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  Alternative History Short Stories
 Philip Abbondanza
First Hand Observers by Philip Abbondanza
Several Classical Arts college professors travel back in time to inhabit the bodies of people living during the Trojan War. All goes well until one them takes over the body of his host, the hero Hector.

(18. Apr 2004)
Touched by Something by Andra (3 ratings)
The story I am going to share with you is something that was told to me by my mother as being something that really happened to her as a child. Something that to this day remains to be explained.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Cornelius Batiatus
The old man hobbled down the road... by Cornelius Batiatus (5 ratings)

(18. May 2003)
 Spell Binder
BILLY STEELE: KID RANGER by Spell Binder (2 ratings)
An epic, superhero Western in which a 12 year old white boy becomes a Native American super god to save the Wild West. Think Harry Potter on horseback/Lord Of The Rings on the American frontier.

(19. Jan 2003)
Billy's long lost older brother returns as a hideous, revenge hungry monster. But an even more powerfully evil force vows to stop Billy, his Lightning Warrior alter ego and conquer the American frontier.

(4. Apr 2003)
The 12 year old Billy Steele saves his frontier home and family of wild west legends from a demonic gang of outlaws and brings his parents' killers to justice in this epic, superhero Western.

(4. Apr 2003)
The kid ranger discovers the ultimate power of his quest has spawned a race of underground mutants who vow to purify the wild West in the name of God. And Billy is also forced to betray his uniform and family to save the life of his Native American magical mentor.

(4. Apr 2003)
Billy, and his Native American super god alter ego, must use their magic to protect the newly built railroad and the west from seven killer robots. But the power of a mad industrial scientist overpowers the kid ranger's magic and he must survive an Indian exorcism to return from the dead. Meanwhile, the fantastic power locked in Billy's lost mine changes the destiny of Billy, his family, the frontier and one of the killer robots.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Michael Bishop
Barbarossa by Michael Bishop (28 ratings)
If Germany had won the First World War, what would the world look like today? Or more importantly, how could Germany have won the First World War?

(4. Jun 2002)
 Todd Bowes
Down Time by Todd Bowes (10 ratings)
It's a surreal story about the effects of single acts of violence and the causes of them, how one person cannot save the world, but one can change it, and perhaps just how meaningless that may be.

(9. Jan 2002)
 Moe Dickson
Tidal Locking by Moe Dickson
A speculative glimpse at the Apollo project which ties into the novel 'Atlantis Continued'to be published in 2004 by Publish America.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Anthony Fedanzo
Glacial Gophers Comeback by Anthony Fedanzo (3 ratings)
This is a fake science news story about an encounter with a non-existent rodent.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Christian Fletcher
Wipers by Christian Fletcher
A sad tale of desparation and hope from the front line in World War 1. Three men live in the belief of the supenatural before the battle of Ypres.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Jeremy Friedman
Part I of Another Alaska by Jeremy Friedman
The first of a planned 3-part alternate history of an Alaska never sold to the US by the Russian Empire. This part takes place in 1861.

(30. Nov 2003)
 Mike Haran
Jimmy by Mike Haran (4 ratings)
A mans spirit through the medium re-incarnation, travels to present day Israel.A naval officer, shot for treason during WWI, reappears in the Pacific during WWII as the jinx of a fighter squadron.The story concludes in present day Israel where he again makes his presence felt.

(4. Jun 2002)
Caldwell Carrion by Mike Haran (2 ratings)
A future where cloning is the norm.One who speaks out or advocates non cloned reproduction can be in trouble.

(18. May 2003)
The death of an emporer by Mike Haran
The conflicts of the middle east merge .A Byzantine emporer views the results of his actions, as he languishes in a dungeon, through the eyes of an airman stationed in the middle east during the latter part of the last century

(18. May 2003)
 Kevin Howells
Prairie Dreams by Kevin Howells
A young girl of Ukrainian descent growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada, is magically transported back in time to the 1930s where she is forced to spend a day and a night in the life of her Great Grandmother. By experiencing first hand the hardships and struggles that women of the last century had to endure, Anne develops a strong passion to prove that she can reach any goal she sets her mind to.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Ken Korczak
The Chosen Ones by Ken Korczak (10 ratings)
A mosquito bites Jesus and sucks some of his sacred blood.

