Silent Tower, The by Barbara Hambly

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Book Information  
AuthorBarbara Hambly
TitleSilent Tower, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Heresy 
(Feb 27, 2005)

While Hambly tends to write in a fluent style that deals blows of imagery, description and wonderful story lines, I believe this book is one of those few stories that should get shuffled back under the bed. It feels as if she wrote this novel as a poor mirror to her more successful series the Darwatch trilogy.

The plot limply struggles along as a bunch of filler designed chapters add "meat" in a meager attempt to pass the time. Characterization is almost laughable. The main characters are carbon copies of characters she has in other novels while the secondary characters seem to struggle to keep an undivided personality (which occasionally fails). In short, a lot of the story could have just been scrapped and reused as plot for another series instead of trying to invent a new one on her own.

I loved reading the Darwatch, but this book was a laughable attempt and seemed extremely rushed at times as if she had to publish something, anything.

Thereís one thing to keep an eye out for. Itís the main femaleís handy bag which has EVERYTHING you can name of when needed in the fantastic world she gets kidnapped to.

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