A Cavern of Black Ice by J.V. Jones

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Book Information  
AuthorJ.V. Jones
TitleA Cavern of Black Ice
SeriesSword of Shadows
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Chris Calvert 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I have just finished reading A Cavern of Black Ice. I normally only read books when on holiday (my wife is a photographer and I need something to do while waiting) and I get the books from a local used book shop. I usually steer clear of series unless I can get either the last one or several so that I can keep continuity going. And so that I won't have to wait years before finding out what happens to the main characters especially if it hasn't been written yet. In this case I broke my rules on two books somehow ending up with 2 first of the series books (the other one was Piers Anthony Virtual Mode).
I know when I enjoy a book because I get irritated when my wife comes back too early and whether I can go to bed at night with unread chapters. My impression of this first book was good (although I did go to bed one night with only 2 chapters to go). Enough so that I have just checked on the names of following books in the series and noted review comments. As a result of initial good first impressions of a series I will go and either buy new or used the rest of the series. However other review comments confirmed several views that I had formed during the reading. The worst thing I found especially towards the end of the story was a tendency to do what I call The Stephen King Syndrome. I actually skimmed about 50 pages of what I think of as irrelevant padding to the story. I am not interested in what Aunty Mays first cousins stepfathers grandfather ate for breakfast when he was 4. It may, just may, add something to Aunty Mays character or at least perhaps show why she has turned out how she did but usually the padding adds nothing. Stephen King is adept at this and I stopped reading his books years ago.
As a result of finding that the SKS had crept in I was in two minds about chasing after further books in the series in case it got worse. And it appears that it has which is a great shame because I did enjoy most of the first book.

Submitted by Henry Andersen 
(Jun 20, 2004)

The book by the British Fantasy authoress J.V. Jones takes us to the cold and harsh wilderness where many barbaric clans fights each other over what little mother nature has brought them. The clans; never on too peaceful terms are engulfed into a clan cruel and merciless clan war incited by ruthless and scheming city dwellers. Unknown to most  more is at stake; as it usually is; and two strangers sets out to halt a greater danger which is threatening the entire region; if not the entire world. Aided by a mysterious ranger; and hunted by clansmen, mysterious and deadly swordsmen, sorcerers, and so forth. J.V. Jones writes well, and the setting and plot is interesting, and harsh if not too "new" nor too "complicated",.

Worth a read; and if my memory of her previous book "The barbed coil" serves me right there will be much more, and better books to come.

Submitted by Matt Scoville 
(Oct 19, 2003)

It's been a while. The Cavern of Black Ice (the book before this one) was one of the best books I had read in a long time. The end of that book was a present to all of the readers who had already read J.V Jones Book of Words trilogy. I was full of happy, Happy, Joy, Joy feelings when I finished the book. There was even an excerpt from the next book in the series (this one!). Like all good little readers I was stuck with the dreaded "I just finished a great book that is only the first Book in the new series What am I going to read now" syndrome.

To make a long story short I was thirsty for more. More Raif, More Vaylo(love him), More Angus, More Ash, Even More Marifice. I was like an addict looking for his fix. Well... Years later I got it. I was browsing the book store. Looking in the fantasy Aisle. Lo and Behold! There it was... THE FORTRESS OF GREY ICE!! I had no idea it was going to be out yet. I snatched me a copy like some sick fiend, paid the price, and went home with my bounty. 2 days later I finished. Wow!

This is one brutal book. I loved every minute of it. I'm not going to go into a detailed account of what happens in this book or the last. I wont even give a Synopsis. The joy of reading is not listening to other people's opinions and making up your own mind about a book. What I will say is that this is a great read.

Some advice... please read the Book of Words trilogy(Baker's Boy is the first). This will increase your enjoyment of A Cavern Of Black Ice and A Fortress of Grey Ice. Enjoy.

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