Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb

  (49 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorRobin Hobb
TitleShip of Destiny
SeriesLiveship Traders, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Angela 
(Aug 01, 2003)

I liked the book, but it was hard to read in some parts. I didn't like that the characters had to go through such absolute misery--I really felt bad for them. Their pain seemed so senseless and their misery so deep that it was pretty hard for me to go on. The story telling was good, and I am very happy that the story unfolded in such an artistic form that what seemed like chaos at first becomes a masterpiece of things falling into place. It was AWESOME, and I am happy to have finished. I really admire the writing style--the author tackled really tough topics and imparted some great perspectives on how to deal with problems. The outlook about the horrible things that happened to each character is something that I think worthwhile to ponder on. It was not a disney novel, and it is good that the characters had so much depth-- I almost felt as if they were real people.

Submitted by Scott Sheedy
(Apr 25, 2000)

Wow! Another great trilogy from Robin Hobb concluded. The third book kicks off immediately where we last left Althea, Kennit, Reyn & co. There are still a few surprises in store, and most of the loose ends are neatly wrapped up.

The characters vividly come to life through this series, and it is engossing to watch them develop towards the climax of the 3 book series.

There is a minor sense of "neatness" - in the bringing together of the plot to it's 'present' conclusion. This is perhaps symptomatic of the "3rd book" syndrome.  However this is a very minor point - and should not detract from what is definately a great story. Let's hope Robin's next series continues on such outstanding work.

On a scale of wife complaints (1 = minimal issue as my book is read only when she is 5 = Nag,nag-silent treatment for reading at every possible moment !) this book is a 5 !

P.S. It's good to finally see a release in Australia prior to U.S!

Submitted by Pradeep Bansal
(Apr 07, 2000)

This is the last book in the trilogy of the Liveship Traders, which is set in the same general period and area as the Assassin series. I got this book from as it is not yet released in the US. Well worth every penny spent on postage. I feel this is one of the most satisfying fantasy series I have read ( I am forty plus and do read a lot) and better than the author's own Assassin series which was very good too.

The story involves the lives of the Traders of Bingtown who own magical ships called "Liveships" as the figurehead on the ship comes to life (quickens) once several generations of the owners family have lived and died on it. A psychic bond develops between the ship and its owner and the author has developed this concept beautifully, with all the intricacies of a real relationship between two humans. The characters are very real and no one is absolutely good or evil, not even the serpents who are so vital to the story.

In this volume Hobb brings all the threads together to a thrilling and deeply satisfying climax. Every piece of the puzzle falls into place and the grand vision of the author is finally revealed. To those who have read the first two books, get this one from UK now! To those who are new to Robin Hobb, I suggest you start with  the Assassin series and enjoy this fabulous tale of dragons and magical ships as the fitting finale.

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