Path of Daggers, The by Robert Jordan

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Book Information  
AuthorRobert Jordan
TitlePath of Daggers, The
SeriesWheel of Time, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Charles Clark 
(Apr 13, 2010)

Even though I am giving this book a three I still want to give a positive review for this book which is kind of tough to do because it seems like the weakest book in the series just one point ahead of COT. I know alot of TWOT fans would probably argue that COT is the worst because it is so slow. I have to give that to TPOD mainly because the ending of the book felt like it was rushed and added on at the last minute. Despite all the faults in this book I still thought it was a decent read and not as bad as some people have made it out to be. With that being said lets start the review!
As the title implies it really seems that the main characters are treading dangerous paths. Elayne, Aviendha, Birgitte, and the Aes Sedai along with several other female companions set out to use the bowl of the winds only to be pursued by the seanchan and the shadow. Much later they reach their destination and discover a hidden enemy among them. Perrin is busy in Ghealdan working with the queen and trying to find the Prophet and rein him in while Faile and some of her freinds get captured by the shaido aiel. Egwene proves to the rebel aes sedai that she is in charge by declaring war on the false amrylin Elaida. Rand goes to war with the seanchan and you have to wonder during the battles whether some of the ashaman have gone mad. Yet they do not know that there is some sort of echo to both halves of the source. Mat is left out of this book and I kind of missed him though we see him again in WH. I seem to remember that RJ left Perrin out of book five: TFOH. It seems TPOD starts out with some drama, gets exciting in the middle and up to the end of the book and then it ends with a to be continued type of ending. While I was hoping for a grand ending I had faith that things would be better in book nine and they were!
So to sum up about TPOD: Yes it was a little slow, the ending was rushed on, and Mat was left out of the book and though not one of the best in the series I still thought it was a good book! I just want to say also that I think BS did a fantastic job with TGS as RJ did with the rest of the books in the series! I am betting and hoping that TOM will be just as good or better!

Submitted by Casey Haggerty 
(Dec 12, 2002)

Robert Jordans series has become nothing more than a struggle to write more words. The series started excellent and was exciting. The third book sucked. The forth was alright. The fifth book had 500 pages of boring charectors worrying about what dress looked best on them. The sixth book was like the fifth with nothing but politics and endless fussing. The seventh was not very good either. The eight has proved about the same as the rest. Here is a hint Jordan, how about offering more battles and excitement. Screw the politics, I am so tired of everyone struggling for power and thinking they are right and everyone else wrong. I predict, because he will probally not read this, the series will end badly or not at all. A great author is only great if he continues greatness.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Sep 16, 2002)

After reading Book Seven, I was very dissappointed with how the series was going. I was hoping that Book Eight would be a definite improvement. And after finishing it, I found out the truth. It was great! I have read many reviews saying that it was a bad book, and I have to agree that it isn't as good as The Fires of Heaven. But, every book series has to go through a building period. Sure, I hated that Mat was left out, but that only means a great story is coming in Book Nine. We also learned that Rand could be beated, which is a great relief, because the last two books he has thought himself invincible. I am giving it only a middle rating, but I loved the book all the same, and lok forward to the next.

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