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Deals and Deliveries (9!!!) (09-12)
Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead by Steve Pe (09-12)
Iron Man: Femmes Fatales by Robert Greenberger (09-12)

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Big Time, The by Fritz Leiber (05-29 - Book)
Rogue Clone by Steven L. Kent (05-25 - Book)
The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig (05-21 - Book)
The Wisdom of the Shire by Noble Smith (05-17 - Book)

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04-23 - Blog

Hello by Natasha Slipchenko
03-05 - Blog

Armageddon and Me part 3 by Rob Garbin
02-24 - Blog

Armegeddon and Me Cont. by Rob Garbin
02-20 - Blog

Armageddon and Me by Rob Garbin
02-11 - Blog

Slaughtering the Marshes (second post) by Armien John Samson
02-01 - Blog

Slaughtering the Marshes (second post) by Armien John Samson
02-01 - Blog

Slaughtering the Marshes (First Post) by Armien John Samson
02-01 - Blog

Blog Not Working - Second Test by Richard Risch
01-04 - Blog

Blog Test by Richard Risch
01-04 - Blog

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All those with telekinesis raise my hand

Since I Never Get the Last Word

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David Lee Summers' Web Journal
Science Fiction, Fantasy and More!

Domus Iānuae
Loitering at the doorsills of other worlds

How do flies land on the ceiling?
Writing about not writing.

Jessica Garcia's Blog
A place where all my poems, stories, and other literature resides.

Kirby's blog.
Terrorising the literate since 1972.

