate will go on forever, whatever he says or does. Or will it? He will soon realize that his part to play in fate is much larger than he could ever have imagined.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Blue Blood
Epitome Of Happiness by Blue Blood
The marvelous fall colors of the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco evokes surreal dream in the narrator who experiences extreme happiness when he awakes to reality.

(30. Nov 2003)
An Allegory Of Chess by Blue Blood
Written in first person point of view, the protagonist of this autobiographical fantasy, literally, the king from the famous game of chess, recounts his epiphany and reveals the irony of powerlessness of people in high power.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Logan Booth
By Chance & Misadventure by Logan Booth
This is the opening to a novel I have had flying about for a long time. It sees a group of unlikly heroes thrown from the comfort of their own reality into a world of horror, death and magic, Where they must survive.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Roger Born
Gabriel On The Moon by Roger Born (12 ratings)
How is it that the greatest Trumpet Player who ever lived couldn't play a note? Meet Gabriel and find out what happened to this famous Cool Cat! Its better than the Twilight Zone!

(7. Dec 2001)
 David. T. Bos
Death's Scythe by David. T. Bos (31 ratings)
When Aaron Baker wakes up and an enormous demon stares back at him from the end of the bed, he knows his life is about to change. Drastically!

(10. Jun 2002)
 Erica B.P.
Curiosity of a Cat by Erica B.P.
This is a story of a young bellhop who suspects that some guests at his hotel aren't what they appear to be. His curiousity compells him to investigate, and he suffers the consequences of spying on the visitors.

(18. Apr 2004)
 A. T. Brereton
Perfect by A. T. Brereton (8 ratings)
Eric purchases a painting of a woman who is the most beautiful he has ever seen, and longs for a life with her. When his wish is granted, Eric must choose between life and his dream of it.

(18. May 2003)
 Jodie Brooke
The Listener by Jodie Brooke
email me with any of your comments

(20. Jan 2004)
 Joan Brown
Fairy Vivienne by Joan Brown (1 rating)
Mythical heroes Merlin, Mercury, Thalia, and Rinaldo on board the starship Bullfinch with it's computer Zaldivar travel the universe in search of Fairy Vivienne.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Gregory Brunelle
The Forbidden Pool by Gregory Brunelle (18 ratings)
Mikel, your average townsman in a midieval world, embarks on a quest to find the only thing that might cure his horrible disease, a pool with an awareness that hates all things on two legs.

(19. Jan 2003)
 Marc Buchheit
Division by Marc Buchheit (9 ratings)

(3. Apr 2000)
 Ovidiu Bufnila
Moreaugarin's crusade by Ovidiu Bufnila (3 ratings)
Ibhib the Gunner of Longville stormed me up from my den

(12. Dec 2002)
 Astrid Bullen
La Diablesse by Astrid Bullen
Story of a murdered slave plotting revenge. She is left with a valuable lesson.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Francis Bull
To be a Wizard by Francis Bull
In which Spike nearly gets the girl.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Thomas Cabot
Elinthe - Chapter 1 by Thomas Cabot (7 ratings)
This is the first chapter, or first part of a chapter, for my novel Elinthe. It's an introduction to Saethydd, his friend Skyla, his ex-companion Gretch and, of course, the obligatory bad guy.

(18. Mar 2002)
 April Lynn Cain
Moondance by April Lynn Cain (40 ratings)
This story is about an elf girl sent through space by her parents at the hopes that she will live and survive. This her story of how she learns to live and love and survive in a world not her own.

(24. Jul 2001)
 Leo Cai
Legends of Noth-Saria: The Eve of Book One by Leo Cai (4 ratings)
The presence of two nobbins who are embarked upon a perilous journey to save a friend who was kidnapped by an unknown enemy.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Crystal Campbell
Bottom of the Bottle by Crystal Campbell (14 ratings)
A light-hearted short story about a witch and her rampaging sister. The witch is reunited with a long lost friend/love. No deep moral here, sorry.

(16. Aug 2002)
Mel and Chris by Crystal Campbell (1 rating)
Melbatoast and Christian are charged with saving the world from rampaging butterflies. This is the beginning. How they came across the duty.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Jade Cantrell
Vanishing Point by Jade Cantrell (19 ratings)
A short-short about an unexplained girl who just flies away one night, never to return. Focus is on the narrator's feelings toward the girl. And yes, this was written years and years before The Virgin Suicides.

(2. Aug 2001)
 Talaith Cardea
Hell's Fountain: The Killing Sands by Talaith Cardea (7 ratings)
A tale of murder and mystery, magic and romance set in the world of Hell's Fountain. The streets of Hell's Fountain seem safe, but only because of the hard working law enforcement arms of the city Magistrates. Read this story and experience a day in the life of one of the city's finest, Saxon Tage - a mercenary soldier turned policeman, through his eyes and in his own words...

(18. May 2003)
 Gwen Carmandy
She's All That by Gwen Carmandy
Amadeo, a rogue vampire finds his nightly supper, in the form a something very beguiling.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Z. E. S. Carothers
Randy and Sarah (Part 1) by Z. E. S. Carothers
A story of two teenagers, Randy, a wild boy that lives by himself in the forest, and Sarah, Randys only friend.

(18. Apr 2004)
Radia (Part 1) by Z. E. S. Carothers
Radia is about a group of explorers that are sent to a new world unlike any they've seen before.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Hannah-Beth Carter
Steel Sakura by Hannah-Beth Carter (28 ratings)
A story about a strange-looking boy from another world and the girl he meets in an aimless wander. After wreaking accidental destruction, she goes to find him. Reunited they return to the 'kiseki no umi' (ocean of miracles) together for eternity.

(17. Aug 2001)
Vampires by Hannah-Beth Carter (10 ratings)
Sometimes things don't always go to plan.

(11. Feb 2003)
For Love Of The Snow Goddess by Hannah-Beth Carter (5 ratings)
In a bitter snowstorm, one boy discovers that some things are more important than life or death.

(4. Apr 2003)
Kyran and Eden by Hannah-Beth Carter
One demon hunting the other through a dreamworld, with nothing but maliciousness in his mind.

(1. Aug 2003)
 Margaret L. Carter
Prowler by Margaret L. Carter (41 ratings)

(14. Dec 1999)
 Nathan Carter
The Floor and the Ceiling by Nathan Carter (28 ratings)
The reason why wizards are no more...

(30. Jun 2002)
 Frankie Catena
The Cosmic Beach by Frankie Catena
Frankie, the main character, discovers the perfect place.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Umesha Chalanie
Pictureworld by Umesha Chalanie (21 ratings)
A world inside a painting...

(13. Mar 2001)
 E. L. Chase
Massacre on the Plains of Aragon - A Journal by E. L. Chase (8 ratings)
The last journal entry of a scribe for the Thane Army, written during the closing moments of the Massacre on the Plains of Aragon.

(30. Aug 2002)
 D. M. Chien
Centaur's Wood by D. M. Chien (7 ratings)
A centaur living alone in her wood encounters a man for the first time in many years.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Dave Clark
The Legend of Pygman by Dave Clark
In the age of the Greeks, a confused young man must go on a cunfusing quest. A story that would offend the gods.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Lezetta L. Clayton
My Dream Man by Lezetta L. Clayton (5 ratings)
This story is about a fantasy and wanting someone to love for who they are.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Sarah Coats
The General and the City Guard by Sarah Coats (23 ratings)
Gorum, a man of mysterious origins finds himself training a battalion of city guard in urban warfare. An untimely meeting forces him into dueling an army general by his boastful city guard friends. The General is well trained and half his age. Gorum knows he should forfeit, but...

(9. Mar 2001)
 Ben Cooper
The Author (Chapter 1) by Ben Cooper (24 ratings)
Emmett, at twelve years of age, was completely and utterly miserable. His daily life was filled with reminders of why he'd begun to dread waking up each morning. But after suffering a day that couldn't have possibly gotten any worse, the most extraordinary thing happened...

(7. Jan 2002)
The Author (Chapter 2) by Ben Cooper (18 ratings)
The story continues for Emmett...

(13. Jan 2002)
In a Late Night Diner by Ben Cooper (12 ratings)
Just another night of coffee, cigarettes, comics, and confrontations . . .

(30. Jun 2002)
 Stephen W. Cote
Fairy Bunking Chapter 4: Napalm Martini Binge by Stephen W. Cote
The fourth story in the series.

(10. Apr 2002)
Fairy Bunking Chapter 1: Bunking the Dragon by Stephen W. Cote (5 ratings)
Sometimes, fairy lives are filled with simple frolicking and flitting about. Othertimes, they live a more serious, complex existence affected by human civilization. Recently, they found themselves fighting an enemy that threatened to destroy the entire fabric of their existence. Today, they've begun the transition back to a simple, classic fairytale lifestyle. Unfortunately, some fairies haven't figured that out yet.

(10. Apr 2002)
Fairy Bunking Chapter 2: Tea on a Leaf by Stephen W. Cote
The second story in the series.

(10. Apr 2002)
Fairy Bunking Chapter 3: All Out by Stephen W. Cote
The third story in the series

(10. Apr 2002)
 Mike Coy
The Blue Light by Mike Coy
A young student makes the discovery of a lifetime as he finds a rare and unique Native American artifact that literally transforms the boy from the material state to the spiritual.

(4. Apr 2003)
 May Dracul
The Lurker by May Dracul (3 ratings)
A stalking dream that comes to me whenever it wants to, and may or may not have a meaning. It could end up being the start of a new story. I honestly don't what genre one would place this, but if it is going to become a story it would go under science fiction or fantasy.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Tracey Croft
A World of Magic by Tracey Croft (67 ratings)
A young girl is plunged into a world of magic. Can she improve her gifts and find her way home

(20. Mar 2001)
Fight for Freedom by Tracey Croft (28 ratings)
Sequel to World of Magic. Ann goes back to find out what happened to Serge. She must learn to tune her abilities before facing the evil ruler and saving Serge.

(22. Jun 2001)
Seducer of Souls - Chapter One by Tracey Croft (22 ratings)
Following on from Fight for Freedom. Ann is now imprisoned with the evil Draken's Castle. Can Serge help her escape and can Ann hold on to her soul?

(17. Aug 2001)
Seducer of Souls - Chapter Two by Tracey Croft (21 ratings)
Chapter 2 of Seducer of Souls. Serge is faced with a difficult decision that could help Ann

(3. Sep 2001)
Seducer of Souls - Chapter Three and Four by Tracey Croft (24 ratings)
Ann meets Draken's disturbed mother and makes a bid for freedom.

