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Gregory Harvey's Blog

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Shameless Self-Promotion

What's up everyone? I've decided to go and start a blog where I can say stuff that wouldn't be appropriate to say in this particular forum. So, before clicking on the link (and at this stage I suppose it is inevitable that you will), just keep in mind that I've probably offended you somewhere on this blog. Okay? Cool.


Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-03-19 04:46:39

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I decided to write this in maroon. Not sure why, and I'm not sure if decide is the correct word for it, as there was no formal decision making process undertaken by my mind. I just looked up, noticed that I could change the colour of the writing and did so, randomly selecting one of the colours in the scroll box. Well not quite randomly... originally I was going to go for olive... but at the last second I chose maroon instead.

Now why did I do that?

Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-03-13 20:50:04

Friday, March 11, 2005
A Tale of Hidden Agendas: Part One

I was reflecting today, as I often do (with no true friends around me there is little else to occupy my time). I got myself thinking back to last year, while I was at boarding school. You see last year I was reading something in some philosophy book about hidden agendas as applied to the education system. Quite interesting.

My school was a catholic one. And as a result they attempted to choke me and my classmates with diseased piles of catholic dogma for two years (nothing against catholicism by the way, only when your force fed it do I mind). There was a class which was compulsory, Study of Religion (SOR for short). Now as regular old religion isn't officially recognized as an academic subject by the Queensland education system, Study of Religion is the improved/bastardized version of it (depending on your religious orientation of course). The subject is meant to teach the student about all religions. Yet, as ever, there were hidden agendas present.

For although we were learning about all religions, and philosophy, and various other belief structures, it was always necessary to do so from a catholic perspective. So at the end of the day, the class was still about proclaiming how good jesus was. I mean... the teacher couldn't explain ethics without falling back on the christian god and could only ever seem to provide the christian side of cosmology. I mean, for a class about studying the world religions... about 3/4 of the time was spent dealing with catholicism.

When we were being taught the basic concepts of buddhism/islam etc. there always seemed to be a message hidden amongst the slush. All other religions belong to Satan! Jesus loves you! Islam was portrayed as a warlike religion bent on world domination (granted the teacher said that was not the case, but if one was to look at the material actually taught, then the teacher was either a) unknowingly contradicted himself or b) lying in order to conceal the hidden agenda). I mean... you can teach Islam without mentioning the word terrorist. Why not give it a shot?

Buddhism became an apathetic religion completely inaccesible to the commoner according to the completely unbiased view of the subject co-ordinator. Again this was not said, but the subtle influences of the actual materials taught would twist the opinion of someone unaware of the agenda.

But it eventually occured to me that, perhaps, there was no hidden agenda. That no one was scheming and plotting behind the scenes. That perhaps the hidden agenda was just the more subtle workings of a prejudiced society we ourselves created. For if a christian attempts to teach about other religions, than even if they are aware of their prejudices, even if they are outwardly unprejudiced, their bias will inevitably flow through. So if this is the case, then the religion teacher above was just a puppet. Perhaps what I might identify as ahidden agenda is simply the unintentional rammifications of any given action?

Or perhaps there are intelligent people, in influential positions, that consciously control the direction in which our society heads?

Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-03-11 23:33:02

Thursday, March 10, 2005
Converting People is Fun!

Listening to Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around as I write this. Probably irrelevant, but just thought I should mention it.

I was arguing with an anarchist today. He sat beside me in my sociology lecture (a bold move considering my rather frightening appearance) and immediately started rambling. You see, I don't ramble (much). I usually have some kind of purpose when I write something. But this guy had no conceivable purpose. The lecture would just say something, then this guy would just go, "Nah, that's bullshit," quietly, to himself.

After about the third time he did this, I turned and asked "Why is it bullshit?"

He couldn't respond with anything that resembled a cohesive argument. And so, while the lecturer carried on in his dreary monotonous voice, me and this guy argued under our breath at the back of theatre. It turns out that he wants a society where there is no central government. No institutions of any kind.

I asked him how long someone such as him (about five seven, not more than sixty kilograms) would last in such a world. He answered that he and some friends would stick together and do whatever they pleased. I told him that what he just said was a society. He and his friends would have rules, perhaps unwritten ones, that governed their interaction with one another. Over time, his group would form with other groups, and form a community, which would inevitably have a central government. That community was the only way in which our race survived. If he wanted to be a loner, I said, he should go find someway of transforming himself into an owl.

At this point he accused me of being a capitalist.

After we argued for the rest of the lecture, I sent him off to the library with the following list of names; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Descartes, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Sartre and, if he was feeling really energetic, Marx. Some of my favourite thinkers.

Off he went. Of course, I didn't think he'd actually go to the library. Or actually read any of those names... but an hour ago I got an email. It was the guy, asking me for my interpretation of Plato's Republic. So there you go, there is hope for humanity afterall.

Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-03-10 02:07:29

Monday, March 7, 2005
*Insert intelligently worded, somewhat interesting title here.

I don't think I've been in a more creatively unproductive environment in my life. The music (crap, atrocious, conformist music) is playing far too loudly far too often. Everything, even the drunken teenagers' desperate pleas for acceptance and independance (paradox?), runs on a schedule. You are allowed to be different, but you have to do A,B,C and D, while not touching on E,F,G or H. Don't forget to check if you've done I at least twice today! You haven't? (Idiot1 appears disappointed, prepares to inform Idiots 2-48 of theanomaly within the social structure.)

I find it difficult to do anything here. I can't come up with any truly great ideas for stories. Why not? Because as soon as I'm on to something good... it's time to play drinking games! Or it's time to push a van down to the oval! Or it's time for a 'fun run'!

"Hey Greg!" Says Idiot 143, "Stop whatever you're doing right now! Come do nothing with us!"

Don't get me wrong, I have no serious moral or philosophical problems with the concept of doing nothing (what an eloquent way of wording laziness) but I'd rather be thinking by myself then drinking with Idiots 34-71. Are these people so dumb they can't realize that I don't consider getting drunk and vomiting in the gutter merely because it is expected of me even mildly entertaining? I'd rather cut my tongue off with a scalpel and swat flies with it. Sorry if I refuse to do things for approval, Idiot X (my brother), but ifI have to do shit which I don't want to do merely to make so called 'friends'... I know how to finish that sentence but I'm not going to. It wouldn't be appropriate nor necessary.

*Greg laughs to himself as he finishes (another) blog entry about non-conformism with the sentence "It wouldn't be appropriate nor necessary."

Irony is good.

Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-03-07 02:34:20

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