Edea Baldwin's Blog

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Owen's - Rants from the Multiverse
All those with telekinesis raise my hand
12-07 17:44:32False Dawn
05-31 02:08:35More about the Chinese earthquake comics
Since I Never Get the Last Word
12-04 16:29:28Question #4 + 100 Years
11-30 09:09:18Why You Won't See Me in a Gentlemen's Quarterly Ad
Robert Williams's Blog
12-30 02:44:31Obamarama
09-10 22:23:03Poll Results
Rob's Blog Bog
02-26 00:17:44Armageddon and Me part 3
02-24 20:54:24Armegeddon and Me Cont.
David Lee Summers' Web Journal
Science Fiction, Fantasy and More!
10-23 18:03:50Halloween Poetry Reading
07-27 23:56:53Space Pirates!
Domus Iānuae
Loitering at the doorsills of other worlds
12-27 18:40:01Merry Christmas? Who're you kidding?
12-19 00:23:22All You Zombies
How do flies land on the ceiling?
Writing about not writing.
04-05 15:35:36All Change please, this service terminates here...
02-15 05:09:33Still plugging away.
Jessica Garcia's Blog
A place where all my poems, stories, and other literature resides.
03-28 10:18:41Ode to the Ocean
10-03 21:04:10Phase
Kirby's blog.
Terrorising the literate since 1972.
04-15 11:54:59Elizabeth Goudge
02-13 07:06:37Finding Emo!
Edea Baldwin's Blog
01-02 17:28:122008
03-06 16:10:14Time for Conversation
Nicole Givens Kurtz's WebJournal
SF writing, publishing, other musings and mutterings
10-12 16:17:07CLONE WARS Clumsiness
10-12 16:14:30Book signing--A Reflection
Gregory Harvey's Blog
03-19 04:46:39Shameless Self-Promotion
03-13 20:50:04Maroon
Armien John Samson's Blog
02-01 20:14:19Slaughtering the Marshes (second post)
02-01 12:17:36Slaughtering the Marshes (First Post)
JamesL's blog
Birds sing through life, so why can't we?
01-08 17:57:49Speculative Horizons
07-29 19:32:22Cynical self-promotion
The Sword of Oz by Darren Reid
A new fantasy story and blog updated weekly from the best selling author of The Lord of Darkness and Shadow
04-16 12:45:41New Fantasy ebooks from NextGenBooks.com
01-12 07:01:59The Sword of Oz
Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure
Survivalism,time travel,romance and danger abound in this serial adventure reminiscent of radio theater. Updated every two or three days in a serial format. Have a serial with your breakfast!
11-12 12:34:53Rate Anarchistic Knights-a serialadventure!
10-29 07:17:21Anarchist Knight::Apprentice available as ebook!
Tiffany Little's Blog
11-21 16:41:45BAD NEWS
11-01 22:13:38I need someones help
Benjamin Soto's Blog
01-28 15:27:52Anne Rice and her fabulous vampires
01-23 17:23:51Smiling, oh how simple it is.
Gary Wassner's Blog
09-16 11:58:17LIfe is a bitch.
08-18 14:34:27A poem for today
what say you
10-18 14:38:55Hello again
06-26 20:08:46Hi!!!
A dissertation in Idiocy
...and the body IS an amusement park
07-24 10:25:31I don't know
07-04 01:07:20Supplicating the Soul.
Nicholas Gourlay's (omninaļf) blog!
Why waste your time here?
09-10 17:51:24Moving...
08-30 14:18:40Basic reading roots.
What bring thee to they faerie tale?
...on writing, excerpts, & events...
04-20 00:34:42New Release - THE HOLLOWING
04-06 01:25:11New Release: OF DRAGONS
Can you hear me Major Tom?
Nothing to do with Bowie.
09-12 02:33:48Can you hear me, Major Tom?
02-04 18:42:12Take your protein pills and put your helmet on...
Cody Scott's Blog
05-17 17:19:51Bio-Hazard
Sammie M.'s Blog
Off-topic wanderings...
06-16 08:41:24It's OVER!!!
05-24 07:11:57Oh God it's been too long!
Black Hammer
Brian Clay's Blog
Learning to Write
07-18 08:24:24Last Weekend
07-18 08:06:02Thought of the Day --- Mondays
Lacey's Blog
Just another day to keep track of
02-01 21:23:19Where on earth is my blog
Lifestyles of The Urban Elf
03-17 02:11:25And the juggernaut rolls on...
01-03 21:45:22Ending the year on a high note...
Neil Cladingboel's Blog
Words, Musings and Ruminations...
12-03 02:02:41Yes...I'm still alive!
07-18 01:56:00Ooops...it's been a while...
Expendable's euphemism
my lost labyrinth of tattered dreams
07-28 22:10:27I Am Better Than You
10-28 18:29:23Time travel/ Survival question
Like you care!
Reviews and observations.
02-07 16:03:06Alien vs. Predator
Joe Williamson's Blog
01-16 11:20:08um...
01-16 11:15:52oh, i get it
Morgan Le Fay's Blog
10-25 18:54:52change, i want no part of it
07-23 17:00:28nature
The wonderings of the mind of Tari Xalyr . . . . .
10-04 02:16:59Performers Calling: Foever and Goodnights
07-24 01:34:26Our Name is Smith - OVER!
Michael Bird's Blog
03-30 01:33:32This is where my blog is.....
James Watson's Blog
01-15 08:00:40First story up
01-15 07:58:03Hmm..
G Shenoy's Blog
09-28 23:19:49Those smiling eyes...
