Crown of Swords, The by Robert Jordan

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Book Information  
AuthorRobert Jordan
TitleCrown of Swords, The
SeriesWheel of Time, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Charles Clark 
(Sep 10, 2009)

In my opinion an excellent book in the series! The very first time I read ACOS I was a little disappointed. There were some chapters in the book that had me asking myself "What character is he talking about?" or "How did that happen again?" After reading some RJ interviews those questions were eventually answered. When I read the book mabey a year later a second time around I absolutely loved the book!
With that being said, on to the book review: I do not want to give away specific events but I will talk a little bit about what happens in the book. It seems like Rand sinks into depression and insanity in this book, but despite him trying to be real clever with Perrin and taking a serious wound in his side, the wheel turns and Rand turns out to be ok. Egwene is busy trying to establish her leadership over the rebel Aes Sedai while Perrin is sent by Rand to take care of matters in Ghealdan. The character that really steals the show in this book though is Mat! I like the way RJ writes about him and I love his character! I also like how RJ introduces the gholam and explains more about the true power. ACOS is a great book and a great story and even though there are some events that happen to some central characters that make you feel a little sad you know that RJ is not gonna leave us with a bad ending to the book.
Concerning the future of TWOT I have to say that The Gathering Storm, book 12 in the series looks pretty sweet and I am looking very forward to it! Robert Jordan did an excellent job with all the books in the series and even though books eight and ten were a little slow they were still good books to me! I feel confident that Brandon Sanderson will do a good job with the remaining books in TWOT!
If you have recently started the series and you enjoy the books I hope that you continue to enjoy them despite some of the bumps in the series!

Submitted by Alex 
(Nov 27, 2005)

In turning to a Crown of Swords, I was awaiting a story in which the path to the last battle so often talked of in this series is etched out, the ashaman and the Aes Sedai beginning to fall in to line with Rand. Instead I was surprised to discover that the entire 740 pages of story only cover several days, weeks if a month at most. Though after spending a good 6 months forcing my way through Book 6, this book does appear to flow quicker. The parts with the Forsaken and the Aes Sedai are the highlights, and the infrequent chapters with Rand in are good, but the endless standing around of Elayne, Nynaeve and Mat Cauthon in Ebou Dar made me want to tear my hair out and scream 'get on with it!' As did the meandering and pointless continuation of Sevanna and her Shaido rebel Aiel. In coming to the finish of the book I only wish that the events would hurry up and reach the climax, though from what I've heard the next few are just as slow paced if not more. Thnk god this had less pages than the last though, I feel as if Ive been through an epic journey myself by the time I manage to finish one of these! And I can't even remember how it all started out now some 7 books and 2 years of my life ago!

Submitted by Mad Max 
(Apr 19, 2005)

I just finnished reading Crown of Swords. It was a good book compared to JRR Martin's Storm of Swords. Robert Jordan is an excellent writer and nobody can deny it! But his story drifts from one place to another not giving anything to hold on. Crown of Swords was a good book because it had some spins and twists that I didn't expect but would he stop with Bloody Aes Sedai, Wise Women and all the women that can channel. Since Dragon Reborn they became his only topic, Aes Sedai this and that. When you look at it there are more chapter on Aes Sedai than on main Characters. I know that they are important but not that much. And chapters with Forsaken are boring as hell. Moghdien or whatever her name is so dull that I had to skip chapters. On the other hand there is some good development in the book. I wish that all of his books are entertaining as The Eye of The World.

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