Hawksong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

  (222 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorAmelia Atwater-Rhodes
SeriesKiesha' ra
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 08, 2009)

Out of all the Keisha'ra books, I enjoyed Hawksong the most. I enjoy the Pride and Prejudice-like relationship between Zane and Danica. It all starts out as a crazy, but logical way to end the war between the avians and serpiente, but then, it turns into love. Out of the entire series, this one seems the most poignant and original to me.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 05, 2007)

This was probably one of her only books that I could tolerate. I had been encouraged by a friend (who was a big fan) to read her writing, and since her books are quick and easy to understand, I was willing to give all of them a chance. Most her characters are very flat and difficult to relate with (I guess what I'm getting at is that she normally doesn't portray emotions well). That is not the case with Hawksong, the characters are very expressive and alive. She handles the idea of a society of "shapeshifters" very well and her writing style seems much improved upon since her vampire novels. The romance is cute and befitting of the teenage characters, there's is nothing too heart-wrenching or "steamy". I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick supernatural romance that isn't too fluffy but still suitable for a younger crowd. It worked great as a one-shot, but it doesn't compel me to read the sequels.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(May 15, 2007)

I read hawk song a month ago, and I seriously suggest this book to ANYONE. It was the best book I have ever read. I am waiting another month so that I can maybe forget and read it again. Once you read this book you will find that it is almost impossible to put it down. It has romance, danger, social satire, and amazing charecters with dominating personalities and relationships. It begins with hatred and death, and ends in hope, and new love. I was amazed and I have read is three times since. If you see this spectacular tale ANYWHERE you simply must read it! I truely love that book, and I became obsessed with it half an hour after I started. If you want to read a book that will help your uinderstanding of others, and show you true love and flase jealousy you need to Read HawkSong by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes.

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