09-28 23:15:55Little Men
Martin Greaney's Blog
10-17 17:48:35How not to write. Or rather, how to 'not write'.
02-06 05:11:58No more excuses
Lost Thoughts
Short stories and thoughts on writing and living in a fantasy world.
08-17 11:32:59Gremlins and Balderdash
07-14 08:29:29Call for Submissions
Ron Price's Blog
11-01 08:49:48Entry #6: Autobiography/Memoir
11-01 08:47:21Entry #5: Autobiography
Thomas Pelletier's Blog
The Blog of Carolyn Northerland (or is it??)
updates on my progress...for some odd reason O.o
02-20 23:20:57New Story
02-13 23:55:18my poem is gonna be published!
Matthew L's Blog
The distance to here...
02-25 20:03:29One More Year
02-10 07:46:50Alive
Dave's Big Bad Blog
Three novels and no publisher
03-03 12:44:23Gadzooks
03-01 18:34:40Getting started after six years....
Books, Reviews and Awards
04-22 16:31:01Accomplishments and Additional Information
Fred van der Wal's Blog
02-01 11:35:17Ramblings of a madman........or is it?!
John Bohan's Blog
01-26 15:03:08First book published
Allen Sutton's Blog
04-17 12:45:10A Kings Quest by A.V. Wedhorn
Claire Horner's Blog
08-13 13:19:08whew!!!!
04-26 14:03:04im back
Previews of Books and things
My book ideas and more
08-21 20:56:13Solace Series Preview
Richard Risch's Blog
01-04 08:51:34Blog Not Working - Second Test
09-04 13:47:36Science Fiction vs Science Fantasy
What in the world?
Whatever I want to talk about right then.
12-07 18:33:21None at all
11-30 17:52:32Why is it so freakin' cold
my bizzar life
stuff that happens in my life
05-24 12:51:21today.... is very boring!
05-24 12:41:20monday morning.....ug were is my coffe?
The BLOG of Jacob N/Warrior Jake
My Musings On All Things Fantasy and Anything Else
08-04 17:59:13I'm Back!
07-08 23:44:50Updates and writing
Cat's Blog
08-07 17:28:51Website
08-01 18:40:33Here again...
Story Updates
04-30 00:54:58nova retrofitted
03-30 11:55:36chapter 2
Phedre 's Blog
01-20 17:41:00Master of the Night....
01-03 18:27:57Incubus Dreams
Jack's Prattle
04-25 16:32:39Dying of a Cold....
04-22 09:15:06When you can't be arsed working...
Michael Swietek's Blog
12-30 15:50:22Straddling the Line
Blogger Newbie!
Blog, Blog, Blog? What's it all about?
04-26 18:11:05BLOG TEST-- Problems Posting Entry
03-11 17:12:03Author Seeks Informal Writing Outlet
Sarah Mcbryde's Blog
02-25 14:30:49The day I read "green is the color"
Harrowed Earth
Tales from the Slave Masters
02-03 14:30:29Prolugue Updated (Again)
02-03 08:29:19Persepective issue with Prologue
Jeffrey Michael Miller's Blog
Thoughts from a poet
02-08 00:40:16New book available
02-08 00:39:52Poetry World
One Of These Days . . .Devon's Awful Blog
07-09 02:19:09Finding Lost Loves In Forum Jumping
06-29 03:20:50Seeking That Bed
Fran Jacobs's Blog
01-11 12:39:06Short story published
01-08 10:13:37Well why not!
Brandi Mesmera's Blog
05-07 22:03:04Content.... or Outrageous may be the category otherwise
My first book: The Mystical Tales Of Indus Valley,
Review of the book and its website: www.THEINDUSVALLEY.com
10-07 17:45:13The Mystical Tales Of Indus Valley, Wizards Of Hastin
Russell Farr's Blog
09-28 07:10:14New member post
John Seiler's Blog
01-14 19:58:57Books to read and my website
01-10 19:39:41A bit about me...
The blog of a newbie
03-04 23:47:53the weekend
03-03 15:34:08Wow....
Mark Webster's Blog
10-31 07:55:50Book Review: Simon Haynes
10-31 07:55:40Book Review: Simon Haynes
Fantastical & General Gossip
02-24 16:29:28Swords Make Kings
Pen Holder
sucky days
03-08 00:19:18Life sucks!(<-----cliche line)
Kate Forsyth's Blog
06-27 02:08:47A brand new member of the sffworld community
DayONE: The six-fold aspects of created Life
New Cosmology - Speculative Fiction Series
07-31 12:10:35AA Wolfner
Silk Dagger's Blog
09-24 11:48:35More Feed back please
10-09 12:46:20Space Junk
James Shepherd's Blog
05-01 15:00:34Hey whats up
Chain Golden's Blog
07-05 09:08:09Running Home
The Traveler's Journals
05-07 20:14:34Stuck in a rut
03-08 04:19:53An Introduction to Worldwalking and the Afterlife
Robert Donner's Blog
03-20 08:31:14MY DOG
EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing
Publication Updates
11-21 14:02:34EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing Fall Releases 2005
Sounding Off
10-04 14:56:06When is writing right?
09-22 12:31:54Homeland Insecurity
Gerard T Joseph's Blog
Julianag's: Taking a wrong turn at Mercury
On the shuttle drive to Mars
01-12 03:07:53Sight vs sound
08-17 10:06:55Happiness by the bottle
Ashwin Blake's Blog
01-31 08:11:08Neil Gaiman, Sandman, history, myth and fantasy
B Log Ic
a log of web-thoughs
02-07 10:47:39Drawn from a deep lake.
