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Gregory Harvey's Blog

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well, my first lecture today. And I've already had an argument with my lecturer. You see, she was tending to look through the world with rose tinted glasses. She was under the opinion that one day welfare will be able to solve all the problems it is attempting to.

I said she was wrong.

I said that the capitalist system necessitates poverty as its aim is to generate wealth, and there can be no wealth without poverty. I said that capitalism was about transferring money from the hands of many into the hands of a few. I said that welfare was about cleaning up the capitalist mess, but the mess would never be cleaned up if capitalism perpetuates because of its cyclical nature. I said that welfare was about shoving people back into the workforce as quickly as possible so that they therefore can produce and consume as much as possible. I said that capitalism was all about inequality, in that the system inheritantly creates classes. Even if everyone has the opportunity to become wealthy, not everyone can. There must still be labourers, and homeless people, if thereis to berich peoplein mansions.

She said I was a pessimist, and that it looked as though she was in for an interesting semester.

I agreed.


Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-02-22 21:06:03

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
The idiots are still idiots.

Is it so hard for people to understand that I don't like them? Not all people, of course (although perhaps a vast majority). I mean... I'm sitting at uni. My brother is here, staying in the same college as me. He's the residential advisor or some other stupid, pointless student position. Anyway, it's O-Week and as a freshman I'm meant to be wearing a bib, playing drinking games right now. I'm not. My brother is afraid that I don't leave the room enough, that I'm not going to socialize and meet people. I told him I didn't want to meet, or make friends with, or even becoming acquainted with, the kind of people that play drinking games and chant merry drunken chants. Wanna know why?

Because they're boring.

And I hate boring people. Now, I don't have anything against them personally, nor do I hold them accountable for their lack of distinguishing characteristics. They just bore me, that's all. I mean, I could sit in the room (and probably out drink the lot of them on account of my rather large body shape) but I refuse. Because that would be lowering myself to the level of the mob.

My brother was just trying to explain to me that wearing the bib just helps the freshman see who the other freshman are. Nope. Not biting that cookie. I do believe it was , "Put the bib on or else," not, "If you wear this the other freshman will know that you're a freshman too."

Fortunately I have made some friends in this town. Some... interesting people. Some people who do actually make me pause and think a few seconds out of my day. It seems that in this college there simply isn't enough time to do that. To think. See, right now I'd really love to be working on one of my novels, but there's a raucous drinking party going on in the room next door, which makes concentration impossible (and so I apologize for all the grammatical errors present here).

The sooner I get out of this shithole the better.

Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-02-15 06:41:37

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Well that last blog entry took on a life of it's own didn't it? Sorry about that, but I had something to get off my chest.

So, we're going to start again by looking at the title. Why now have I chosen the most abstract of abstact nouns? Because this blog entry is going to be a little abstract. The last one had a definite purpose. This one... well. This one's just going to be CRAZY!

So I'm at uni, in a college. In the common room next to wear I'm typing this, they're playing a drinking game. That's all people do here. Play drinking games/drink/talk about drinking/prepare to drink/passing out. That's pretty much a full day for the rest of the people here. But not me. Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way adverse to a few beers every now and then, or even some cheap wine (in australia affectionately known as 'goon'). But not every night. What's the point of living if you can't remember it? It's good enough having a few with some friends, but I'd have to draw the line at running the risk of waking up with three brand new children to look after. If this university represents some of the brightest minds in the country... then Australia has some problems. BIG ONES.

My favourite saying and/or quotefor this week is, "Those who are apart of something can never be something."

Oh, and my favourite made up word for this week is BLARGO. Say it with me, BLARGO.


(so what if I'm a hypocrite, there is no criticism without hypocrisy)


Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-02-12 07:01:06

Thursday, February 10, 2005
Constructed, Deconstructed and Destroyed.

Pretty cool title, no? Maybe a little too... fake... but that's the point.

Because you see with that title, the aim is to fool people into believing I'm more intelligent than I actually am, for it is quite an eloqent title isn't it? Or am I being pretentious? (And pretentious is a very pretentious word I have found...)

So what's the point? I'll get to it... in my own good time.

Notice that last sentence... my own good time. My time. As in I own this time. You may be experiencing the exact same time as you read this... but this time belongs to me, because in this time, as you read this, you let your mind succumb to the ideas of my own, if only for a little while. But that little while is enough to influence you. So in this time... my time... your mind connects with my mind, and your mind becomes my mind. My time, and my mind. I'll implant whatever ideas in your skull I feel like, and then it is up to your frail human judgment to analyze them. To take them aboard, or to accept them for what they are. What are they? My ideas. My ideas, my time, and mymind.


Am I sounding like I have the mentality of a three year old built upon the intelligence of God himself? For that is my intention. That is the lie which I am handing to you. For you see, the entire world is constructed of lies.

And there we have the first word in the title. Constructed. Yep, everything around you, from the buildings to the social patterns you live by, was created by a human mind. And what is it that the human mind does? Well it lies of course! Isn't that what socializing is? Attempting to lie about yourself so that others may accept you? So you see, it is incorrect to divide people into unpopular and popular. We should just be dividing ourselves into the good liars, and the bad liars.

