Prophecy: Child of Earth by Elizabeth Haydon

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Book Information  
AuthorElizabeth Haydon
TitleProphecy: Child of Earth
SeriesSymphony of Ages
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Synthea 
(Oct 19, 2003)

Prophecy follows the greatness of Rhapsody (read my review of Rhapsody to see what I have to say about it! :)) and continues with more of our favorite characters, Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor. They are in a world of unrest and unspeakble evil, yet are able to overcome, at great cost, so many tragedies as this book progresses. A must read.

Submitted by 
(Jun 22, 2001)

This is brilliant series of books. Three main characters travel from the beginning of the world. I am not going to relate any of the plot as the twists and turns are as much a part of its delight as the wonderful writing. Fantasy on a par with Jordan, Martin, Goodkind & Tolkin Now searching to see how long I have to wait for Book 3, Destiny, I hope it is not too long.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Feb 12, 2001)

After reading both Rhapsody and Prophecy, I am amazed to see that this author so successfully develops a world that is so realistic and intricate and beautiful the same. Prophecy, when compared to Rhapsody, was much darker and serious than Rhapsody. It was, in my opinion, a huge improvement which I thought was impossible after reading and loving Rhapsody. I hope she continues to write inspiring novels so I can continue to read them.

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