Seeds of Fate
Reflections of an inspired, aspiring Author
05-31 11:35:44Peril of Providence
K. S. Mahony's Blog
11-07 05:26:03A blog?
The Emcaw Journal
03-24 14:03:37None of your business
03-03 09:34:52A Bit About Me.
kieana manahan's Blog
04-07 14:36:58NEW BLOGGER!?!?!?!?
04-06 20:13:06gettin to sleep
Scenario 13
06-03 08:32:12An Introduction . . . .
Elizabeth Kircher's Blog
04-29 19:32:00Newbie in the House!
Blogs In The Key Of Life
03-02 15:15:11Blogus Primus
Inspire by pronounciation is the most beautiful word
11-18 15:05:29a magical moment
10-04 22:27:04being accepted
A. Lynn Ferguson's Blog
02-06 01:16:47First Poster
Dawn Day
My First Short Story
12-02 12:34:46My First Short Story
A Crowe's Caw
O Lar Doce do Amufi (The Sweet Home of Amufi)
Once upon a Blade of Grass...
11-01 22:23:21Sometimes My Eyes Are Heavy
10-14 01:12:26Something about Ender...
Dory Enright's Blog
01-05 19:24:52My First Story!
Jens Okking's Blog
05-15 15:14:10YESH! WELCOME!
darkly funny poems
03-29 20:03:44Evil
03-14 20:31:16Scary
hey joe what are you doing with that gun
04-28 18:35:56Check out my stories and art
03-29 16:55:27hey
Anders Hvidsten's Blog
02-06 18:48:31disappointed
11-26 19:27:13What a tragedy!
Graham Smith's Blog
Brittan Matney's Blog
07-08 17:10:08A Little Bit About Me
The Mind of M. B. Barlow
Observing the world we live in, and the ones we don't.
11-01 08:34:07Halloween, and why I don't care.
r ursini's Blog
01-12 15:48:44The Langsyne Chronicles
01-12 15:40:37The Langsyne Chronicles
Confessions of a former bum
03-19 09:17:08First Entry
Blogging Magic
Anything, Everything, and Nothing all at the same time
02-02 21:54:18Referenced Older Blog Entries
02-02 21:41:15Welcoming myself to SFFWorld
Karl Cross's Blog
12-31 18:36:23New years eve. day. whatever I don't care.
12-31 05:47:15Morning. Apparently.
R. Schlaack's Blog
08-21 20:54:45First Blog
Ray Chilensky's Blog
01-29 00:35:24Why Sci-Fi and Fantasy?
Shanes Writing Log
A record of my progress in literary projects
04-06 15:40:05First blog entry yay!
Mythical Me
10-23 12:14:40This Is Cool
Gordon Rowlinson's Blog
Emigrant Stories
Short Story
work in progress
03-06 13:06:36caught up
03-02 09:33:07changes
If it makes sense, don't use it!
02-17 21:34:59If it stinks, don't taste it either!
susan smeltz's Blog
02-14 15:44:01A Story of the Wyrld
Do it Write!
Science Fiction Writing
09-14 12:42:26So this is what it feels like...
08-08 12:25:33Why Science Fiction?
An Epic Adventure
01-07 23:13:25Story
Sharon Williams's Blog
10-27 22:31:49Living Diamonds
Terry Martin's Blog
10-06 06:24:40Murky Depths
The Wizards of Pangea
Publishing a fantasy story
Parvez Kamal's Blog
10-15 01:37:24Irony by Parvez Kamal
The Coffeenaut's Journal
05-12 22:54:00Bloggin It
david byron's Blog
03-28 10:40:57To sffworld readers:
Simon Seah's Blog
11-26 12:04:25WASP 7 - The Fantasy Art of Cat Mansion
Helena Dean's Blog
10-06 15:46:56NEw GuRl
T Croft's Blog
12-01 08:04:35Rune's Blog
kurt schaber's Blog
08-06 17:47:18an unintentional slight
08-06 17:19:00for your consideration
What the <*&K
Do people not rate stories because they suck, or because thy're lazy as HELL??
07-23 11:28:09What the F&*K
Diving for Sparks
04-09 11:48:18Delusions
Benjamin Hampton: The Hero Chronicles
Me working on finishing my first in the series.
06-19 12:45:29Day 001
Terry Cummings's Blog
12-03 07:36:08Short story club
Temssia Short Stories
07-26 11:23:08Who Are You
Cassandra's World of Sci-Fi
Thoughts on my favourite sci-fi and fantasy tv shows, movies, comics
06-17 05:13:36Cassandra's World of Sci-Fi
Jennifer Lamb's Blog
04-05 21:54:57Just a little info'
Ruan Prinsloo's Blog
07-18 16:18:50Yep, First Blog Entry on sffworld
07-18 16:10:56Yep, First Blog Entry on sffworld
Diana Levin's Blog
09-28 18:19:09Wicked Bunny Critter
Albert Ellis's Blog
04-12 21:55:10A. C. Ellis - Science Fiction and Mystery/Suspense
BSPR Central's Blog
10-29 15:33:12Los Angeles Event at Alex Theatre!!
wayne westburg's Blog
06-02 20:36:32Hammer and the Cross
05-30 07:39:30Apology,s from Viking Long Ship
Scot's Blog
Author of Historical Fantasy Fiction
12-14 12:22:33Blog Moved & Book Giveaway
11-16 10:44:42"The Saga of Beowulf" Author Chat
World Domination: I'm Crazy Like That
10-07 22:50:41Hi, I'm new here.
To visiting Pelinorites
09-07 11:38:44Hi to all pelinorites
J.J. Stewart's Blog
02-28 06:40:46More
Ann Wilkes's Blog
03-02 01:02:56Awesome Lavratt released February 28th!
Natasha Slipchenko's Blog
03-05 18:54:01Hello
Musings by Jeff Caminsky
The Latest from New Alexandria Press by author Jeffrey Caminsky
10-21 13:40:42Two New Sci-Fi Novels by Jeffrey Caminsky



