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William Alan Rieser

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Short Stories
- Token of Esteem
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Book Excerpts
- The Kaska Trilogy - Gam
- The Kaska Trilogy - Pmat
- The Kaska Trilogy - Kesht
- The Chronicles of Zusalem - Pathandu
- The Chronicles of Zusalem - The Find
- Luna Parabella
- Furnace

The Kaska Trilogy - Kesht (Book Excerpt)
         by William Alan Rieser
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"One down, two to go," thought Paravol. This time she added more fins to increase her speed and decided to make her approach invisibly. Too many had wriggled away from her in the last encounter and it took days to find and kill them all. She wanted to destroy them as a collection, the way they were born. Of course, each chuva contained an immature antioch semi-Chancellor.

These she had to fight one-on-one. They had no chance against her, even as weak as her ochimel was at this time. Once the sea was free of klyf, she would go to the moon's crater where Chakepyx had deposited legions of klyf in reserve. After that, there was the opposite continent. Her work was cut out for her and she must get the sequence and timing right, in the reverse order in which they were planted. Only then would she be powerful enough to have a chance against the northern army.

The latest chuva was unaware of her approach. They were drilling in ranks on the seabed, practicing stabbing at each other with sharp weapons, making mock captures with nets and voicing submarine threats. She saw them waylay and kill a passing moonfish, a harmless vegetarian that sought only to avoid conflict. That angered her as she hovered over the total colony. Slowly she descended until even they finally realized that something was covering them in their entirety. They were smothered quickly and her incisors made quick work of the parts distribution.

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