Think about it, the building your sitting in was constructed by a group of people, who were told to do it because some person wanted the building built. Why did they want the building built? I don't know, you'd have to ask them. Is this paragraph relevant to the overall theme of this blog entry? I don't know, that is something you'd have to ask yourself.

Now let us move onto the next word, deconstructed. If the world has been constructed, than it can be deconstructed. What do I mean by that? I mean it is possible to look at the world and see what it truly is. Stare at it. Stare for a long time. Think about it. Think for a long time. What will you find? Well you'll find people of course! Behind every corner, in every brick, you'll hear the resonance of some forgotten (or unknown) person's motives. Think about it, the most powerful personalities in the world used to babies, completely dependent on their mother's good will. What was the point of that? Think...

Nothing has to be the way it is. The constructed society around you was just that, constructed. Every law was decided upon by someone. Every building was built by someone. Every phrase was coined by someone. Every instance of social standardization, was decided by someone. Someone who could have been wrong (if such a thing is tangible).

Can you feel it yet? The relentless storm of normality that drifts all around you? Once you can see that not everything has to be the way it is, that it was constructed, you can then begin to deconstruct. You can see what is actually happening. Institutions are not institutions, they are a bunch of people. People who can be persuaded, people who can be wrong, and people who can, occassionally, be right. Are you beginning to deconstruct yet?

My time.

And now the last word in the title (although I have skipped a few commas and the word 'and', which may perhaps be the most important word in the title), destroyed. The assumption you can make now is that I am an anarchist. I assure you I am not, but your assumption will remain anyway, won't it? I am a fool to think that the average person is at all open-minded. Even the exceptional people among us, and the crude people among us as well, are close-minded.

Destroy. Destruction. Not destroy everything mind you, I merely ask that you examine society closely, deconstruct the construction within your mind, and see what the pieces are. Which are superfluous. Which are essential. We have constructed a trap, yes we have. One that cannot be easily escaped from.

Now you may be over eager to disregard the above as the ramblings of a deluded, angry, angsty, teenage mind. But I implore you to take a different course of action. Weigh it on it's merits, realize that it has some.

Perhaps the conspiracy theorist/goth kid/ anarchist that lives down the block from you, that eats in the same restaurants as you, that watches the same television shows as you, has been right all along. After all, you never really listened to what he had to say did you? You just rejected it as crazy, because it was different. The same human mechanism that governs racism and all other forms of intolerance no less. I'm not saying that they are right, merely that they should be listened to.

Listen to me.

My time ends now, my ideas have ceased entering your brain and now I'm letting you have it back. Whether you agree with me or not, the above has forever altered your mind. Exactly how much will you let it be influenced, constructed, deconstructed, or even destroyed?


Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-02-10 22:20:15

Thursday, February 10, 2005
I think I've made a mistake.

Yes, yes. I, Gregory James Harvey (otherwise known as Gregorius, God Emperor of Everything), have made a mistake. Not easy for someone who values their pride as much as me to admit. But I have. A terrible, horrible, ghastly error. Its one of those errors that might have rammifications for your entire life. And why was it made? 'Twas because I am lazy. Like sloth.

Here I am, sitting at Saint Paul's College at James Cook University inside of the fine city of Townsville (and what a name for a town that is!). For those of you who don't know Australia's basic geography, Townsville is a hell of a long way from Brisbane, and even my home town Wallumbilla (population four hundred). And what's in Wallumbilla and Brisbane? Everything and everyone I ever cared about. Therein lies the mistake.

For the next four years it looks as though I'm just going to have to forget about the friends I've made. Looks like I'm going to have to forget about the nice little social pattern (call it a rut if you must) that I've established for myself. And why? Because I never took a second to think about it. Not a single damn second of actual thought regarding the next four years of my life (which is the duration of my social work course).

Sure I could make new friends, but with regards to the culture of this college (FOOTY! BEER! CHICKS! FOOTY! BEER! CHICKS!), I just can't see that happening. I should be in brisbane, where me mates are. Or I should be in Wallumbilla, where me heart is. It beats being lonely in townsville.

How easy it would have been to put in a bit more effort at school in order to get a better mark and get into a better university (for those of you who might know, I got an op 8, which renders me to townsville, whereas an op 7 would have kept me in Brisbane). How easy it would have been to not follow my brothers footsteps just to 'go along to get along'!

It really comes down to this; I didn't lend enough time to think about my priorities. I decided that university was more important than my friends and even my own happiness. I AM AN IDIOT. No... not an idiot. The word idiot flows too well to be applied to me.... I AM AN ID-JIT. A complete and utter id-jit.

Or perhaps I'm just being melodramatic? Perhaps everything is going to work out fine. Or perhaps I'm going to have to take to some skulls with a croquet mallet on account of there's some people looking to initiate my freshman ass (not literally with the ass thing... are you some kind of FREAK?)...

God Emperor Gregorius... washing a car in a bikini? Eating bugs? Wearing a bib? Calling idiots 'sir'?

I shall die first!!!

Posted by Gregory Harvey 2005-02-10 01:30:39

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