(16. Aug 2002)
 Seth Martin
Epiphany by Seth Martin (3 ratings)
An embelishment of my own early life. Touching of an Iron being the main theme. Family values as the underlying theme.

(1. Nov 2002)
 Yeoryios Alexandros Pantazis
The Boaster Becomes The Fallen by Yeoryios Alexandros Pantazis (9 ratings)
A story of the angelic order on the planet Rahab where Lucifer became the fallen angel... Satan.

(22. Mar 2002)
 Ashley Parker
The Far Rowers by Ashley Parker (14 ratings)
Where did the first Egyptians come from? How did they come to arrive and settle along the Nile and what of the stories of men who sailed across the world seven thousand Years ago. This is one possible story as to how they arrived there... 

(27. Aug 2000)
 Zachary Reese
Force Majeure: Part 2 - Grave Digger by Zachary Reese
In this chapter, Kitsune finds a town that was massacred before he even arrived. After burying the bodies, he is approached by four men who was there when his town was destroyed. How will he get out of this mess?

(15. Feb 2004)
Force Majeure: Chapter 1 - Bereavement by Zachary Reese
Tells the story of a young man who loses his parents after a gang of criminals destroyed the entire town he lives in. Now he must go to the city that is home to these individuals and get his revenge.

(15. Feb 2004)
 Robert Simms
Peace, At Last by Robert Simms (10 ratings)
A Lifelong Gladitorial slave finds the peace he has been longing for all his life, at the end of a sword.

(10. May 2002)
Peace, At Last by Robert Simms (10 ratings)
Maximum is a lifelong Gladiator who is offered freedom for training the Ceasar's son in hand-to-hand combat, but is betrayed in the end.

(30. Jun 2002)
 A. F. Spackman
The Rise of the Reman Empire... *and* the Industrial Revolution under Emperor Nero by A. F. Spackman (42 ratings)
What if Remus had founded Reme instead of Romulus founding Rome, and what if the Industrial Revolution had started there?  (There would have been no America, for one thing.)  This is the story of the engineer Heron, inventor of the steam engine in the reign of Nero.

(30. Oct 2000)
The Last Days of Atlantis, Island Outpost of the Empire of the Gods by A. F. Spackman (34 ratings)
Omnipotent, immortal alien explorers found the lost civilization of Atlantis? Now you've heard everything, but you may end up believing this "Chariot of the Gods" compliant story?

(21. May 2001)
 Ciuva S.
Enemies in the night by Ciuva S. (1 rating)
A young boy are told (and after a long discussion convinced) that someone is after him, because of some old, unchangeable custom. He has to run away in the night. His enemies are powerful and have the abilities of using magic, which he hasn't. The long run is in fact hopeless, but to be captured will cost him far more than his life.

(1. Nov 2002)
 C. David Thomas
Flight of the Maiden by C. David Thomas
Davion wanted to save the chieftain's life, but he must battle more than deadly wounds to do so.

(18. May 2003)
 Jonathan Thomson
Temporality by Jonathan Thomson
The story takes a look at the Knights Templars. It adopts the persona of an agent who is tasked with ending the Monastic Order.

(4. Apr 2003)
 Bone Tyler
The mist by Bone Tyler (1 rating)
It is about the mystical creatures inhabiting the mountains near a small village. The Village decide once and for all to send a small band of men to discover whether or not the creatures exist.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Scott Winters
Blues on the Gray Line by Scott Winters (13 ratings)
It seemed to Cletus that his turn would never come. It was very crowded here, he knew, but it had been hours now. Three, four, five, he wasn't sure.

(11. Feb 2003)
 Rick Wolfe
Letters from the Front by Rick Wolfe (1 rating)
This is an unfinished storyline. So bear with me.

(13. Jul 2002)

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