(25. Sep 2001)
Seducer of Souls - Chapter Five - Eight by Tracey Croft (32 ratings)
Ann continues her struggle to resist the seductive ways of Draken, while her friends seek a way to save her.

(3. Dec 2001)
 Joe Curlee Jr.
Devaki by Joe Curlee Jr. (9 ratings)
An old man makes a sales pitch to another man which will change both of thier lives forever.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Luke Daigle
The Magicians' Academy by Luke Daigle (16 ratings)
A young apprentice learns that there are no boundaries in magic. Young Donato becomes a magician more powerful than any before him.

(10. Jun 2002)
 Jason Damman
Battle Between Villages by Jason Damman
An epic story of a battle between two villages, after one village suffering an attack, relenquishing their village and trying to take hold of another one.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Ben Dante
The Mountain of the Burning Bear by Ben Dante (5 ratings)
An Ancient battle that leads to an epic showdown and tells of both triumph and tragedy

(1. Nov 2002)
 Wolf Dekane
The Tomb of Ahkiar by Wolf Dekane (17 ratings)
A short story about the search for a lost artifact.

(17. Feb 2002)
 Kun Devanny
The Monastery by Kun Devanny (18 ratings)
Touching upon the process through which confessions are heard in a lone monastery. A dark style of writing.

(9. Jan 2002)
 Craig Dolphin
The Clown Prince of Fools by Craig Dolphin (16 ratings)
Where true love meets human weakness, the results aren't /always/ fantastic. This story is something of a cross between a short story and poetry.

(28. Sep 2000)
 M. John Doyle
When Harry Met Satan by M. John Doyle (7 ratings)
Satan returns to earth once more to sow discord, this time as a motivational speaker. This is my attempt at surreal tongue-in-cheek comedy. Hope you enjoy.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Robert Drako
Justice by Robert Drako (8 ratings)
An elven ranger thrust into the search of a murderous mage with king hood on his mind, but is there something more to this chase?

(22. Aug 2002)
 Jim Dread
The Creature of Malevolence by Jim Dread (5 ratings)
A prologue of the tale of how Radaski Yuge - the dreaded dark warrior rose...

(4. Jan 2002)
 Lance Droga
Author by Lance Droga (4 ratings)
The first chapter in my novel: The Fall of Shanathac. It introduces Ralen (the main character) and tells of his escape from a La'Thar prison.

(11. Oct 2002)
 Melvin C. Duncan
The Haunted Mansion by Melvin C. Duncan (5 ratings)
Two high school girls. An abandoned house. Treasure, romance. All in this short story.

(17. Aug 2001)
 Matt Duppstadt
Betrayal (Part 1) by Matt Duppstadt (5 ratings)
The first two chapters of a book.

(14. Jun 2002)
 Diana Duval
The Amulet by Diana Duval (15 ratings)
Mark is a typical college student, until one night he finds out he has an amulet that an evil wizard wants. He is sent on a quest to prevent the wizard from taking over the kingdom, and save a beautiful princess.

(11. Jul 2001)
 Bryan Easter
Apprentice by Bryan Easter
The beginning of a warriors path has to start somewhere, mine start with death.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Libby Edgar
Blood red sky by Libby Edgar
A story about fantasy etc with

(4. Apr 2003)
 Tory Edwards
Mateship by Tory Edwards
The lives of friends are galvanised through events that others seem unimaginable.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Timothy Eldon
Anam by Timothy Eldon (20 ratings)
A young lady destroys a tyrant.

(20. Aug 2001)
The Witch from the Mountains by Elizabeth (6 ratings)
A short story of a Witch who, though she possess great powers, helps a kingdom with its problems through a few words of wisdom. Very short, but i think its OK.

(11. Feb 2003)
Myth or Reality? by Elizabeth (2 ratings)
A short story about a girl named Sybil who has this special power. She runs away and... well, maybe you should find our yourself!

(4. Apr 2003)
The Journey Begins by Elizabeth (1 rating)
A little more i added to Sybie's story. It starts exactly where the last one left off.

(4. Apr 2003)
To Gryphana by Elizabeth (1 rating)
this one continues 'Disaster Welcomes a Wanderer'. Shorter than the others, i think.

(4. Apr 2003)
Disaster Welcomes a Wanderer by Elizabeth (1 rating)
This continues 'The Journey Begins'. Turning out longer, but i think its still got some spice!

(4. Apr 2003)
 Christine Emmert
WOLF HEART by Christine Emmert
A man was told by his mother that his real father was a wolf who came to her one dark night. In his mature years he seeks out the truth of this story.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Wayne A. English
Shiftworld by Wayne A. English (1 rating)
Dark fantasy world defined by what shift you work. Only one way to improve your lot in life and very dangerous because if you don't make it you can die.

(4. Apr 2003)
Eania - part 1 by Eolill
Eania is but another poor girl in the coutry of Astun, but she has something other poor girls has not... the strength in will that marks a wizard.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Aaron Estes
All for the Family by Aaron Estes (10 ratings)
This is a story about a man searching for his father's murderer. During his pursuit for the killer, he examines how his father shaped the lives of he and his brother through their family inheritance of magic.

(20. Dec 2001)
 Lora Evans
The Mist by Lora Evans (12 ratings)
A story as ancient as the hills, a story of a people whos memory was lost. A story of an end, or is it a beginning?

(17. Apr 2001)
 Andrew Ewington & Dennis Johnson
Limpit Muskin & Company by Andrew Ewington & Dennis Johnson (3 ratings)
When compulsive opportunist, Limpit Muskin, chances across a mysterious artefact, the State of Grynne had better watch out. Hopelessly out of his depth and with no identifiable plan, he runs from one disaster to another with his equally disastrous companions, Simply Morgan and Butwin Fisher, clinging to the seat of his pants.

(4. Apr 2003)
 B.E. Ewing
The Gnome of Sacladil by B.E. Ewing (27 ratings)
The story of a small gnome called Roin in a town named Sacladil.

(11. Jul 2001)
 Waldo Felcher
Kings finality by Waldo Felcher (7 ratings)
Death of kings, death of soldiers.

(30. Jun 2002)
 Cosmo Felton
A tale from the Tavern of Khlulock by Cosmo Felton (9 ratings)

(25. Nov 1999)
 Gabor Ferencz & Dwayne Webster
Duel (Part 1) by Gabor Ferencz & Dwayne Webster (5 ratings)

(11. Mar 2002)
Duel (Part 2) by Gabor Ferencz & Dwayne Webster
Second part. Chapters three and four.

(15. Apr 2002)
The Guards of Verilidan by Gabor Ferencz (2 ratings)
A story about the beginning of a warrior. About the beginning of a jouney, and how it all starts off.

(30. Jun 2002)
 Morgana the Fey
The Ancient Eternal by Morgana the Fey
A love born at the beginning of mankind which will persevere to the end of it.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Feacus Fidelle
Day of the Fates by Feacus Fidelle (6 ratings)
Traveling along a highway, Guffond Redtail intercepts a staggering man. The man tells his story and Guffond realizes that he is the High Mage of Pheona. Walking toward the Edifice, the two creatures meet up with the Manetail Master. He promptly arrests them, but is stopped in his treacherous act when the goddess Pheona kills him. She lulls Guffond asleep and he awakens to see the departing figure of the Mage from his bedside window, as well as the shape of a phoenix in the sky.

(17. Dec 2001)
Cencaria: Tales of the First Age (Part 1) by Feacus Fidelle (5 ratings)
This is actually the first chapter in a novel depicting the most legendary events in Cencarian history. The book, written by Gol, the Farseer in the 5th Age is discovered by a human landing on the now-abandoned planet and when he finds, opens, and begins reading the book, the tales of the first age of Cencaria begin.

(4. Jan 2002)
Adam, Savior of the Elves by Feacus Fidelle (6 ratings)
Well, I can safely say that this is the first short story I've ever written. It is a bit primitive in how it's written, but it stays faithful to the storyline, which will be incorporated into my new novel.

(13. Jan 2002)
Part 2: The Tales of Baldarr, Chapter 1 by Feacus Fidelle (1 rating)
***Although Part 1 is not completed yet, it is not necessary in order to read part 2.*** This is the story of the tales of Baldarr, the High Mage of Pheona. It begins with the mage lying on a marble floor...

(9. Feb 2002)
The Lost Eye of Pheona by Feacus Fidelle (3 ratings)
This is a four-chapter account of the adventures of a little girl named Rosei.

(9. Feb 2002)
The Gaze of Unfathomable Evil by Feacus Fidelle (7 ratings)
An eerie story of a young boy, Fauskollen, who finds an egg while digging up weeds in the little garden beside his Master's cottage. But what's in the egg? And who, or what, buried it there? Has dear Fausse's curiosity gone too far?

(18. Mar 2002)
 Antavius S. Flagg
The Golden Scepter - Prologue by Antavius S. Flagg (9 ratings)
The most important artifact is stolen.

(13. Jan 2002)
Braeda and the dragon by Flash (4 ratings)
Braeda is a seer princess who must decide whether to give herself to the dragon, or watch it destroy all she holds dear.

(1. Nov 2002)
 H.B. Forth
Hardware by H.B. Forth
Frag and Scroll's dreary existence is interrupted by an unknown force that threatens to cause havoc with their souls.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Robbie Fox
Imagine by Robbie Fox
A young boy from the poorest projects of New Jersey develops an imagination so powerful, that what he wonders, then appears...

(20. Jan 2004)
 Nolan Frausto
Man's Best Friend by Nolan Frausto (10 ratings)
Keth and his dog get trapped without shelter in a terrible storm. How can they survive?

(25. Sep 2001)
A Lust for Power by Nolan Frausto (6 ratings)
The Gods are at war and one has a plan filled with lies, and deceits that is sure to win him the thone...

(18. Dec 2001)
War in All it's Glory by Nolan Frausto (5 ratings)
Robets first battle is at hand. He rides off but is struck down eventually by some unknown warrior. Will he survive?

(18. Dec 2001)
 Fictitious Fred
The Gods ARE Crazy by Fictitious Fred (12 ratings)
This is a humorous, light-hearted story concerning the stock market downturn with the Norse gods as the cast of characters.

(20. Dec 2001)
 Jeremy Friedman
Wildwood Catharsis by Jeremy Friedman
A modern fairy tale of rebirth, and the power that remains in some very old places...

(30. Nov 2003)
 Cedric Frost
The Moment by Cedric Frost (9 ratings)
A tale of an assassination of a messenger.

(9. Feb 2002)
 Chris Fry
Mr. Shadow Guy by Chris Fry (11 ratings)
A humorous look at a vampire named Bob.

(30. Aug 2002)
The Undoing Room by Chris Fry
Sometimes life just isnt worth living.

