Assassin 'S Quest by Robin Hobb

  (93 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorRobin Hobb
TitleAssassin 'S Quest
SeriesFarseer Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Stunned 
(Feb 11, 2003)

Why are people so down on a "not so happy" ending. Robin Hobb is brutal, yes, but she gives us what she promised at the start of the excellent trilogy. Accept it: any other ending would have been pathetically trite. I like her realistic treatment of her characters and I personally was plagued with "What ifs" until I was able to read Fool's Errand. Stop dismissing fantastic visualisation and characters just because you want them all to live happily ever after!!!

Submitted by Lorna Evans 
(Dec 12, 2002)

I have just finished reading this book, which I had given to me for my birthday after I had been so engrossed in the other two and I found it a bit of an anticlimax. Robin Hobbs is a fantastic writer, who has created some wonderful and memorable characters such as Nighteyes, Chade and Burrich. She has also created a wonderful world caught up in it's own politics and culture, which is shown in the culture clashes with the mountain people. However, despite all of these wonderful scenarios, the story suddenly comes to a disappointing end in the last few chapters and makes you wonder if it was worth trudging through the books for it. It does surprise the reader in that it is not predictable in this manner, and it is not as bad as some of the other reviewers are making out.

Submitted by luc 
(Apr 17, 2002)

Books 1 and 2 of this series I found to be amazing reads that really drew me into the plot and the characters. But, in this the final book of the Farseer trilogy I was bitterly dissapointed. The ending was the most dissapointing part for me with everything seeming to end all perfect with everyone happy with there place in life, especially Fitzchivalry who should be seriously pissed off. If you were dissapointed in this book then dont give up I believe Robin Hobb is a great author and the first book in her next series based on Fitzchivalry's life is a great continuation to this story if your forget this novel's disappointments.

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