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Doug Yurchey

Short Stories
- Talking to a Sea-Monkey
- Dysonworld

Talking to a Sea-Monkey (5 ratings)
         by Doug Yurchey
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I walked into class with the strangest feeling. Something was not right with the world. 
I can only describe this sensation as a tingling all over my body.
It was as if I was being pulled away; and, at any moment, I could dissolve into nothingness. 
It was very strange.
I sat down in my seat and did the usual routine of secretly desiring Debbie,
 ignoring the pre-class antics of Mike and hiding the fact that I was chewing gum. 
Mr. Lennox did not allow gum in his Philosophy classroom. Debbie was hot. 
Mike pissed me off. I looked forward to this little session because it was my turn to tell everyone about my most recent dream. 
As I settled in, my thoughts were: How could I publicly speak with this overwhelming feeling of doom? I got rid of the gum.
"David?," Mr. Lennox asked. "Are you all right?"
My college mates turned toward me as I tried to create a normal face.
"Huh? Oh, yes. Sure."
"We ended last time with you about to describe your last dream."
I cleared my throat. The sensation that I was fading fast was getting stronger. 
What the hell was it? Why do I suddenly feel different? I fought the urge and started to speak. "Well, I forgot most of it."
Mr. Lennox assured me with: "Do the best you can. Make it short and sweet."
"It was about God." That got everyone"s attention. "I dreamt that God was an old man who worked in a lab and punched in and out everyday."
Mike jumped in and sang: "What if God was one of us? Just a.."
The teacher frowned, the class laughed, then I continued. "OK. God wipped up the whole universe in a test tube." I heard a few girls react. "Yeah, that"s when.ah...that"s when.he turned off the lights in the lab and went home for the night. didn"t even"
Something so intense hit me full force. The tingling took me away. I was gone! I could just imagine their faces seeing me disappear.

For a second, there was blackness. Was this death? Am I dead now? There must be more to death than this. Then, it was as if someone turned bright lights on.

I opened my eyes. I was laying on a table in a room that had some kind of bizarre lighting. I sat up and saw two small, young creatures close to the table. I could tell that one was female and one was male. They were blue with larger than normal heads and no mouths. They were beautiful. Their large eyes contained a look of pure surprise.
The alien, blue girl pointed to a button on a hand-held device with one of her four fingers. I heard an electric spark as I seemed to decompress or normalize with this new environment.
The little girl appeared to be smiling; which was hard to tell with her having no mouth.
I said: "What"s going on? Hey, you"re speaking without know." Of course, no mouth creatures would be psychic. I could hear them as clear as a bell.
I looked around and saw the interior of a bright, sleek, white, superstructure. There were corridors with unknown equipment, windows into other fantastic rooms, but no life forms other than these two children.
The girl thought to me and I heard: ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?

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