(30. Nov 2003)
The Bartenders Secret by Chris Fry
Bard: "Let's just let this be our little secret."

(30. Nov 2003)
An Unexpected Attack by Chris Fry
Nine Knights were on a mission in the frozen land of Blitzen. Only one returned...

(30. Nov 2003)
 William L. Fulks
When Dragons Sleep by William L. Fulks (12 ratings)
A man bursts into a tavern with a story about a wounded dragon hiding out in a cave. He recruits three adventurers to aid him in finishing the monster, but things don't go quite as planned once the group enters the cavern.

(18. Mar 2002)
 Kassimir Funk
The Sailor - Part 1 by Kassimir Funk (3 ratings)
Here are the first three chapters to my charming little story.

(17. Apr 2002)
Mercy by Kassimir Funk (7 ratings)
An interaction between a man and his father before an impending battle.

(30. Jun 2002)
 Dawn Furniss
Falling Rain by Dawn Furniss (7 ratings)
Something caught his eye, but in the torrent, nothing but shillouettes could be seen from this distance....

(15. Apr 2002)
Comradery by Dawn Furniss (9 ratings)
Sam the assasin, Kira the swordswoman, and Mia the axe-girl. Good friends in the army, fighting for the heck of it.

(15. Apr 2002)
 John Galt
Blackheath's Daughters by John Galt (4 ratings)
This is a story of reconciliation in a rascist ridden country...

(27. Jan 2002)
 T. George
A Dark Disguise by T. George (32 ratings)
A mysterious cloaked man flits through the shadows of an ancient city, to carry out a vital mission...

(18. Jul 2001)
 Kyle Gjessing
"--Don't you know talking cats don't exist!?" by Kyle Gjessing (35 ratings)
Everybody knows cats can't talk (or can they?), but they sure can play. How would you like to join the fun?

(17. Aug 2001)
 Chris Gonnerman
My Apprenticeship (Part 1) by Chris Gonnerman (4 ratings)
The tale of a warrior who becomes a monster's apprentice.

(14. Jun 2002)
 James Goodman
Death of a King: Birth of a Nation by James Goodman
This is a battle scene I have written to enter a competion. It has taken alot of work and I hope anyone who reads it enjoys the story.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Robert Gordon
An Oath Forgotten: Chapter 1 by Robert Gordon
The first of three chapters. This first chapter deals with an imprisoned high ranking knight. He was forced to compromise his morals when his lord asked him to commit murder. For his refusal he was sent to the cells. The cells are weighing on the knight. Will he break the Knights Oath and become an assassin?

(1. Aug 2003)
 Timly Grae
The Minting by Timly Grae (6 ratings)
The origin of a curious coin and the unusual events surrounding it. A short tale of majic in the old Arabic world.

(27. Jan 2002)
 Stan Grimes
Four by Stan Grimes (1 rating)
"Four" is a fantasy short story about a small pigeon named Four. Four's early experience with the world of humans turns out to be a costly one but the world of creatures is no better. Four finds himself stalked by an unrelenting natural enemy and surprisingly saved by yet another enemy.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Michael Guentherman
The Dead Man's tale by Michael Guentherman
They were trapped, surrounded and soon to be overwhelmed. Simeon was the only one who could save them. But Simeon had a problem of his own - he had already been dead for three days,

(18. Apr 2004)
Teachers beware by Gui (1 rating)
After 12 years of learning a mage decides to share his knowledge with the common folk. But does he really know everything?

(17. Dec 2001)
Walking Through The Clouds by Gwenllian (2 ratings)
I've classed this under fantasy, but it's not really anything. It's about hope, and is very short.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Steve Hackwell
The Betrayer by Steve Hackwell (9 ratings)
A young man sets out to find a valuable collection of maps with the aid of a friend who is not all he appears to be.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Lior hadar
The well and the Harp by Lior hadar (20 ratings)
A young prince enters a forest while hunting, and finds more then he bargained for...

(11. Jul 2001)
 Amanda Lynn Hancock
Mehndi by Amanda Lynn Hancock (9 ratings)
Facing execution by mauraders, a young woman must complete the magically sacred Mehndi markings to release herself from this world. But is what awaits her death or alchemy?

(15. May 2002)
 David Hannah
Belise: Granddruid of Cedar (Part 1) by David Hannah (1 rating)
This is my first ever attempt at anything that deals with writing. I am putting it out on the table. Thank you for reading.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Mike Harder
I know why they fear the dark by Mike Harder
A hard-bitten army of mercs find much more than treasure in an ancient city

(4. Apr 2003)
 Dennis Hatchett
The Grigori by Dennis Hatchett (21 ratings)
The Grigori, is a prequel to Dennis’ first novel, The Grigori’s Gift, where the African-American protagonist sets a supernatural force in motion by assembling four young men in the hopes of starting the tenth and most powerful black Greek letter organization.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Aik Haw
Virtue on the Ice by Aik Haw
When life and death hangs,On ice and snow far from sand,Gentle heart earns divine blessing!!

(12. Dec 2002)
 Bradly Haydon
Frame of Reference (Part One) by Bradly Haydon (10 ratings)
This story shows the view of a the villan in a story

(11. Sep 2001)
 Noelle Hay
Beautiful Blade by Noelle Hay (5 ratings)
A story about a vain Elf princess who starts a war. Kinda "Hellen of Troy" meets "D&D" - but better (of course). She gets her reward and her punishment is very fitting.

(1. Nov 2002)
 Martin Hazelbower
Smoke and Mirrors by Martin Hazelbower (5 ratings)
With this short story Martin Hazelbower takes us into the life of a Las Vegas magican.

(19. May 2000)
 Thomas Head
Holy Alchemy by Thomas Head (11 ratings)
Holy Alchemy is the story of a devilish plot to fool King Arthur into drinking from a "false Grail." It is the very cup from which Satan toasted his fall from grace, and should Merlin not be able to stop him Arthur will suffer the antithesis of all the true Holy Grail would have brought.

(6. Apr 2001)
 Scott Heckmann
Utopia by Scott Heckmann
A story about two male strangers on a nude beach.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Jerry Heins
The Kingdom of Eire by Jerry Heins (11 ratings)
In a time long past forgotten, in a world that was always warring for control between good and evil, in a place where Kings, Dragons, Magic and Wizards played a major roll, we find the peaceful Kingdom of Eire.

(9. Mar 2001)
 Krista Heiser
Wizard's Last Battle by Krista Heiser (6 ratings)
Sulach is a retired wizard who keeps strange friends: a unicorn and a little, red dragon. When a dark storm blows toward the unprotected castle where his Queen and children stand vulnerable, the three friends find themselves racing to help.

(15. Apr 2002)
 Karin Helldén
Jessica's Adventure by Karin Helldén
Every new day seem to bring adventure to Jessica. But Jessica is lucky - her friends the trea and the seagulls are always at her side and help her whenever she is in trouble...

(12. Dec 2002)
 Chris Henderson
Ahial's Quest by Chris Henderson (7 ratings)
During the darkest era the world has ever faced young Ahial will go on the quest that will change all of the world, forever...

(13. Mar 2001)
Excelios by Chris Henderson (38 ratings)
The swordsman has found the magic stone Excelios. Or has Excelios found the swordsman?

(4. May 2001)
 Lucas Henderson
The Last Days by Lucas Henderson (6 ratings)
The Last Days is a short medievel fantasy. It's about a conflict between two different cultures it's not unlike England and Scotland back in the 1200s.

(17. Dec 2001)
Royal Messenger by Lucas Henderson (7 ratings)
A short medievel fantasy. A man's journey as he attempts to end a hundred year long war between two kingdoms.

(30. Apr 2002)
 Dave Hicks
Victoria by Dave Hicks (2 ratings)
Even selling your soul to the Devil has to keep pace in a modern world.

(11. Feb 2003)
 John T. Hillmast
Arisen Past - Part 1 by John T. Hillmast (2 ratings)
Arisen Past Part 1, Unfinished. Fantasy story about four old friends going off to investigate an odd theft and murder. Meanwhile a secret plot begins to unfold, while one of the main characters mystirious past begins to unfold.

(11. Oct 2002)
Arisen Past Part 2 by John T. Hillmast
Unfinished. Second part of the heroic tale of Dertax Gathis, Jadef Lirock, Kedar Firon, Bianica Swilder

(4. Apr 2003)
 Brandon Hill
Love of Inspiration by Brandon Hill (5 ratings)
When a heavenly muse is sent to inspire a man destined for greatness by heaven, she becomes involved with her charge in more ways than expected. But is this romance between Heaven and Earth allowed or is it doomed for eternity?

(30. Aug 2002)
Too Soon a Goodbye by Brandon Hill (6 ratings)
On a world of sorcery and science, yet much like our own, a young sociologist rescues a beautiful android female with many secrets. Secrets, however, can prove to be both wonderful and dangerous. And with these secrets revealed, his life changes forever.

(11. Oct 2002)
 John Hoffman
The Pyramid of Andeos by John Hoffman (11 ratings)
A small child born in a forgotten town, shakes the very foundations of a powerful order.

(25. Apr 2002)
 Carl Horne
Passing Thoughts by Carl Horne (13 ratings)
A strange, quirky tale told from an unusual perspective.

(7. Jun 2001)
The Stranger by Carl Horne (8 ratings)
A brutal tale of pain and vengeance.

(7. Jun 2001)
 R. J. Howard
Sprit Stone by R. J. Howard
A stone is brought from the sprit world back to the world of the living by a powerful priestess with the primary power of possession. It's up to a general of her majesty's army, a monk and a long dead wizard to fix the tear in the vale between the dead and the living, can magic save them?

(13. Jul 2002)
 Brandon Howarth
"Inner Beauty 2: Field Of Dreams" by Brandon Howarth
This is a follow up of the original "Inner Beauty" story. Brandon and Tyler's tale continues.

(4. Apr 2003)
"Inner Beauty 4: A Night To Remember" by Brandon Howarth (1 rating)
This is part 4 of eight. Brandon and Tyler go to the senior prom and then to his house afterwards.

(4. Apr 2003)
"Inner Beauty: The Tyler Vas Story" by Brandon Howarth
This is the first of eight parts. It has to do with Brandon falling in love with the guy of his dreams.

(4. Apr 2003)
"Inner Beauty 3: Endless Love" by Brandon Howarth
This is part three of eight. It has to do with Tyler and Brandon's growing relationship.

(4. Apr 2003)
"Inner Beauty 5: Past Mistakes" by Brandon Howarth
This is part five of eight. Brandon learns something about Tyler that could change their whole relationship.

(4. Apr 2003)
"Inner Beauty 6: Twist of Fate" by Brandon Howarth
This is part six of eight. The climax of our little saga here.

