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Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

  (115 ratings)

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Rating (115 ratings)
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Book Information  
AuthorRobert Jordan
TitleLord of Chaos
SeriesWheel of Time, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Viper1177 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I really tried to find a way to like this series. I made it to book six, Lord of Choaos, before I decided that it wasnt worth going any further. I understand that certain books are slow and take time to develop but this is just ridiculous. It has become more of a political quest for the last battle then would make sense for a fantasy novel where the reader might actually enjoy some battle scenes here and there. Also, the main characters who the reader begins to like in the early books are rarely spoken of as it moves along and i found myself skipping ahead just to actually read about them again. It really is a shame that somthing with such great potential has fallen short as this series has. These books really don't deserve to be called bestsellers because they most certainly are not and believe me when i say that i really did give them a fair chance and way to much of my free time. I dont recomend these books to anybody unless your willing to endure page after page of situations that never develop and forget about characters that should never slip your mind.

Submitted by Charles Clark 
(Nov 30, 2003)

Without a doubt the best book in the series. There are not enough reviews for this book. So much happens and there are so many deviopments taking place in this book. There is not a lot of action in the beginning, but with all the new plots, new developments, and new characters being introduced this book kept me glued to it.

This is a spoiler section.

So if you have not read the book and are reading this review then stop reading. Rand is busy managing Andor and Carhien and gathering men for his amnesty to channel the power along with other activities to occupy him. Egwene becomes the Amrilyn of the rebel Aes Sedai in Salidar and concentrates on moving them towards the White Tower. She also unravels some new talents for the women who can channel. Later she sends Elayne, Nyneave, Mat and companions on a mission to Ebou Dar.

Perrin rejoins Rand near the end of the book and its good reading about him. There is also some new developments happening in the shadow.

End of spoiler section.

There is so much that happens that to list it all would take forever.The ending of the book keeps replaying over in my head. To sum it all up, LOC stands as the longest and the best book in the series.

I will say a few more things about later books in the series. Some people have expressed anger and frustration for books 8,9, and 10. I thought they were all pretty sweet. I will admit that I sometimes get a little impatient and frustrated when there is not alot of action and the book is slow. Does that want to make me give up the series, though? Not a chance. Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Jordan.

Submitted by Ryan
(Aug 15, 2000)

I've read the entire WoT series, and though it drags through books seven and eight, I think that my favorite two were five and six. I love the way Robert Jordan keeps introducing new things and characters to keep the story alive. In book six he introduces the Asha'man, his army of men that can channel. I thought that was a really cool idea, but the best part, is that he doesn't pull his punch. The ending of book six was everything I'd hoped for and more. Also, notice that the prologue and ending are the only places that it mentions Demandred, and at the end he is saying "Have I not done well, great lord?" The only thing I can figure out is that Demandred is Taim. I have no idea why a forsaken would help Rand, but that's all I can think of. He's incredibly strong, knows alot about the power, and has held off the taint for FIFTEEN years! anyway, that's about it.

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