Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon

  (93 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorElizabeth Haydon
SeriesSymphony of Ages
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jamie 
(Sep 15, 2010)

I liked the books in fact I stayed up all night to finish the second one. Rhapsody was a little two perfect at times, but that is what made her "her". Being a romance fan I didn't mind the sex scenes and they were not overly graphic. I would love a continuing story about Grunther and Alcmed. It's not a masterpiece but is worth reading.

Submitted by Bee 
(Jan 11, 2007)

Rhapsody is, in a nutshell, not your typical, standard book. Sure it has the usual heroic battles and has the normal love story. The hero, however, is female. Now you are probably, shaking your head saying, "That's not special." but I feel that having a female lead is a thing that brings something special to Elizabeth Haydons book. I see a lot of opinions in Rhapsody that wouldn't ordinarily be present in a novel with a guy lead.
On a more depressing note I found that the two other lead characters, Achmed and Grunthor, were way more interesting than Rhapsody. Having read nthe whole series I can say that I wouldn't mind at all if Elizabeth Haydon wrote some sequels pertainind to Achmed and Grunthor.

Submitted by Santos Tobar 
(Jan 03, 2006)

I have been reading fantasy for close to twenty-five years now and I am often asked why this genre of book. Is it the epic struggle between good and evil? (The F'dor vs. humanity) Is it the transformation of an unwilling hero into a mighty champion or even sovereign? (Rhapsody to a demigod) Maybe it's the new faces in newly formed worlds and all of the politics and beauty that are parts of them. Maybe it's a combination of all of that, and on the bright side, this book has all of that, and some very interesting twists on some pat ideas i.e. lost races, lost islands, dragons, magic etc.

What "Rhapsody" also has is a protagonist that, due to her history as a harlot and forsaken lover, is NEVER wrong and mostly annoying. It also has more sex (call it romance if you will) than any other fantasy book that I have read. The author seems to be more stuck on sex than a teenage boy and, at times, turns a great format into a Harlequin novel. That is definitely NOT why I read fantasy books!

Unfortunately, like so many others, I vest my self a great deal into the books that I read and will continue to read these. I can usually read a book this size in three to four days but these are so annoying it takes me up to two weeks of force feeding myself.

If the following books change I will GLADLY write a retraction.

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