(4. Apr 2003)
Inner Beauty 8: Heart of Innocence by Brandon Howarth
Part eight of eight. The final chapter has come. Prepare for the greatest chapter ever.

(4. Apr 2003)
Inner Beauty 7: Paradise Lost by Brandon Howarth
This is part seven of eight. We join Brandon in the emergency room with Tyler. What will happen to Tyler in this exciting climax? Read and Find out.

(4. Apr 2003)
Strength To Carry On by Brandon Howarth
This story is about someone whose boyfriend returns after being declared dead for about two years.

(1. Aug 2003)
Within Your Reach by Brandon Howarth
This is a story that takes place at the senior prom at the most beautiful mansion in the world. The main character is led outside to have a life-changing conversation with his friend.

(19. Oct 2003)
 A.D. II
An Age of Wrath - Chapter I by A.D. II
An age of Wrath is a look at a world slightly different from ours through the eyes of a mercenary company. When a mysterious stranger appears before the company from the sacred holy lands of Kalzef, and seeks their aide in finding what will turn out to be the embodiment of God's wrath, the mercenaries find themselves in a war for salvation and their very lives.

(18. Apr 2004)
Heart's Desire by Intrigue
A cocky emporer challanges the gods, leading one to him, to teach him a lesson. A wild goos chase for a seemingly imaginary girl, leads him on the search for his heart's greatest desire.

(20. Jun 2004)
A Rose Mystery by Isis (3 ratings)
Fantasy Short Story it takes place in a garden.

(16. Sep 2002)
 Srlena Jackson
Untitled Part I by Srlena Jackson (1 rating)
The Tierlde, the Dark Book, is in the hands of the Trefallian Region's most evil wizard. Problem is, no one knows he's evil. He's on a mad rampage for revenge against his former best friend and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process...

(16. Aug 2002)
 Nicholas Jade
The Storms in the Shadow (Part 1) by Nicholas Jade (5 ratings)
A soldier fights in an epic battle and goes unconscious after being hit in the helmet with a maul. He is the last survivor of the battle and goes unconscious from time to time and every other time he goes unconscious he wakes up with amnesia. He is saved from death by a dragon and the dragon brings him to his home...

(13. Jul 2002)
The Storms in the Shadows (Part 2) by Nicholas Jade (2 ratings)
Being Part 2 of the Storms in the Shadows, Damascus finds himself embarking on a journey with a dragon and meeting the most terrible thing of all...

(16. Aug 2002)
The Lothirill Part I by Nicholas Jade (5 ratings)
Two travelers, Gorwane and Daegan travel through the Firestride Mountains, Troll country and Ogre country, being watched by eerie eyes. They wish only to come to the country of Moonhamemr for as of now, reasons unknown. They think it will be an easy quest, but they don't know how difficult and painful a quest such as this can be...

(19. Jan 2003)
 T I M James
The Weight of Guilt and Sin by T I M James (5 ratings)
A council rules in the stead of a young mad king. He takes a ride, accompanied by the royal gardener who forces him to face that which drove him mad. Here we find that nothing is what it seems. Inspired slightly by the poem Ozymandias by Shelley.

(10. Apr 2002)
 Matt Nathan Janeczko
Invincible by Matt Nathan Janeczko
short story about a mysterious man leaving a quiet town in the dead of night

(20. Jan 2004)
Seventh Companion by Matt Nathan Janeczko
This is the meager begining of a book I'm working on, any input would really be helpful, just turned 17 so I'm still new at this. Again, any comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks

(20. Jan 2004)
Revenge is Always Sweeter on the Other side by Matt Nathan Janeczko
Dal pursues his wife's murderer into an underground maze, only to become desperately lost in the never ending catacombs beneath the earth's surface.

(18. Apr 2004)
 N. Jared
Of Loestru by N. Jared
His madness is now plain, and the Wizard Loestru openly attacks the royal castle of a king in his insanity.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Zeda Jaxs
Blood Vines by Zeda Jaxs (1 rating)
Will Mi'an be able to sacrifice her sister to the deadly vines in order to save her people and her planet; or will she allow the vines to destory everything in their path? Sacrifice. It's a horrid ceremony.

(1. Nov 2002)
 Katherine Jewel
Lightning Hexagon - Chapter 1 by Katherine Jewel (7 ratings)
Life at Lightning Hexagon, the famous mage-training school, is disrupted by a duel between rival students. Such happenings are expected, but a killing nexus forms and explodes during the fight, indicating that something more lethal than seventh-level magework is stirring...

(15. Apr 2002)
 Michael Johnson
For Isidore by Michael Johnson
A powerful wizard stops at nothing to resurrect his beloved wife, leaving the world to burn in the aftermath of his choices.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Saria Johnston
Just ask by Saria Johnston (5 ratings)
Queeble loses the one he loves and in order to get her back he must fight and kill another...

(16. Sep 2002)
The Costs by Sarah Jane Johnston
Two teams of theives are looking to steal the same artifacts. One team suceeds the other teams loses a life...what to do?

(30. Sep 2002)
Kiti Looked Around the Market Place by Saria Johnston (2 ratings)
A mysterious man kills the one she loves. Kiti trains for years to learn the power she needs to get revenge, but on her deathbed she realizes she is no better than he!

(11. Oct 2002)
 Shanna Jones
The Seventh Bell by Shanna Jones (42 ratings)
The land of Aramanthia was dying, and the fault could lie only with the two evil magicians whose selfish duel had ravished their home. Antarn, the necromancer's apprentice, was forced to make the hardest choice of his life -- to be faithful to his master and to his love, or to act for the good of all the land.

(19. Feb 2001)
 Ben Jonjak
Enemy´s Eyes by Ben Jonjak (11 ratings)
A young soldier enters his first battle and finds that victory might not be quite what he imagined it was.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Allie Joy
Amongst Fire by Allie Joy (2 ratings)
This is more an inspirational tale. It is up to the reader what happened before and afterwards.

(16. Aug 2002)
Life in the Volcano by Allie Joy (3 ratings)
A Pandora's Box way of looking at all the evil aspects of the human race

(22. Aug 2002)
The Knights by Allie Joy (3 ratings)
Quick innocent comedy about young dreams

(16. Sep 2002)
Shaded Beliefs by Allie Joy (3 ratings)
What happens when you stop believing? Something terrible may emerge into the world. And it's breath withers grass..

(16. Sep 2002)
Prin by Allie Joy
A quick raw fantasy story about a quest that was almost forgotten

(18. May 2003)
Hero by Allie Joy
What goes through a hero's mind at the beginning?

(30. Nov 2003)
Cold Hands and Sunrise by Allie Joy
The aftermath of war often takes the heart of even the most fearless soldier.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Thomas M. Justin
Nowhere by Thomas M. Justin (13 ratings)
This is a trial of the Tests of Wizardry.

(3. Sep 2001)
 T. L. Kae
Kinesthinus and the Dragon by T. L. Kae (49 ratings)
When the cliche is the thing...

(17. Aug 2001)
Windows of the Soul by T.L. Kae (3 ratings)

(11. Feb 2003)
 Anthony Karnowski
Forgotten Prophecies: Prologue by Anthony Karnowski
This is the prologue to a Sci-fi/Fantasy novel I have written. It introduces Jamis, an orphan that takes great pleasure in monstrous cruelty.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Diemus Kaspratus
The Super-Power Of Mr. Wish by Diemus Kaspratus (3 ratings)
Story of a man who (not always to the liking of the wisher) can make wishes come true.

(20. Jun 2002)
 D. M. Kasprzak
Magician Bestowed by D. M. Kasprzak (1 rating)
An early chapter of a larger work in progress, we find our main character feeling very silly and naive as he leaves home and confronts his own sense of smallness.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Adam Kay
The Three by Adam Kay
A piece of a long story, about an ordinary man who must defeat an enless horde of evil that is destroying his land. He gets some strange powers after drinking the Elixir of life and unites his people in a war against the darkness.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Marc Kelly
War by Marc Kelly (6 ratings)
David becomes leader of his people and leads them to a better place!

(11. Oct 2002)
Assassins by Marc Kelly (1 rating)
Sarah is an Assassin. She is a cold remorseless women that no death can effect. But has she gone one kill too far? Is she really as cold and remorseless as she shows herself to be?

(31. Oct 2002)
A Silly Mistake by Marc Kelly (6 ratings)
About a foolish young man who is lazy and trys to learn magic the easy way. But he finds out the consequences of such actions

(1. Nov 2002)
The Castle of Magic by Marc Kelly (1 rating)
About a young girl named Teeva and of her new discovery and of an old war between two powerfull enemies.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Sean Kettler
Legends of Elmar: A Worthy Foe by Sean Kettler (10 ratings)
A young apprentice elf mage is faced with his final challenge. Will he succeed or will he fail in his quest for greatness?

(22. Mar 2002)
 BD Kirby
The Mountain: The River of Hope by BD Kirby
Thi story is about Margraut (the main character) going to the river of hope. Although it is short to me but it's good. This is a seqeul of the Mountain: The Cliff of Time though.

(19. Oct 2003)
 Nand Kishore
Weeping Stones by Nand Kishore

(15. Feb 2004)
Weeping Stones by Nand Kishore
Today I am twenty years old. Now considered a man in my tribe. I decided to spend my birthday with my love of my life, Koura.

(15. Feb 2004)
The Night Watch - Prolouge by Kurt (5 ratings)
I'm submitting the prolouge to my story, Alot of people from other sites said it was a good story considering I am only in the 8th Grade.

(30. Aug 2002)
 Rudi Kvala
Hunt beneath the moon by Rudi Kvala
About a legend, about a Book, about the Keepers of the Book

(19. Oct 2003)
 Forrest E. Kyle
Through Lion's Eyes by Forrest E. Kyle (3 ratings)
A valiant young man is held captive by mysterious and brutal assailants. He must look death in the eye as he contends for his freedom.

(1. Nov 2002)
 Tobias Landis
Dragonslayer by Tobias Landis
A couple of traffic cops are about to rise to the challenge. A Dragon has arived in their town.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Jennifer Lau
Charon by Jennifer Lau
An intimate look at Charon, the ferryman of the dead. Charon is released from his duty as ferryman.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Autumn Leaf
Alara's Redemption by Autumn Leaf (4 ratings)
A sword woman traveling around to redeem her self from her father's sin.

(9. Jan 2002)
 Patrick Leblanc
Worshiping the dead by Patrick Leblanc (14 ratings)
A necromancer's obsession with his father's death and the means he uses to ressurect him.

