Temple of the Winds by Terry Goodkind

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Goodkind
TitleTemple of the Winds
SeriesSword of Truth
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Kris 
(Feb 09, 2002)

The first books of the Sword of Truth series were splendid, exciting literature, but now, it's just ploding along, same thing happening all over again, too far fetched.

I really think he's trying to make it a new WOT -like series...don't Terry, one WOT is enough.I like the WOT series, mind, but I don't think we need another one.

Submitted by Christopher Ooi 
(Dec 14, 2001)

Well, first I'd like to say that what got me into the series was the first book, Wizards First Rule. That book was quite amazing, sheer quality. Then, it started, The Robert Jordan syndrome. His story dragged out, dragged around and he wasn't even original in doing it. The Rada'han, Han, Blood of The Fold. Sheesh, is he a fan of Jordan's?

Well, by no means was it bad, but still, he can do better than that. Anyway, Temple of the Winds was a good read, all in all. But, again he separates Kahlan and Richard all the way to the end. Come on, if they love each other, at least let them do something together once. He also shouldn't make Richard seem like a bumbling idiot. Why is it he forgives Kahlan for everything but not her him.

All in all, a few terrible things, but i still like it because it has SOME depth to it.

Submitted by Ben Cooper
(May 28, 2001)

I really enjoyed the temple of the winds. There were situations of all types throughout this book, from drama to graphic violence, and just about everything in between. The story was creative, keeping you constantly wandering how on earth this one is going to end, but showing that similar imagination that Goodkind fills each book in the series. I found myself skipping some of my favorite hobbies just to find out what was going to happen next. And like all the books before this one, it was well written and easy to read, but still managed to create vivid imagery in the reader's mind. Once again, I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy, but start with the wizard's first rule, for all of his books are well worth the time.

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