The Terry Pratchett Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now First Novel Prize!
05-31 - News
Stephen King's Joyland UK Promotion
05-30 - News
UK Publisher of Stephen King’s New Novel Unusual Promotion
05-30 - News
Big Time, The by Fritz Leiber
05-29 - Book Review
Rogue Clone by Steven L. Kent
05-25 - Book Review
The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig
05-21 - Book Review
The Wisdom of the Shire by Noble Smith
05-17 - Book Review

05-10 - News
The Tyrant's Law by Daniel Abraham
05-04 - Book Review
Galaxy's Edge 1 by Mike Resnick
04-28 - Book Review
Poison by Sarah Pinborough
04-21 - Book Review
Bullington, Beukes and Bacigalupi event
04-19 - News
The City by Stella Gemmell
04-17 - Book Review
Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan
04-15 - Book Review
Tarnished Knight by Jack Campbell
04-09 - Book Review
Frank Hampson: Tomorrow Revisited by Alastair Crompton
04-07 - Book Review
The Forever Knight by John Marco
04-01 - Book Review
Book of Sith - Secrets from the Dark Side by Daniel Wallace
03-31 - Book Review
NOS4R2 by Joe Hill
03-25 - Book Review
Fade to Black by Francis Knight
03-13 - Book Review
The Clone Republic by Steven L. Kent
03-12 - Book Review
The Burn Zone by James K. Decker
03-06 - Book Review
A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz
03-04 - Book Review
Blood's Pride by Evie Manieri
02-28 - Book Review
Excerpt: River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay
02-27 - Article
Tales of Majipoor by Robert Silverberg
02-24 - Book Review
American Elsewhere by Robert Jackson Bennett
02-20 - Book Review
Evie Manieri Guest Post
02-19 - Article
The Grim Company by Luke Scull
02-17 - Book Review
Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein
02-11 - Book Review

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