(18. Dec 2001)
 George Liebermann
Capsized by George Liebermann (3 ratings)
Sailboat capsized, in danger of colliding with yacht; husband abandons wife to her fate; saved by yachtsman; disappointing sex encounter; she decides she hates men. Man she meets in a park, he courtships her, she plays a practical joke on him: walks away lame.

(13. Jan 2002)
 HweiLin Lim
Law by HweiLin Lim (7 ratings)
Before you become a Lawyer for your Drow clan, there are some things you must settle. Like goodbyes.

(4. May 2001)
 Tiffany Little
Enaurakain; Land Foresaken, rewrite by Tiffany Little (5 ratings)
Fantasy battle story, a work in progress. Its only the intro and the first chapter but i could really use the feedback. Follows the story of Maya and an elven child, but i havent got to the elven boy yet.. . .

(18. May 2003)
 Rolland Love
Author, The Watch by Rolland Love
A young boy's father is killed by a falling rock. After the funeral, he goes into the deep woods where the accident happened and and not only finds and has a conversation with his decessed father, but also his uncle who died 5 years earlier. At the end of the story he sees where he will be going in the future.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Mari Lowd
A Vacation for Eric Creel by Mari Lowd (13 ratings)
Eric Creel's life is forever changed when he goes on a vacation into another world.

(17. Sep 2000)
 Miker Luneright
The Sacrifice by Miker Luneright
The story of how a mage, with the most horrible childhood managed to live through his horrors and stay in the light, not forsaking those that forsook him but instead helping them and sacrificing his life for them.It is a sad story of one man's sacrifice to save humanity, and his close bonds to the world and the Gods.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Marcus Maclean
Within the great halls of Tauroman by Marcus Maclean
Times are growing dim...and Sharan has become a land of hate and misery. By the folly of men - far off Haarith Duum has been forgotten: its power has been forgotten. Faradon now grows his army...soon they will attack the great gates of Bariador Saulk - soon.

(14. Jun 2002)
Part 1 - The Birth Of Girthamus by MacWhiz (1 rating)
This is the first chapter of Tales of a Barbarian. Girthamus is my role playing character and this is his story. The full novel is tentatively titled "Tales of a Barbarian" and this is "The Birth of Girthamus".

(17. Apr 2002)
 Jay Mac
The Escape From Falan Port by Jay Mac (1 rating)
Its basically a quickly written beginning to a story I'm writing. It won't take long to read, tell me what you think.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Maggie and Lisa
The Sotry by Maggie and Lisa (2 ratings)
Potato Farmers save the world from inevitable and imminent doooooooooooooom.

(30. Aug 2002)
The Day of Treachery by Magiius (5 ratings)
The elfin army travels to battle giants, when dwarves ambush it. An elf escapes to his capital, arriving to the dwarf king subverting the elfin peasants into hanging their emperor.

(17. Jul 2001)
 S. Elizabeth Maier
Of Lost and Found by S. Elizabeth Maier (3 ratings)
Emma found herself lost, will she ever be found again?

(30. Jun 2002)
 Michael F Mallon
Innocence by Michael F Mallon (5 ratings)
A short story based in this world or a fantasical world on the importance of Innocence.

(6. Apr 2001)
 Cathleen L. Mann
Winter Will by Cathleen L. Mann (4 ratings)
This is a story in poem form of a man who is given the gift/curse at birth of "All Knowing" and the price he must pay so that the World will survive.

(25. Apr 2001)
The Brave Scout by Cathleen L. Mann (3 ratings)
A bard's tale of a young boy who enters into King Cahlia's service as a Scout. Watch the boy grow into a man as he meets the Druid Bular, and along with a band of elves and dwarves uncovers the Staff of All Wizards which may very well be the savior of Mytheon!

(19. Jun 2001)
Most Precious by Cathleen Mann (2 ratings)
A short love story of an old married couple who will do just about anything to be together for eternity.

(9. Feb 2002)
Locked Inside Armor by Cathleen L. Mann (4 ratings)
A Knight roams the country-side searching for the Wizard that has imprisoned him inside his Armor.

(15. Apr 2002)
 Robert Marrero
A housewarming by Robert Marrero (4 ratings)

(7. Jan 2002)
Of Shadows Past by Robert Marrero (1 rating)
The intrepid hero of "A Housewarming" is back in a tale of alien horror and revenge through time itself.

(27. May 2002)
 Richard Martin
The Hero by Richard Martin (2 ratings)
A story about a young wizard who goes into battle for the first time and learns a painful lesson about life.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Tiger Marty
The Edge by Tiger Marty (10 ratings)
Having just discovered the shape of the world, Storben wants to explore. Preferably via every single pub in existence. If the world will let him...

(18. Dec 2001)
Jeb by Tiger Marty (2 ratings)
Trapped in a cumbersome body, Jeb plans his escape from an entity that uses dreams to kill.

(13. Jan 2002)
 Chris Mazzolini
Who Is David Draiman? by Chris Mazzolini
Anselm the Vagrant is a man with no memory. Haunted by a strange being known only as the Creature, Anselm is driven by one question: Who is David Draiman? His hunt for the answer will lead to the realization that David Draiman is an author and that Anselm is a character trapped within his story, forever repeating its events.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Snookie McBinkerson
Dangerous Adventures (Part 1) by Snookie McBinkerson (4 ratings)
Swashbuckling, ale swilling, adventures, in a forgotten antediluvian age, when men shared the world with giants, leviathins, and creatures of a prehistoric age.

(11. Jul 2001)
 John McCullough
Night Storm (Part 1) by John McCullough (17 ratings)
This is the introduction of Kensho, the main character and it gives the reader a glimpse into his thoughts...

(27. Jan 2002)
 C. A. McDonough
The Hottest Guy I Ever Went Out With by C. A. McDonough (4 ratings)
Okay, so like, I met this guy at a party and... a bunch of stuff happened. It was soooo freaky.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Bob Mcgee
Marxm's Plight by Bob Mcgee (4 ratings)
Marxm, a wizard, is called to defeat the evil Demon King Demantia.

(18. Dec 2001)
 Theresa McGinity
The Path of Exiles by Theresa McGinity
What would you do if your forbidden love cost you everything including the one you loved? What would you do if a single accident made your entire family turn on you? These two women now share a familial bond, one that may be broken when one of them returns to her family in the hopes they'd forgiven her.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Kevin P. McGinn
The War of the Races: 1. The Obsidian Sword by Kevin P. McGinn (3 ratings)
Daerkin was a fairly simple gnomish sorcerer, working for a mysterious Magical Compound, peacefully studying his Art...Until an old foe from his past turns his life upside down and brings back painful memories...

(24. Mar 2002)
 Elizabeth J. McIntosh
Leaves of Rustin (chapter 1. The Meeting) by Elizabeth J. McIntosh
This story isn't completely finished, I've only wrote the first chapter but I believe it turned out the way I wanted it. This is about a boy is great friends with an old wizard who is in need of a certain type of herb. He's not able to get them himself so the wizard sends the boy.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Mike McRae
The Haunted Castle by Mike McRae (18 ratings)

(21. Feb 2000)
Heroes of Light by Michael (2 ratings)
This story takes a snapshot of an elf's life as he tracks down his wife's killer, he is joined by some strange companions as they all attempt to save the world in the process.

(11. Feb 2003)
 B. Midnight
The Four-Dragons of the World by B. Midnight
A tale of war, dragons and predujice, which goes beyond anything that can be imagined.

(1. Aug 2003)
 Agnela Miller
For the Temple by Agnela Miller
Mage from a distant star system discovers a magically talented young woman making a living as a soldier. The first short story in a series.

(1. Aug 2003)
The Dying Village by Angela Miller
Second in a series of Short Stories about Kara Fortuyn and the Trine.

(30. Nov 2003)
 P. Mine
Chronicles of the Forgotten - The Beginning by P. Mine (5 ratings)
How one becomes invisible by being forgotten

(4. Jan 2002)
 Vera Minshall
The Box by Vera Minshall (2 ratings)
Fond childhood memories about a brown box that fascinated me as a toddler 56 years ago.

(30. Aug 2002)
 Veronica Moss
Marthello's Angel (Part I) by Veronica Moss
An excerpt from the story about a young girl who goes to Britain to babysit two children but meets a boy who is a shape shifter (wolf). They fall in love, but he bites her and turns her into a shape shifter too. When the girl returns home, she eventually bites her exboyfriend.

(11. Feb 2003)
Tales of the Midrealms: The Road by mul (14 ratings)
A brief encounter played out upon a road set in an imaginary world of sword and sorcery.

(26. Feb 2002)
 Dani Myrick
Chessie: A Story of the Webbed Worlds by Dani Myrick
In a pastoral community, Chessie, a young village girl, faces certain death with the coming of the first storm of the spring season. But the storm also brings to Chessie other opportunities and the chance to experience more than she had ever imagined.

(30. Nov 2003)
 J.F. Nacino
Beloved by J.F. Nacino (4 ratings)
A tale of love amidst blood, ice, and the undead...

(17. Feb 2002)
 Christopher Nalyd
Perfection by Christopher Nalyd
Weird, Crazy, and full of deeper meaning. You have to read it at least twice.

(1. Aug 2003)
The Fallen Angel by Nasedo
Many Angels have dreamed about slaying the Fallen Angel, for the reward was of extreme value, you would become an Elder – Creator of worlds and Universe but more importantly the Heavens itself...

(15. Feb 2004)
 Matthew Nash
Deiformity (Part 1) by Matthew Nash
This is the introduction to my completed novel. It is a scifi-fantasy crossover dealing with two different planets, one comic, one dark, which eventually meet up.

(19. Oct 2003)
 Joaquin Nepomuceno
In Numbly Firs by Joaquin Nepomuceno (2 ratings)
A love story involving two worlds, two people, and a war separating them.

(3. Dec 2001)
 David Newberry
Cause and Effect by David Newberry (3 ratings)
Does an effect always follow a cause? Maybe when it seems as though it doesn't, we just can't comprehend the cause.

(1. Nov 2002)
Ashes by David Newberry (2 ratings)
This story is based on an unorthodox interpretation of the Christian story of Satan's fall from grace. From a rather unusual perspective, as well.

(1. Aug 2003)
Sins by David Newberry
A boy who wants to be immortal, a girl that wants power, and a vampire who gets caught in the middle.

(1. Aug 2003)
Somewhere by David Newberry
This is a story about what might happen post-life. Whether it's romantic or creepy is left as an exercise for the reader.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Aaron Nowaczek
Friend by Aaron Nowaczek
This is a very short piece about a girl who tries to make friends, but they won't accept her because she's a dragon.

(18. May 2003)
 Jessie O'Conner
The Prophecy: Part 1 by Jessie O'Conner (13 ratings)
A tale of a young woman thrown through time in response to an ancient prophecy. Travel with her as she embarks on her journey.

(14. Dec 2001)
 August Oh
One New Thing by August Oh
Fairy Tale Exercise from Writing Thread

(12. Dec 2002)
Our Lady of Shadows by August Oh (1 rating)
The first story of Hell's Fountain - from the writing thread.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Jeff Olasz
The workings of a different mind by Jeff Olasz
The thought process of, and the way a evil dragon views his enemies

(11. Feb 2003)
 Anthony Olheiser
Krysel by Anthony Olheiser
Krysel, a female dragon, is rescued from death by two mysterious men who possess mystical powers. Together, the three attack the temple of an occult to free Krysel's father who is being held there by an evil Warlock.

(30. Nov 2003)
Krysel by Anthony Olheiser
A young dragon, with the help of two new friends who possess special powers,tries to rescue her father and rid thier world of an evil threat.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Nick Olson
Captured City #1 by Nick Olson
Bane "Quiet Step" Merldon's first night in secret combat with the evil necromancer Lord Draggelmon who has captured the cith of Haven.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Katie O'Reilly
The Seer by Katie O'Reilly (8 ratings)
A girl grows up... and someone is watching.

(16. Aug 2002)
 Simon Owens
Traitorous Kin by Simon Owens (8 ratings)
An orginal twist on sword and sorcery fiction. Basically it's about a prince's uncle who uses some kind of magic to transform into the prince's father with the intent of killing the king.

(15. May 2001)
Testament of a Starving Artist by Simon Owens (6 ratings)
An unsuccessful writer who writes his last will and testament to his brother, which explains the reincarnation of his wife and how she has taken his life from him.

(17. Dec 2001)
 Cassandra Page
Tishlyn - The shadow war book one (chap 1 & 2) by Cassandra Page (4 ratings)
Tishlyn must overcome the rules that her harsh world has burdened apon her. She must fight the brutal laws of surcumstance and rise above her enemies to claim that which is hers.

(17. Dec 2001)
 John Page
Hunting Renegades (Part I) by John Page (2 ratings)
Loc is the High Council's assassin. He has done numerous jobs for them that all have been resolved quickly. But his next mission will launch him into an epic battle for the future of mankind...

(16. Sep 2002)
 Joesph Page
Convincing Kal by Joesph Page
This is just a little tidbit I wrote (I have a basic plot worked out for a large work, but I have acutually written very little). Loc is trying to persuade the legendary mage Kal to return to society with him to fight the reborn Daoc (that's a long story short). I just want to know how the dialogue is.

(30. Aug 2002)
 Jason Palumbo
Blind Man's Shadow by Jason Palumbo (3 ratings)
Plague has taken the old Count's title, his wife, and his sight. As he wanders through his lonely days he finds that he is not so alone, nor so blind as he believed. Now blind and unprotected, he must discover who is watching him and why.

(19. Jan 2003)
 Josh Pereira
The Black Fountain by Josh Pereira (1 rating)
A small group of men travel across vast lands to stop an evil warlord from conquering all in the world. Join a great cast of warriors as they travel across the magical land of Deckbin. Mystical monsters battle in a huge world.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Michele-lee Phelan
Awakening by Michele-lee Phelan (2 ratings)
Dorcha is taken to a realm unknown. Could she pass the test? Would she be one who could help reunite human and Sidhe?

(17. Feb 2002)
Dear One by Michele-lee Phelan (1 rating)
Dear One did not smell right and Shari did not understand why.

(12. Dec 2002)
The Tale of Venator by Pollux
Venator, a young boy living in the paradise of Ivlüv, sets out on a quest to avenge his father's death, travelling to the Baradan desert, where a familiar foe awaits him.

(30. Nov 2003)
 John Post
The Lone Warrior: Part 1 by John Post
When Jheed lets the demon lord Elad escape his grasp, he finds out that he is meeting up with another evil stronghold and will invade his town. This story tells about the group of 4 brave men going to the town of Silverlore to get help before the demons attack.

(12. Dec 2002)
Count The Days: Intro by John Post
When Jheed Rabaria becomes imprisoned in Tedah, the most lethal prison in the world of Norik, he must find a way to break out, and avenge his past. Meanwhile, the Thurkun High Monarchy (The Mages) king has turned corrupt, and now it must prove to be a internal struggle between five mere apprentice mages against the top sorcerer in the world of Norik.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Holly Raiphenel
Nogitsune by Holly Raiphenel (4 ratings)
Mayoke, a shinto miko in training, has been left alone for the weekend at the family shrine. What she doesn't know, is that she's going to have a few visitors: an angry kitsune, an angier kitsune, and a whole, whole lot of rain.

(4. Jun 2002)
A Twist of Fate by Ravenspirit (6 ratings)
From within the slums of a city came an assassin. Who knew he'd become one of the best killers at such a young age? Who knew that he'd have to save the infant prince of the nation who hated him so much?

(10. Jun 2002)
 Joanne Rawson
Silent Tears by Joanne Rawson (1 rating)
A quiet young man is huanted by what could have been, and grief leads to tragedy.

(11. Jul 2001)
 Lisa Redders
The Attack of the Light Monsters by Lisa Redders (3 ratings)
Light Monsters provide light for humans, humans abuse it, send letter down, attack all humans, leave two on earth to start again after they have been brain washed.

(26. Feb 2002)
 Kenneth Reed
From Out Of Nowhere, Chapter 1: A Dying Ember, A Raging Fire by Kenneth Reed
This first installment of the story depicts the origin of the saga's main villain - an intelligent and innocent boy who is overcome by hatred when his mother is burned at the stake for using magic to bring him back to life.

(20. Jan 2004)
 Hannah Riley
Sold Out by Hannah Riley (4 ratings)
Amelia has just found out the truth of her background and has a wonderful new life. But in a quest to find her mother, she finds that her mother has agreed to give her up in return for freedom.

(9. Mar 2001)
 Jon I. Ringstad
Emancipation by Jon I. Ringstad (1 rating)
A story depicting an unuasual father/son relationship. They are about to have their worst fight yet.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Matt Rixman
Mistforms by Matt Rixman
Fog can play tricks on you, the again, so can creatures. A story of a "gifted" boy on watch for his party.

(11. Feb 2003)
 J.B. Roberts
Legends of the Dark;Scion of Darkness;Prologue by J.B. Roberts
The travels of the planes walker-orc, Ishaak Hlobarron, have led him to a land of great striffe. He takes it as his personal mission to correct this.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Graham Robinson
Billy Bo Bob and his Redneck Adventure by Graham Robinson (11 ratings)
Billy Bo Bob and his eclectic family clan attempt to seek revenge on the world for years of abuse and Redneck jokes.

(19. Jul 2002)
 J.L. Rogers
Cracks by J.L. Rogers (1 rating)
Story about a man named Mark. He is finishing his latest novel in his winter cabin. He is also dealing with a personal loss, and discovers life is not always what it seems.

(11. Feb 2003)
 William St. Romain
A Dreaming Journey by William St. Romain (9 ratings)
When Andrea sleeps she is a different person. Every time she dreams she becomes a different person, living a life upon a different world.

(28. Dec 2000)
 Daniel Victor Rotin
Disconsolate Hearts by Daniel Victor Rotin (1 rating)
A Timeless tale of the struggle against the ominous prospect of a eternity living under the tyranny of an ancient emperor.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Nathan Rowe
The Tyzee by Nathan Rowe (1 rating)
Sharisa, a young girl learning magic under the Master, is attacked by the Shadows, a group of evil spirits. Taking on responsibility beyond what she should, Sharisa tries to destroy the enemy and save her family.

(17. Feb 2002)
 Dawn Rusho
Travels; A Cockroach's Story by Dawn Rusho
Dico is a cockroach which hails from Puerto Rico. A twist of fate, and he finds himself in New York. The biggest cockroach of the bunch.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Amanda Ryan
Out to Sea by Amanda Ryan (10 ratings)
This story is about a man who works for a shipping company in Rhose Island. His boat capsizes, and he encounters many "Strange" things

(17. Jul 2001)
The Magic Of Elan by Amanda Ryan (2 ratings)
This is the first chapter of "The Magic Of Elan" The story is about a 17 year old girl (Kristie Williams)who finds something life changing in her dead brother's sock drawer, and is transported to a land of wonder

(8. Jul 2002)
 Shannon Ryan
Snooks and Snarks by Shannon Ryan (4 ratings)
Snooks and Snarks plays on the differences between races and the role of religions in causing conflict.

(4. Jun 2002)
The Creation Archives by Shannon Ryan
I received this story through a psychic link that I experienced with Lord of All Toasters who lives in a black hole in a distant galaxy (very close to the giant fruit salad).

(30. Nov 2003)
The Dark Tide (part 1) by Sam
This is the first part of a story set on our world after a disastarous attack on our modern world by dark creatures. Where the fight back by humanity begins with one young man.

(22. Mar 2002)
 A. Samartallis
Irreplaceable by A. Samartallis
With just a hint of magic, "Irreplaceable" centers around Reah Cattaraugus and her metaphorical representation of her mother's actions.

(20. Jan 2004)
The Druid's Muse (prologue) by same (2 ratings)
Fantasy prologue set in elven city that is being poisoned from unkown enemy. Meet 1st character(king Sylvestri) and live a horrific event through his eyes.

(14. Jun 2002)
Ties and Bonds chapter 1 (power) by Saria
Queeble's nightmares still haunt him! He could have saved had he only used his power... but that would have cost him his life... Now when a loved one asks you to use it in a world where magic isn't allowed...

(12. Dec 2002)
 V.L. Scarsella
Dead-Line by V.L. Scarsella
The editor of a cheap tabloid sent him to interview an idiot savant whose special talent was to tell you the exact date and time of your death...that was thirty-six years ago, and the time has come...

(1. Aug 2003)
 Zack Schortmann
The Board Game by Zack Schortmann
A world like no other. Cannot be explained, but only lived. There are three characters in my fact it is a book, but I will only relay a few chapters. (The constant change in characters may become confusing, so if it becomes an issue then I will post what character belongs to what chapter. Keep in mind this is uncorrected)

(30. Nov 2003)
 T. Scuffi
Intro (Part 1) by T. Scuffi (5 ratings)
This piece is just an Intro to my book, the story is not based on them, but it will play a part. Poor boy loves soldiers, faith broken by finally meeting one.

(24. Mar 2002)
 Matthew R. Searcy
The Contest by Matthew R. Searcy
When two rival martial arts schools get together for their final test, something goes mysteriously wrong. Suddenly Talanon finds himself trapped within a web of murder and intrigue... and a past he thought long dismissed.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Louis Serikov
Tainted Meat by Louis Serikov
Little bit of Comedy with a little bit of gore.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Alairic Seruthsson
Columbus Who? by Alairic Seruthsson (4 ratings)
This story continues the adventures of the famous warrior Sigurd- the man behind the myth.  It also brings to light several misconceptions about a certain plagiarizing Italian and a Viking explorer with a terrible sense of direction.

(12. Aug 2000)
 Maia Sicard
Arleana's bow (Part 1) by Maia Sicard (2 ratings)
Arleana's sister was kidnapped and she is on a quest to save her and bring justice to her kidnappers. She meets friends along the way who volunteer to help her.

(26. Jun 2002)
Chapter two of Radella: The ogres come for Ella by Maia Sicard

(3. Aug 2002)
Chapter one of Radella by Maia Sicard (1 rating)
Radella finds herself in Crewar, a world were magic still exists.

(3. Aug 2002)
Arleana's bow (Part 2) by Maia Sicard

(16. Aug 2002)
Chapter four of Radella by Maia Sicard

(16. Aug 2002)
Chapter three of Radella: ...And they became friends by Maia Sicard

(16. Aug 2002)
Arleana's bow (Part 3) by Maia Sicard (2 ratings)

(22. Aug 2002)
Mystra by Maia Sicard (4 ratings)
Sodie is caught in a storm after school. she takes cover in the mews, but what she finds she had never expected.

(22. Aug 2002)
Arleana's Bow (Part 4) by Maia Sicard (1 rating)
A group of companions discover, new friends, adventure and danger.

(11. Oct 2002)
 M. E. Silver
Death at the Sun Dunes by M. E. Silver (2 ratings)
From behind one of the burning sun dunes, a very tall silver-masked rider galloped towards where I stood, feet-planted, with my blade, Duskwilde, drawn. I had only heard stories of this strange world from my father, who had long since disappeared. But I knew deep down that this Blood Horse and the man on its back carried my end of the line, my demise-- my first death.

(19. Jul 2002)
 Robert Simms
Ten Thousand Year War by Robert Simms (1 rating)
This is merely the beginning of my story. Father and his sons must soon visit Chancellor, Magician Leader, for unknown reasons.

(12. Dec 2002)
Ten Thousand Year War - Chap 1 by Rob Simms
Michael finds out his best friend has been killed, and the family has to go to Akaari.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Judy Simpson
Deja Vu by Judy Simpson (6 ratings)
A woman walks through her new house and has the illusion of having lived there in another lifetime.

(22. Mar 2002)
Victims by Judy Simpson (5 ratings)
Who are the real victims today and why?

(30. Apr 2002)
Treasures and Pleasures by Judy Simpson
Describes beauty of nature and the feelings they can evoke.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Cameron Singleton
The Life of the Forest by Cameron Singleton (1 rating)
A boy is born without parents, and has a strong connection to the forest through his whole life. As he grows, he uncovers his past and the reason for his attachment.

(4. Apr 2003)
 El Sinistro
What lies beyond the clouds? by El Sinistro (3 ratings)
When a young man aspires to traipse beyond the clouds he get into conflict with established church doctrine.

(17. Jul 2001)
 Cy-Cy Smith
The Yellow Flower by Cy-Cy Smith
A young man walking home after an abscence of three years finds that his village has been struck by tragedy.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Siane Snedden
Twin Scars by Siane Snedden (16 ratings)
By dramatic circumstances, a girl has been put behind bars for most of her life, with a scar and memories that plague her. But when a man comes to buy her, rediscovery is almost certain. In Three POVs.

(25. Jul 2001)
Baiting the Innocent by Siane Snedden (7 ratings)
A Witch hunt is taking place in Liselles' remote village. With the telltale sign of her birthmark considered a mark of the devil, The superstitous villagers put her to the Test.

(25. Sep 2001)
 Elijah Snow
Bringing of Terror by Elijah Snow
Very short story of a duel. My first story written nearly a year ago. Rather cliched but I believe to be a decent read.

(27. Jan 2002)
 A. F. Spackman
The Gods of Doomed Atlantis by A. F. Spackman (22 ratings)
When the island of Atlantis is destroyed by a volcano, one of the mysterious high priests known to the Atlanteans only as "the Others" miraculously rescues a group of survivors and is stranded among them.  But will he go willingly when the Others, his alien comrades, come for him, or will he fight them with his telekinetic powers?

(30. Oct 2000)
Back Across the Rubicon: Eight From the Land of No Return by A. F. Spackman (28 ratings)
What if one day, you discovered you had lived a past life as a witch or sorcerer? or even as Merlin! and that you *still had* all of your powers? And what if you then remembered just a little more than you bargained for?

(9. Mar 2001)
The Time-Space Door, Part One: Birthday Surprise by A. F. Spackman (8 ratings)
What happens when an orphan receives a magic birthday box that leads to another world?

(13. Mar 2001)
Back Across the Rubicon: Eight From the Land of No Return II by A. F. Spackman (39 ratings)
What if one day, you discovered you had lived a past life as a shapeshifter or magician--or even Merlin! and that you still *had* all of your powers?  And what if you then remembered just a little more than you bargained for?  In Part One, the first five of the eight appeared: Adam, the Fate-Weaver, Una, the Spirit of Elements, Gwion, the Shapeshifter, Svetlana, the Chaos Warrior, and Aidin, the Levitator.  And now the tale of Karl, the Mind-Chameleon and Ken, the Shadow...

(7. Jun 2001)
The High King's Return: a Modern Tale of King Arthur by A. F. Spackman (23 ratings)
What if King Arthur came back to life for a day, today?

(7. Jun 2001)
The Potion of Love, Desire, and Deception and the Evil Fairy of Astor Place by A. F. Spackman (21 ratings)
What happens when a beefcake fairy offers Grace a magical love potion?

(25. Jul 2001)
 Martin E. Stephenson
Temple of the Mandricanth by Martin E. Stephenson (10 ratings)
It's an heroic adventure story in which two "unemployed" rogues are hired (by unusual means) to rescue their employers twin sister from the grip of a sinister "pleasure" cult that worships a living "god", the title's Mandricanth. Intrigue, magic and action all in a tight little story.

(4. Jan 2002)
The Storm in the Jewel by Martin E. Stephenson (10 ratings)
It's an heroic adventure in which an unlikely duo go in search of a sorcerer who's captured their land's northern storms, causing years of drought and famine in the south. Full of twists, turns, magic and action.

(4. Jan 2002)
 Franko Stephens
It Just Happens by Franko Stephens (4 ratings)
What if you were a swashbuckler who lost everything- your ability to fight, your lover, your friend? Would you go on, or give up the ghost in self pity?

(4. Apr 2003)
 Rufus Zacharius Stevenson
God and the coffee mug by Rufus Zacharius Stevenson
Tells of the experience of a middle class suburban man who finds a minature version of God in his cofee mug.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Shaun Stevenson
Mr by Shaun Stevenson
A traveller wanders through a forest on a pilgrimage to his past. But the pilgrim's past is largely responsible for the curse that lies on the forest now, a curse that has buried the once beautiful woodlands of Caraniar beneath the weight of a hundred years of perpetual winter. The pilgrim is not alone however as the one creature that survived the curse is dogging his steps seeking his revenge.

(18. May 2003)
 Adam J Stinnett
Viden Of The Wood by Adam J Stinnett
Viden, a demon is searching for his lost sword and he is mad

(30. Nov 2003)
 Ricky Storyman
Universal Race by Ricky Storyman
Jessica was a young teenager who just turned sixteen. She challenged her boyfriend to a race at an arcade. While playing with the racing game console, she was suddenly transported to the planet in the game where she had to compete against real aliens and help fight against conspirators.

(19. Oct 2003)
The Diamond of Intanland by Ricky Storyman
A baker and his wife were ordered by a supernatural being to get a diamond for him from Intanland. They were assisted by the supernatural being's assistants. On their way to the location of the diamond, they met with various obstacles like monsters, and even the calvary! An unusual flying machine was also utilized in their quest for the jewel.

(19. Oct 2003)
 Marc Stott
The Path by Marc Stott
I guess this is sort of Fantasy, sort of not, it's up for you to see I guess. I wrote this(in progress)story a LONG time ago, and am still working on it.

(16. Aug 2002)
 Mike Strang
The Adventures of T-Bird: The Plight of a Second Rate Superhero by Mike Strang (5 ratings)
The recollections of T-Bird, and the ups and downs of being superhuman.

(20. Dec 2001)
 W. A. Straub, Jr.
Grey Morning by W. A. Straub, Jr. (23 ratings)
Morning Dawns. Daniel rises to meet his enemy and his fate.

(14. Dec 2000)
Siege by W.A. Straub, Jr. (11 ratings)
The city of Toure has withstood the siege of a powerful army for half a year, but the dawning of a new day brings new challenges to a small group of the city's defenders.

(15. May 2002)
Dawn of Winter (Chapter 1) by W.A. Straub, Jr. (4 ratings)
As fall draws to a close, and the harsh winter weather approaches from over the Northern Sea, the Duchy of Horwald sits on the edge of war, and the Son of the Gendry Duke must decide to join the nobles of the south, or his own people of the north in the upcoming struggle. The mighty Churches of the land vie for spiritual and political supremacy while the nobles of Iradar plot and scheme for their own ends.

(15. May 2002)
Siege of Toure by W.A. Straub, Jr. (3 ratings)
Please read my other shot story: "siege" before reading this piece. This story details the siege of toure from the duke's perspective. Duke reginald fortrerre leads his city, toure, in a brave defense against the overwhelming royal army that besieges it.

(26. Jun 2002)
 Bjørn-Ivar Strøm
The Underworld (Part 1) by Bjørn-Ivar Strøm
The forces of hell are growing and the good earth is threatend. This story has been written by two fifteen year old boys. Would like constructive criticism.

(18. Apr 2004)
William and the bear by B.I Strøm
When the evil bear Hazel kills William's brother. William goes out into the wild seeking his vengance.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Richard J. Sullivan
Lost Graves by Richard J. Sullivan (1 rating)
A young knight enters a lost, forgotten graveyard and becomes involved with the politics and curse of its undead inhabitants. At first he is saddened by the condition of the graveyard, but is quickly drawn in by the ghosts prejudiced nature against each other, which is fanned by a demon that had caused the death of their entire community. In the end, he must face off with this demon to free all of their souls from his corrupting influence.

(11. Oct 2002)
 Matthew S.
Raif - Rites of Passage by Matthew S.
This is a scene, kind of a short story, from a novel idea that I have been tossing around. The scene is of Raif's (the main character) trials to awaken the blood of the gods within him. This is just one of the first trials. I am going to be adding to this soon.

(16. Aug 2002)
 W S
The Host by W S (3 ratings)
This story goes beyond imagination, to explore the unknown.

(10. Jun 2002)
 Eric Tarver
The Corpulant Wizard: Battle in the Pines by Eric Tarver
All Zander wanted to do is pick up the gift for his bride, but the journey from Teknara to Nock's bough is interrupted by the Daygull's screams. Zander must simply live this day in order to love another.

(18. Apr 2004)
 C.S. Taylor
With Reynardo In Exilio by C.S. Taylor
The beginning of an adventure across the Sea of Shadows.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Dan Taylor
Nothing Fits, Anyway... by Dan Taylor (1 rating)
A sureal take on the life of a lonely abstract take on Ronald Dahl/Harlan Ellion/Woody Allen type fare. Not a rip-off, but I'm honest about my influences...

(4. Apr 2003)
 A. S. Teller
Forged of Flesh by A. S. Teller (4 ratings)
Tells the sad tale of Kyra, a woman who has lost all she loves.

(26. Jun 2002)
A Time for Mourning by Templar (1 rating)
A cool bitter breeze hung over the air like a vulture, just waiting for that right moment to strike. It was end of fall, and the trees were slowly falling into their winter slumber, while the animals were preparing for a long winters sleep. Down in the town of Silvanesti preparations were being made for the annual "end of fall" festivities where the townsfolk celebrate another season gone by, and pay respect to the god of winter Kalhari.

(9. Feb 2002)
 Benjamin Tepolt
What Is A Hero? by Benjamin Tepolt
A god speaks with a king, and after misinterpreting the god's wishes, the king goes on to destroy and dessimate the world around him. Pleased with himself, he returns to the god, only to find that he had failed her and her wishes. What unravels is the change of a character and his coming to realization with what being a hero really means.

(3. Aug 2002)
 Justin Terry
A Flar's Revenge by Justin Terry (3 ratings)
Starts out with descpription of the world my story takes place, my main characters, and where it the adventure begins. My hero gets sent on a quest to find the lord of the assassin who tried to kill the heroes leader. He has some side adventures on the way and picks up some companions. Kills the mercenary lord and returns home.

(19. Jan 2003)
The Harder They Fall by TheWombat (1 rating)
Even a dragon cannot defeat time.

(9. Feb 2002)
 Donnamarie Thiel-Kline
The Forest Path by Donnamarie Thiel-Kline (22 ratings)
A retelling of the classic fairy tale Little red Riding Hood - sort of.

(13. Nov 2000)
 C.E. Thompson
Elements by C.E. Thompson (8 ratings)
Four children's lives are turned upside down when they receive chains which transport them into a world of magic and war. Things go terribly wrong when they start to overpower the elements...

(27. Jan 2002)
 Kyle Till
Mutation by Kyle Till (1 rating)
One person gets changed for life.

(11. Feb 2003)
Beacon of Light by Traveler (3 ratings)
A fantasy adventure story that includes all genres.

(30. Sep 2002)
 Peter Trueman
The Demon Hunter by Peter Trueman (49 ratings)
A series of grisly murders in a small French town prompts the local priest to send for a Demon Hunter. But what kind of man hunts demons for a living? The answer is certainly nothing the priest expected.

(11. Jul 2001)
 Jon Ulf
Arrow of the Mind by Jon Ulf (5 ratings)

(4. Mar 2000)
 Håkon Ulvestad
Promise of Lions by Håkon Ulvestad (3 ratings)
A story of love and betrayal as well as loyalty. Hope you like it. Want lots of feedback.

(11. Feb 2003)
Freedom by Håkon Ulvestad
A man, knowing his path, his future. Freedom of mind and soul.

(4. Apr 2003)
Loyalty by Håkon Ulvestad
A man torn between the loyalty of his king and his family. An easy choice, yet the hardest ever.

(4. Apr 2003)
 J. Urbano
Count Dorgula by J. Urbano (1 rating)
3rd story from the mini series, "The Sharhan Collection" which is based on J. Urbano's novel Guardian Spirit: SHARHAN

(9. Mar 2001)
A Haunting by J. Urbano (2 ratings)
2nd story in the mini series called "The Sharhan Collection",which is based on my novel Guardian Spirit:SHARHAN

(9. Mar 2001)
 Joe Vadalma
The Cursed Twins by Joe Vadalma (4 ratings)
This a humorous fantasy story about a sorcerer who makes a lot of trouble for himself by doing his evil sister a favor.

(19. Jan 2003)
The Crime Boss and the Illusionist by Joe Vadalma (1 rating)
A jailed criminal sees a magician's act on TV and sends his henchmen to learn the secret of his escapes.

(4. Apr 2003)
The Adventures of Mephistophiles by Joe Vadalma
This is the entire true history of Mephistophiles, the most famous of all demons. It tells how he invented magic and science and caused so much trouble in the world with his inventions.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Various Authors
The Melancholy Imp by Various Authors (5 ratings)
A collaborative story by members of the Writers' Forum. Edited by Neil C. Cladingboel

(14. Dec 2001)
 Marlon Vasquez
The Far-sighted Story by Marlon Vasquez
The story is about the disasters that would come in the future that was revealed to a certain Hollywood actress long ago.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Michael R. Vickery
Moonlighting by Michael R. Vickery (6 ratings)
Consequences of listening to Joan Osbourne. Quick premise: God walks into an unemployment office. A humour piece not for the religiously sensitive.

(8. Jul 2002)
 Dalia Vidor
The Dragon and His Dinner:A Classic-ish Fairytale by Dalia Vidor (31 ratings)
A Classic-ish Fairytale about a man eating Dragon and his sudden problem locating his food supplies.

(15. May 2000)
The System Hangs by Vijayendra (3 ratings)
A wacky look at god's silly game. Inspired by 'Age of Empires' and Kaput computers.

(30. Aug 2002)
 Daggoth Visovir
The Wynds Saga by Daggoth Visovir (1 rating)
A deadly assassin on a mission to kill. A young prophet child on a quest for freedom. The setting for a prophecy paved with blood. Who will die first?

(8. Jul 2002)
The Ghost Of West Chamberline Road by Vivek
This is a delightful litte riddle which you will understand if you think about it after reading.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Daniel Wades
Desterios the Barbarian by Daniel Wades
His face twisted with determination, his eyes blood cold, faceted upon the walls of Hanar, city of ancient kings and the prize of metal. Desterios in his furious fight could see the archers drawing back upon the great walled city.

(11. Feb 2003)
Chronicles of Angels by Waffles (2 ratings)
A group of young students begin on a journey to find the truth about the destruction of the dimensions... what will become of this journey will affect the rest of their lives.

(4. May 2001)
 Ruth Walker
Angel by Ruth Walker (2 ratings)
This story is about a loop in time. A girl is trapped into her own fate when she sees an angel dying, and is chosen by that angel to succeed it. She wakes from what she believes is a dream, and by going through a mirror she enters the world of that angel. In doing so, she becomes the angel she dreamed of, falling from the heavens because she sought out her god. When she chooses another girl to succeed her, the new angel brings down the god. She tries to break the mirror portal, but in doing so realizes that her successor was herself, and realizes her own deeds.

(12. Dec 2002)
Angel by Ruth Walker (2 ratings)
This is a loop in time where a girl realizes her dream of becoming an angel.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Natalie Warner
Mariens (Part 1) by Natalie Warner
An archaeologist finds the mythical labyrinth of Crete, but instead of finding a Minotaur in the center, she finds a portal that takes her to another realm.

(18. Apr 2004)
Mariens (Part 2) by Natalie Warner
An archaeologist finds the mythical labyrinth of Crete, but instead of finding a Minotaur in the center, she finds a portal that takes her to another realm.

(18. Apr 2004)
 Young Warrior
Secret Wars by Young Warrior (4 ratings)
What would you do it your whole family betrayed you and you were forced to become an elite fighter with superhuman strength you always had but didn't know how to use it?

(4. Jun 2002)
 Ashgan the Weary
A Grim Event by Ashgan the Weary (5 ratings)
This is a classical fantasy thing involving magic, orcs and heroes. I think of it as a potential beginning of a bigger piece which I might actually write some day.

(4. Jun 2002)
A Dwarven Legend by Ashgan, the Weary (3 ratings)
The legend of a dwarven lord being imprisoned by demons of the underground. He is forced to take extreme measures in order to preserve his dwarven pride and honour...

(30. Jun 2002)
Power To The Horde by Ashgan the Weary (2 ratings)
The continuation of my first story, A Grim Event. I suggest to everyone to first read that one and then this one for full comprehension. This one gets the action rolling.

(8. Jul 2002)
 Stephanie Weeks
Crossing Lines: The Traffic Jam and a Visit from Lindelion by Stephanie Weeks
First part in a new character series. "In The Traffic Jam and a Visit from Lindelion," Bridget (our anti-hero) wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting horde of modern commuters to prove a point.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Tom West
Henry Charade's Great Crusade by Tom West
Every time this very disagreeable task confronts Henry, he feels an increasing revulsion. The anxiety and stress builds to an overwhelming climax in his life.

(16. Aug 2002)
 Delo White
The Boy Inside the House by Delo White (5 ratings)
Twelve-year-old Adam Welsh has never grown up. Thirty years pass before another twelve-year-old boy decides to find out the truth. What is it about the house on Sycamore Lane?

(16. Sep 2002)
 R.F. Williams
Stirrings by R.F. Williams
Prologue for a novel. Little girl has spirit broken and is twisted. Patrol is hunting horse thief and is annhilated by unknown assailant.

(12. Dec 2002)
 Aaron Wolfe
The Last Mage by Aaron Wolfe (18 ratings)
A mage, the last ever to know magic, decides that people have become too dependant on his power. He decides to destroy it, and succeeds.

(28. Dec 2000)
 Rick Wolfe
The Hand of War by Rick Wolfe (14 ratings)
Sometimes, being the best there is isn't good enough. As one soldier quickly finds out.

(17. Dec 2001)
 Philip B. Young
The Continuing Adventures of Farfinkle and Friends by Philip B. Young (3 ratings)
A senile wizard, a one-eyed pachyderm, the mouse mafia and a new world for the child of any age to fall in love with! Meet some of those who inhabit Farfinkle's world as we begin his story together and see where it will take us!

(17. Aug 2001)
 Lee Zelhart
The Butterfly and the Grasshopper by Lee Zelhart
A whimsical fable without a moral. A storie somewhat those found in O'Henry, or the Twilight Zone. A tale of doomed love between insects.

(18. Apr 2004)

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